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  1. Going to Unraid GUI you land on either the dashboard or main page, which both have most of the useful information you need about your server without having to dig through things, not just an empty useless "desktop" or list of icons. Sure changing settings needs going to the right place, but the everyday stuff is all at a glance right there straight away. If you don't like it... don't use it, you have enough other options.
  2. And as you listed yourself you have plenty of options if that's what you want. Leave something to those who are not after that, not everything in the world has to be the same. The screenshots you posted show the whole "problem"... you're not getting anywhere useful before having gone through 2 pointless pages that are only there for cosmetics.
  3. If you prefer those, use them. These modern UIs "look cool" but are terribly inefficient at actually providing information... no thanks. I prefer an UI that takes a few hours to "get" initially but then will be more efficient for all the years I'll be using the product, than something that's more straightforward initially but will make me lose time forever onwards.
  4. Set that to No and press the Move button in the share's settings/main page. Note it'll move ALL of the share then. If you want to move a single folder... you'll have to do it manually.
  5. No, it's unraid-api-re, the thread for which you have posts in that has been killing your UI.
  6. Just let it run and see if there are read errors.
  8. There is no reason to "rebuild unraid". As mentioned the OS itself can't become corrupted without it being extremely obvious (i.e. it won't boot), but any user config and data can be and that's what may need rebuilding/restoring to a known good state before hardware issues occurred.
  9. Parity can't be built correctly if disk1 can't be read.
  10. In case it helps, if you need to change the backend instead of rebooting you can change the setting, uninstall the plugin and reinstall it.
  11. Firstly compare the dashboard reading with htop in terminal. The dashboard reading includes iowait, so this can show 100% load even if the CPU is actually used at 10% while the other 90% are "waiting on drives", which a new CPU would do nothing about.
  12. Mover always moves ALL files from the share from the source to destination, until the "Min free space" is reached. There's a Mover Tuning plugin that gives you a few more options so have a look at that.
  13. Don't know if it's the case here, but sometimes container developers change things and there's no one to proparate the changes to the template.