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  1. Thanks but I don’t have the knowledge nor the interest to decipher that whole discussion. What I did get from it is that the team is aware of the problem and something is coming up, right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Hello, It's been a week already that Unraid is updating these same 3 docker apps (Sabnzbd, Sickchill and Transmission) over and over and over again. Every time after the updates every thing looks ok with the green up-to-date V and a few minutes later it shows the blue apply update again. Never ending. What is it gonna be? novanas2-diagnostics-20190901-1546.zip
  3. Good guess. I connected the cache SSD drive to the new PCI-E controller with an old SATA cable. I now used another SATA 6Gb/s cable I had around and it seems to work fine. I should have known better, being a professional in audio-video systems I know the importance of HDMI cable versions.
  4. Hello, As a first step I upgraded my cache drive from SSD to a bigger SSD. I messed around with the docker image file so I had to reinstall all my apps, but in the end it worked fine. Then I installed a PCI-E to SATA expansion card to reach higher speeds for the cache drive. At first Unraid quickly recognized the cache drive and assigned it to its role. The apps went up so I thought it was ok. But then the failures came. Unable to update docker apps and Sabnzbd unable to complete downloads. Sometimes saying it is unable to write sometimes writing some 40 Gb of files and all of a sudden all the files already written are cleaned up so the job is unable to complete. I got this message while trying to update Sabnzbd: Error: open /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob522948715: read-only file system Any idea? novanas2-diagnostics-20190723-0843.zip
  5. xtrips

    Parity down

    as i said i can see the missing drive with the grayed out format option, but under Parity drives it doesnt show in the list for assignment novanas2-diagnostics-20190714-1307.zip
  6. Hello, what the hell hell happened this morning? I woke up this morning with a running Unraid but no parity drive. The interface shows up an option to format that disk but the Format button is grayed out. I attached the log of that drive. I stopped the Array for the moment.
  7. Hello. Pressing Detect for Autofan has no effect. What are the conditions to be met for this to work?
  8. Hello. I replaced my cache drive and added a faster SATA controller which brought it to 6Gb/s speed. I was wondering, I have a second SATA port available on the controller, will I gain anything by porting my Parity drive to that higher speed port?
  9. Hello. The cache disk swap went well. Importing the .dockers.img file in the end raised alerts that it might be unstable and the recommendation was to build it anew, which I did. Surprisingly reinstalling my apps found the old config and everything returned back to where it was. The only hiccup was and still is the appdata folder. Remember I had to change the setting from prefer to yes, and that moved the appdata from the cache disk somewhere else (?). Now after everything is restored I get this warning: WARNINGS FOUND SUGGESTED FIX Share appdata set to cache-only, but files / folders exist on the array You should change the share's settings appropriately or use the dolphin / krusader docker applications to move the offending files accordingly. Note that there are some valid use cases for a set up like this. In particular: THIS Move it from where? I set it to prefer again but the warning stays. I don't see it in the array.
  10. This is what the help file says: You must specify an image file for Docker. The system will automatically create this file when the Docker service is first started. It is recommended to create this image file outside the array, e.g. on the Cache pool. For best performance SSD devices are preferred. The dockers service is stopped. How does the file remains visible then?
  11. I could simply copy the dockers.img file to media and after I make the swap put it back on cache. And only after launch back the dockers. No?
  12. I think I set it there. I thought it would be wise, more reliable or accessible, or faster for the dockers to load from there. I guess I was wrong since it loads in memory anyway. And no, no system share.
  13. Exactly. The Docker vDisk Location is /mnt/cache/.docker.img Should I set it at /mnt/user/ ..... ?