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  1. I stil need to aply the fix for the drives in order to get to 6.9.x or 6.10.x, otherwise it's not possible to uprgade now. Also I need to replace the Cache so this has happend at the worst point:D Edit: I replaced the USB, it works now. Thank you
  2. Good to know, I'll do that tomorrow then. 6.8.3, witht the issues of the Seagate 8TB Drives I didn't upgrade. It needs a lot of work
  3. Well, I did made after I saw the error note and it's from today
  4. So, I need another look at this: Today, I started my server after a week long down time due to energy issues in my area, so far so good. When it first booted, everything seemed fine until I noticed how "laggy" accessing the shares over the network was. Also copying to them didn't worked so I thought: Hey, maybe time for a reboot. Well, long story short: I got stuck while rebooting and so I had to shut it down, the dirty way. Up on restarting it, Unraid showed me the Error of "USB drive is not read-write" in complete red. Since then, nothing worked. Pulling the USB out and putting in a Windows machine and trying to fix it also didn't work. So: Do I have to replace in order to get it backup and running or what are u guys thinking?
  5. Helloo Ich frage einfach mal ganz *frech*: Hat die Pro Variante der Eaton auf der Seite davor, wirklich soviele Vorteile das sich der Mehrpreis oder einfach gesagt, die Anschaffung dieser lohnt? Ich suche nämlich seit geraumer Zeit eine USV die meinen Server absichert, dem guten Strom liefert und die minimalste umschaltzeit hat aber auch nicht 40 Watt selbst im Leerlauf frisst. Welche würde denn in Frage kommen, von den beiden? Und hat die Pro einen Lüfter der die ganze Zeit läuft oder nur unter Last, je nachdem wie man das definiert ? Dankeschön
  6. Would like to know If this is stil needed or has been, sort of, fixed in the latest 6.10.XX Version? By now It's the only reason I'm not updating
  7. Thanks, I will take a look at both of them right about now
  8. First of all: Thanks for taking a look at it I did what u asked and it didn't even run a short Smart Test, nevermind an Extended One. So I think that drive is dead or close to it. Besides, Quick question: Is it common that Plex writes data to the Cache all the time? At least something is writing to the Cache all the time, roughly 2 to 7 mbit per disk and I don't think any drive will survive this in the long term? What kind of Cache do you have?
  9. Hi. (I'm a pretty expierenced User, Just had to take a pretty long break due to health reasons. That's why I'm asking more general then specific questions) After a pretty long time, I'm back doing maintenance on my Unraid Build and given, it's stil running 6.8.3 it is time and well needed. But I've got some issues or actually more asks, regarding the upgrade to 6.10.X: First: Is Unraid stil having this issue with LSI HBA's and Seagate 8TB Drives? The last time I, tried, to upgrade I had to rebuild my complete array due to this issue. This is a pretty decent and good guide to fix it but I'd like to know If any of you had issues with it since? Second: Are Eaton UPS's, Eco Or Pro, good with Unraid to use i.e, I think a lot of you recommend them for a reason, right? Or should I lookr for Line Interactive or Online UPS's? I'm just asking bc it is "only" for home use. Third: I'm going to attach the diagnostics file, can any of you check the cache/SSD's in there? I know they are spitting out erros but I'd like to know how bad it is and IF I should replace them soon and, maybe, with what in particular? Lastly, I know I have to do a lot of updates and also setting up Notifications, stil but I'm on it. I just need to fix the issue with the drives and the OS Versions first:D Thank you
  10. I kno that they have changed but after trying like 10 different combinations, I'm quite stuck here. Which isn't your fault to say, I'm just wondering How I can fix it. And that's a good idea. I usually understand it, which it actually is but sometimes u forget what a line break stands for. But as said, not your fault we all are just trying our best
  11. Yeah, I thought so that it could be the reason for those issues. A few months ago, I also did the update to 6.9.x and I had to rebuild my parity because of these issues. Well, looks like I got work to do
  12. To answer both of you: The only thing that changed over the last few days is that I updated from 6.8.3 to 6.9.2. Everything else is and was the same. They are all powered up the same way as before and all cables are fixed in place. Maybe the HBA is giving up? Don't really think that the Powersupply is the issues here, given that all 3 drives are on cable while the unit is 650 watts, do not really believe that they have to less power available.
  13. So, now all of the disks have erros. So does anyone have an idea what this could cause or do I need to order different hardware? Can't really Imagine that all drives are going to give up their god now
  14. Well. I just had the same 4 errors on my other array disk. I'm pretty sure it can only be something with the HBA or the system itself. Otherwise it wouldn't make any sense