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  1. Yes, this project is very active. You will have to check the server logs to see what the crash is. The best place for support is in the Discord or on Github because there are many people helping to answer questions there.
  2. The podcast episode schedule has to be adjusted on each individual podcast. There is no global setting for podcast schedule. To adjust the schedule press edit on a podcast and go to the "Schedule" tab.
  3. Hey the database changed to sqlite. At the moment you will have to open the database and go to the "users" table and remove the password hash in the column "pash". I'm not sure how familiar you are with databases but the easiest way is probably to get a software that gives you a GUI. There are many ways
  4. I'm trying to reproduce this issue but unable. Are you able to reproduce this? If so, can you give me steps to reproduce?
  5. Anyone with issues during the migration to v2.3.0 please follow the instructions for v2.3.1
  6. I'm pushing a patch soon that fixes a few bugs with the previous release. Make sure to check the release notes because you will need to manually delete the `/config/absdatabase.sqlite` before upgrading so the migration can run again.
  7. Sure, you can put a feature request in github
  8. Are you making sure to put the "https://" part of the server address? If you join the Discord/Matrix server there are also many more users on there with various setups that are helping others.
  9. I haven't but you could try going into settings on your device and disabling battery optimization for the app. I think the battery optimization on some devices can kill the background process.
  10. Thanks for asking, I haven't set anything up yet.
  11. This is currently not being worked on. I've made a few attempts at it but unfortunately the way I built the web client makes this very difficult to implement. Possibly may require a rewrite of the client so it hasn't taken priority. The issue to follow for this is
  12. There is a bug in the iOS app. You can delete those bad sessions for now
  13. Abs is using 744 for permissions. For me it's the rootshare to windows that is the issue, I need the rootshare to have owner permissions but haven't looked into that yet.
  14. I noticed this yesterday with a podcast folder that was created and wasn't sure if it was a one-off issue. Every folder/file that is created by abs should have the permissions set the same and use the UID/GID in your config. Maybe I forgot to set them for the podcast folders/episode files.
  15. That entire library item is missing. You most likely need to remove it and scan your library again. There should be an issues page showing and there is a remove all button that will remove all those missing library items.