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  1. Sûrement pas d'accès réseau, une adresse IP statique avec un masque /25 c'est pas standard du tout, donc vérifier la connectivité à internet
  2. As mentioned in the pinned comment this plugin is now dead and unmaintained.
  3. "External storage support", which likely is at the bottom of "your apps" since it's built-in but disabled by default.
  4. I've had several SSDs lately having similar read errors, on all cases the drive iteslf wasn't faulty but data that was never rewritten "rotted" and became more difficult/impossible to read. Copied everything off, ran a secure erase to force erasure of the whole flash and a fresh start, and they were usable just fine again.
  5. Maybe do so from the Docker page? You'll see when it's done there.
  6. The check is done in the background, you can always leave and come back later
  7. Tout paraît normal vu que tout a été effacé/réinitialisé, suffit d'aller dans les Apps comme avant pour installer quelque chose...
  8. Normal, just ignore it for any Compose containers.
  9. The beta is closed, you only have access if you registered for it from the email several months ago with your unraid account and were accepted.
  10. Make sure the type is set as qcow2, edit the xml if needed since the choice currently disappears when selecting manual.
  11. Yes, would not put that drive in use with 8 newly reallocated sectors.
  12. Note: change your password as it's now out for everyone to see.
  13. Parity has no idea of what files or a filesystem is. All it does is rebuild a drive exactly as it was, i.e. it'll still be reiserfs.
  14. Only 3 drives? Skip the LSI card and SAS stuff and connect to motherboard, you'll save 10-15W+ straight. Probably in the 40W range at start without it, about 100 once upgraded...