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  1. xtrips

    Bios update

    Hello, Is there a trick to update an Asus bios while running Unraid? I mean I have no screen or keyboard connected.
  2. Wooow. Didn't think of that. Excellent. Are you sure i will be able to tell just by brushing against the flank of the drive?
  3. Hello I vaguely remember that somehow it is possible to make an HDD sound a clicking noise for identification. I have an 18 HDD unraid server and need to replace a specific drive. As time went by the ID stickers I put on the sides just were blew off. How can I identify that specific drive without making a mess of my installation? Thank you
  4. Hello I tried to read some of the posts to solve my problem to no avail. I just want to make the Peer listening port work. Now just to start my tests on the right foot, have a look a the the screenshot please. Should I use bridge or host mode? I tried to open both 51413 and 9091 ports on UTP and TCP, none worked. Please help.
  5. Hello, Is the My Server plugin interfering by any chance with the outside access to the server through open ports? It's weird. Transmission for example had an open listening port for years on my server. Then last I checked it has no access. Port is open in the router but the server seems blocking the access. Any idea?
  6. Hello, Just wondering, having LMS running on Unraid, and Unraid being on the same network as several Chromecast devices, does LMS for Unraid support the 3rd party plugin LMS-to-Cast ? I installed the plugin but I don't know what else to do to make it work.... (if it is supposed to work...)
  7. xtrips

    Torrent uploader

    Hello, Which torrent docker would be the easiest and stable one to upload and distribute files? I need your recommendations.
  8. Lately the recycle bin stopped refreshing instantly after emptying. It still shows the deleted data amount for a while. Before that I got used to get a feedback of 0 data in the bin immediately. Not critical but I thought you should know.
  9. ^OCD [emoji1787] It’s just I am getting alerts on certain disks. I’ll deal with it as I understand there is no built in routine for that purpose Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Hello, Is there a plugin, docker app or setting that will re-distribute data evenly and automatically over the disks after you add a new HDD to the array? Some of my disks are at the end of the line while others have some space left. Thanks
  11. Hello, I access Unraid via network mappings on Windows and every time something is downloaded by Transmission I need to use Winscp in order to move the files around, otherwise I have no access rights on the files. This does not happen with other dockers such as Sabnzbd for exemple. What did I mess with Transmission's settings?
  12. Hello, Any idea why VLC on Android (tvbox) fails to access a network path using SMB or NFS while providing the right authentication? The same path is accessed without any problem from Windows 10 or from network browsing apps on my IOS phone. Also Solid Explorer on that same Android box accesses the network path. Only VLC seems to have a problem.
  13. Hello, As of today Sickchill webui is down, although the Docker seems to be up and running. I attached the log, if someone can make sense of it. supervisord.log