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  1. I found it and man.... Let the games begin..... thanks
  2. Love this simple app. Is it possible to customize it a little more i.e. change todo to Order List. If so what file needs to be changed. I am running todo on unraid, so I will have to change the file, I just can't find title or whatever is adding the name to the list.
  3. Thanks @CorneliousJD, vi vs. GUI.... I hate to say for me GUI all the way. To understand... there is only one file in the directory that is a .env? So example file could be Idontknow.env..... vi opens the correct file because it is the only .env file in the directory BUT if the directory had 2 files with the .env extension I would have to specify file I wanted to edit... How's my logic??? Thanks for the GUI tip.
  4. I was unsure myself. So this is what I did. Click on the console access from the docker Heimdal I cut and past the cd /var/www/localhost/heimdall/ - this changed the directory type: vi .env - and the file will open correctly. I don't quite understand it because this .env seams to work like a wildcard of some sort but it open the correct file which you have to edit local host to I hope that helps from one Newbie to another, Please anyone, step in and correct or educate us both on why the "vi" editor opens the correct file even when you type .env
  5. I have a password on Admin account. After I enter the password the re-direct says. "This site can't be reached". DNS shows correct SUB.IP:PORT. Once I refresh the page Heimdal dashboard works. Do you know any reason for this.
  6. I can confirm @Drhakar solution works. Thanks man, because I totally really on Heimdal and I spent the morning re-bookmarking sites that I use to get through the work day and it was brutal.... "I haven't bookmarked in years"! Vaultwarden was a slight help when I had a clue about a URL which was rare soooo, like I said a brutal, brutal day for me non-the-less. I never used vi to edit Heimdal's files before. After applying the fix, I change Heimdal to "Mystic Dashboard" which was something I've wanted to do for years.... NICE. Does anyone know where they keep the fav icon?? I'd love to change that as well.
  7. I wanted to report that my service is working after trying and failing at every mentioned configuration file listed in all the documents and discussions. The first change I noticed was while I was attempting different configurations a "error socket message" started popping up in red which was NEW code. When I left nothing still worked, so I cleared everything and re-installed the docker. With a new docker install and a new SSL cert/config file, I left for the day at 4:pm without testing, then returned home at 10:pm. The socket issue was resolved and I can only assume the developer(s) fixed it. I have done nothing different on the new install, so I assume the code has been updated/improved. I've said it before and I will say it again... keep up the great work! So audiobookshelf is working using the default settings and here is my setup. Installed on Unraid 6.9 ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO (WI-FI) , Version Rev X.0x American Megatrends Inc., Version 2702 AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core @ 3800 MHz NginxProxyManager generated config file which is NOW working. Proxy setup - websockets Support enabled nothing else - SSL generated but I didn't enable Force SSL When is comes to the Nginx Proxy Manager I most likely can also enable cache Assets and Block common Exploits but it is working for now so I will hold off. I also normally Force SSL but haven't as of yet... again I will enjoy the server for awhile before updating my config file. I just wanted to explain my setup in case it helps anyone. Server is working.
  8. I also have a reverse proxy. Unraid server. System just spins and never starts streaming. I updated my nginx config file as suggested and there was no change. Audiobooks play using internal IP but just spins when accessing using sub domain/reverse proxy..... This AudioBookShelf is a much needed server and a long time coming. The ease of use, auto bookmarking all get very high marks. Once the bugs are out it doesn't take a genius to know this should become very popular. Long time self-hosting user looking forward to the servers development and growth. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
  9. My UnRaid Setup: Unraid OS Pro 6.9.2 ASUSTek ROG VIII Hero AMD Ryzen 9 12-Core I recently blew up my nextcloud docker and had to rebuild it. So I did last night 8/14/21. So it is the latest install of nextcloud. I first created a temp folder so that I could mirror all the users accounts I had and once that was done I switch nextcloud data folder back to the original and ran in the console: occ: files:scan --all. [don't worry I have set up duplicati so re-builds are easier in the future because I am bond to blow something else up 🤪.] Anyway - all is working as it should be. All the data has been updated and are correctly located in the folders or sub-folders. I can click and view anything. I can upload/download anything. What I can not do is Move or Copy data. ISSUE: 1 - navigate to a folder or file 2 - click on file 3 - click on the 3 dots and select Move or Copy I get an error box with "Could not move "filename", target exists I hope this is a simple disable or enable, however, I am getting better at editing .php files too 🤓. I can supply log files if you think it is needed. Need help! Mystic
  10. I am running Unraid 6.9.2. I’ve installed pydio cells. It is working and I can reach it on an external URL: I installed the CellsSync client on Mac - BigSur. When I Create a Sync task - Connects to site BUT the TARGET PATH says… server closed the stream without sending trailers. NGINX Setup: Domain Names - Scheme - https Forward Hostnam/IP - Forward Port - 8181 Websockers Support - ON SSL Cert: Force SSL - ON HTTP2/ Support - ON HSTS Enabled - ON HSTS Subdomains - ON Newbie - need help setting up CellsSync. All logs can be provided.
  11. Thanks for the response and confirmation of what I figured.... Now the challenge is why Booksonic will not permit access to any settings features. When I remove the context path from the docker and log in. As the admin, I get the following: Login from docker app the URL consist of the http://ip:port and everything works... Click on setting and I can configure. Login from my domain the URL is and when I click on setting, nothing happens. Any Idea's?
  12. I can't get http or https to work. I can not figure out how to configurre NGINX with a docker variable CONTEST_PATH with Context_Path booksonic = - I can't configure Nginx with a sub after port. w/o Context_Path = - this works but then settings and other menus can not be accessed. - Router is port forwarded to 4040 - Latest version of Unraid | ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO (WI-FI) | AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core @ 3800 MHz - NO-IP subdomain = audio and DNS pointing to The URL is - HOW do I configure this in Nginx, I can not figure it out. With the variable everything works but I get BAD GATEWAY when accessing it with my domain.
  13. I am trying to set up a second server and use the reverse proxy and port forwarding to access the server from the internet. I will use a 192 network for the examples: Unraid Server: Web Server: - windows 10 running AMPPS. - With out any CMS installed, I should be able to port forward the subdomain and access the www folder but I get a bad gateway. My Unraid server is running a reverse proxy which I set up according to SPACEINVADER's spec's AND everything is working as it should be - I just can't seam to port forward using a subdomain and the reverse proxy to my web server
  14. check you network setup. I also use Heimdall and my dashboard is for everything, Dev, Work, Home, Entertainment etc.