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  1. Plex can. They both have and did before I had to reinstall
  2. I don't think this is the issue. All my other Dockers are on bridge with the ports set and working fine. Plex and xteve has their ports set in the docker settings and still won't work on bridge. They're setup just like everything else
  3. In the case of these two I've left the ports alone. I still can't connect to them at all. Even via the docker menu. They dont work on bridge at all. The rest of my Dockers are fine
  4. I have a few dockers that won't work on the bridge network. They work fine independently on 'host', but two of them need to be on bridge so they can talk. When I set them to bridge they have no port mappings and I cant open their respective GUIs from docker menu or by navigating to the ip address. The two dockers in question are binhex-plexpass and xteve. I recently had my cache get corrupted. I had to recover the data and reinstall most all of my appdata form templates. I didn't have the current docker issue before that happened. Since the crash I have reinstalled both of these from scratch. Multiple times with plex actually because I had some issues trying to transfer my database so I ended up going with a fresh install. Any ideas? Dell r510 Unraid 6.8.1 binhex-plexpass latest xteve docker by dnsforge that is recommended by xteve devs r510-diagnostics-20200120-2253 (1).zip
  5. I don't really know why I used that size for the docker image. I'll check out the appdata files tonight. About 2 hours into memtest right now
  6. I am getting a random crash with my server that's forcing me to to an unclean shutdown to get it restarted. This started about two weeks ago. Happens every 3-4 days and completely freezes when it does. I have tried using the console and ssh to give the commands, but it just hangs up during the shutdown process. After multiple forced shutdowns my cache actually got corrupted. Neither disk was mountable and I had to use the restore command to recover the data. I got everything back up and running and now on day 2 it has crashed again overnight. Prior to this I had 0 issues for almost a year. The only recent dockers I have added are unifi-controller (about two weeks before the crashes began) and xteve (about a week before). I updated to the latest OS 6.8.0 AFTER the crashed began hoping that would solve the problem, but it didn't. I have just set up the syslog server on my flash drive so I can hopefully collect some better logs of the next crash. For now, I will attach my diagnostics file. This is running on a dell r510, 25gb RAM, 32tb including parity (xfs), and 2x 250gb ssd for cache. I'm not seeing any obvious issues, but maybe someone can give me some ideas. Current dockers: jackett, krusader, plexpass, qbittorentvpn, radarr, sonarr, sabnzbd (all of those are binhex), duckdns, heimdall, kitana, nginxproxymanager, ombi, tatulli, unifi-controller, xteve. Plugins: CA, Preclear, CA Auto turbo write, CA Auto update apps, CA backup/restore, Dyanmmix Cache Directories, Dynamix SSD Trim, Fix Common Problems, Nerd Tools, Speed Test command line, Tips and Tweaks, Unassigned Devices, unBALANCE. No VMs are currently setup or running. Please let me know if I can provide any other helpful information. r510-diagnostics-20200111-0925.zip
  7. I'm having the same issue here. I've started the restore on the first disk out of two. My question is: Do I restore the second disk to the same directory i created for the first ? Or do I need to create a second directory for that ?
  8. Ease of use is the best thing for me. I've never used anything not windows, but unraid was very easy to setup and get everything going. I'd like to see the logging option where it goes to USB be able to go somewhere else. I'm dealing with a crash issue right now and I'm worried about the wear and tear logging to the USB will cause.