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  1. You can do it from the GUI, from the terminal with cp/rsync/mc, from containers like krusader,... UD drives are in /mnt/disks/[mountpoint]
  2. On ne voit pas toute la fenêtre, en continuant ca devrait être bon?
  3. Ja die waren dann in einige Sekunden auf dem Server Muss ja natürlich konfiguriert werden
  4. Hmm scheint dass es ja nicht möglich ist. Auf mein iPad nutze ich es nur für allgemeine Dateien, wenn ich ein iPhone hatte nutzte ich Nextcloud für Fotos, musste aber regelmässig die App manuell öffnen...
  5. Minimum RAM for current Unraid is 4GB. Also it seems these drives are SMR, usually Seagate ones behave decently in sequential writes but that could also be a cause.
  6. Please clarify your exact setup, which container(s), tag if any, what kind of database you're using etc...
  7. Ne fonctionne pas comment? Il faut installer le package de pilotes depuis l'iso virtio.
  8. Do you have Unassigned Devices Plus installed? That's needed for ExFAT support.
  9. Didn't work here with the current lsio container when I tested. Again I gave you the exact, tested command. Nope, they're just 2 ways of doing essentially the same thing, and both run nginx to do the job. Just NPM is a graphical interface and swag is command line/config file based and has some automation.
  10. One common reason for letsencrypt challenges failing is not having port 80 forwarded as well as 443.
  11. It's Cache:Yes that moves from pool to array, Cache:Prefer moves to pool. In a case like yours you'd typically initially set cache Yes before changing anything, get everything moved to array, then do the replacement and set back to prefer on shares you want on cache to move to the new drive.
  12. If you don't have it you can recreate all the VMs on the page and reassign them the existing vdisks.
  13. Syncthing auf iOS gibt's mit "Möbius Sync" Ja. Apple... nur iCloud darf wirklich "wie erwartet" im Hintergrund funktionieren.
  14. Interfaces only show here once you've installed qemu-guest-agent in the VM. The VM would typically still have a connection working even if it doesn't show up there. What unraid version?
  15. If there's no ransomware or such to gain from it's pretty much the computer equivalent of street vandalism/bored kids smashing random stuff for shits...
  16. If the Dynamix file manager plugin is installed, one checkbox and Delete... But someone who hacked into your box wouldn't bother using the UI, a single terminal command to rm -rf /mnt/diskX/* and the job is done. Or they could format it, or do anything really...
  17. Of course there is, on unraid itself /mnt/diskX are all the individual disks.
  18. I gave you the exact command for add-missing-indices as an example and you somehow managed to run everything but that... Nginx Proxy Manager
  19. You should really have Cache:No on the urbackup share, cache will be extremely slow as you can see and potentially break stuff given urbackup uses hardlinks. It's perfectly fine just direct to array.
  20. Then that should be fine, I tested before posting. It should have told you it added things, and if you run it again that everything's already correct. It could be a swag config issue where its own limit is smaller than the one on nextcloud side, but I don't have experience with swag to help with that.
  21. It's right there though. You did run that in the container console and NOT unraid console as explained earlier?
  22. [Template only, I am not the container author/maintainer] Template: Project: Registry: ThingsBoard is an open-source IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management. Default Creds System Administrator: / sysadmin Tenant Administrator: / tenant Customer User: / customer Initial setup: Run the container once so it creates the directories, it won't start due to permission issues, stop it Run "chown -R 799:799 /mnt/user/appdata/thingsboard-postgres" (adapt as appropriate if you changed defaults) in unraid terminal Start container again, it should now be good after a couple of minutes needed for initial setup.
  23. You have your quotes such that you're trying to execute the db file, unlike what the post you linked to shows.
  24. When did the notification first appear? If it was while building parity that's normal as the array is considered "failed" until it's fully protected again.
  25. In the Unraid context you need to. We don't use Docker volumes as those would be stored in the Docker image, we map appdata folders instead. Your NEXTCLOUD_DATADIR is probably wrong too, that would likely be the path inside the container. You should really just use the template as that's set up right, and the whole CA thing is precisely backing up the configuration so it's a one-click reinstall should you need to.