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  1. Yea.. my OCD 🤪 makes me separate everything. 3 top level shares: Movie, TV, Music and sub categories i.e. Disney, westerns etc etc. Thanks for the response, I'm sure once I get rid of the blank share things like my dashboard will populate with data again. Big key is learning terminal and removing the share. I ran 'ls -l' and \n/ was on the list but I didn't know how to rm it. I found it in krusader by creating a path to Media but didn't want to take the easy way out. On my way home now to rm and see what happens. I still have over 2500 movies in flat file format and I am a little gun shy now. I will play with Filebot on a makeshit dev environment and once I know what I am doing, I will update my main array. Thanks for the help.
  2. I was changing names by adding brackets to the movie year ( ) but wanted the movie to remain in the same folder/directory. I didn't create any additional folders or directories.... on purpose. This was my goal: /mnt/user/Media Movies/Terminator 1984.avi to /mnt/user/Media Movies/Terminator (1984).avi/Terminator (1984) It was at the point of hitting the rename button, purchasing the key, Filebot wouldn't open the LIC page via the provided link and things went crazy. When I closed filebot down, my shars were emplty and my array wouldn't stop, it remained unmounting for over 20 minutes which is when I found a thread about reseting the array by removing 1 drive and cache and it worked. Array has rebuilt, all data is back, but my dashboard will not populate with data because of the blank share. @Energen Thanks for the expression: /mnt/user/Media Movies/{ny}/{ny} - I will try it once I get a handle on destination directory in Filebot. I just need to know how to remove a the share " " which has a blank or null name not sure which. New to Bash and do not want to use Krusader..... not yet anyway. I want to learn terminal.
  3. OK update. Array has rebuilt. No data loss. Need help correcting share. Also Fix Common Problems still has this message: Share " " contains only spaces which is illegal Windows systems. Share "" - was created by Filebot.
  4. I attempted to name my flat movie adding the bracket around the year and placing the movie in a folder. I chose the expression that placed the flat file in a folder and hit rename. The app ask me to purchased a LIC. My surprise it was a lot less then the OSX or WINDOWS, so I purchased a key and tried to apply the key file version but the app simply flash and a box never appeared. In the Filebot windows left/right I watched the files move but just thought is was some kind of refresh because I never added the key. Once I coudn't add the key I shut Filebot down. I wanted to check to make sure no data had been moved. I now had a nameless share. The green icons in front of my Media, TV and Music shares were now orange triangles. I used Terminal to check each share and they were blank. I tried to stop the array but it frooze on attempting to unmount and it would never stop. I read to remove the cache and 1 drive which I did and with some fidgeting, I was able to add everything back. My array is re-building itself. It doesn't look like I lost any data. None of the share have data. Once the array re-builds, I will try to remove the old shares and create new shares. Am I correct is assuming I can rebuild the shares and access my data once the array rebuilds? I also received this message when running FixProblems: Share " " contains only spaces which is illegal Windows systems. firefly-diagnostics-20200726-1827.zip firefly-syslog-20200726-2227.zip
  5. I found the answer regarding GOP, however, if anyone who understands GOP, can make a suggestion about a pre-owned inexpensive Graphics card or GPU, I would really appreciate it.
  6. When I built my Plex server (pre unRaid), it ran very well on Windows 10. I never updated the bios because I never had to. When I converted to Linux unraid, I never though about the Bios until the M.2 kept crashing. I read Bios 7403 fixed the issue and this is where I had trouble. I updated the Bios in iterations, however, when I got to 6401, the screen remained black. The machine powers on and post, but you never see it on screen... monitor never gets power. After several hours of reading, I found a forum whereby it was stated that, "Asus changed Bios drivers from VGA to GOPs". it makes sense why my video card no longer works, however, does anyone know what that means. I would like to know what GOP drivers actually are? I would like to know what inexpensive video card I can purchase, that will allow me to update my Bios to 7803? I transcode currently with a dedicated SSD but I want to add my M.2 and move everything to it. Taking all suggestions!!!
  7. Thanks, the DIMMs mistake is a boob move. I dropped my box and had to rebuild it because it stopped booting. I must have added the Memory back on the same channel when I did that. Thanks for the fix... I will look at the "Ryzen based server from crashing/locking up with Unraid". Thanks Again
  8. Thanks for the information and how to obtain it. See file attached. firefly-diagnostics-20200723-0707.zip
  9. My system seams to be running perfectly. I have 2 drives in my array that has thumbs down which I think is causing my parity check to keep running even thou it is set to 1 month. I am not sure if it is the cause or contributes to the cause BUT the BIG question... My system will seam to become un-accessible. System is still running BUT no access: WebUI, Plex goes down, I can not bing the IP. When it's up everything is running like a swiss watch. I've attached the logs, but I am a NEWBIE and don't even know what I am looking at when I review them. firefly-syslog-20200723-1028.zip
  10. Just rebooted before responding. All meta data remained in Plex... I think it's working properly and as I mention at the top of the post, I may have been a little anxious while Plex was updating the meta data. The path I created following my favorite mentor on Youtube, "Space Invader". The plex_appdata directory I created on the cache. I should have posted this from the start: Plex AppData Source: /mnt/user/appdata/Plex-Media-Server Move to Cache Plex AppData Destination: /mnt/cache/plex_appdata/ Thanks again @ich777, Looking forward to you assistance in the future.
  11. Thanks for the assistance. I've posted my array and currently most artwork has returned to the libraries. I am a little resistant to rebooting, but I think I will just to see what happens in about 1 hour.
  12. Thanks for the help. actual screen shop is attached I removed the text. A little uneasy about posting my Plex_Claim.... even though someone could still just type it - I don't know enough yet so I will error on the side of safety 🥵. I created the BootLeg path to generate the run command, then removed it.