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why am i being bombarded with limiting requests, excess: 20.858 by zone "authlimit"

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i asked before and no one ever replied so i guess no one has an answer or ever figured it out


i get thousands of these errors.. whats causing it and how do i track it down... its all from my desktop pc

i have no maleware or av running.. i erased couple user names on unraid i not using...  i can access my shares.. i only have one unraid gui open 


so whats causing it there has to be some test its just filling up the logs... its driving me nuts been going on a  couple weeks now

there has to be something to help figure like a trace route or something to tell ya what is it doing.. i dont even know what the error really is  


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like an app that access unraid?  only app that access's unraid server at the moment is

battle net and epic game launcher  saves  game files to a mapped Drive letter to the a game drive pool


i dont have a snyc client  or nextcloud..  


reverse proxy?   i use Pfsense for that  i guess i do?  i dont use a proxy  i just use pfsense as my router  


is there any program that unraid tells u what program its accessing or what?  i dont even know what this authlimit means really  its like  you cant access unraid too many times?

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ill try turning off epic launcher and battle net   and see if it stops..

cuz the error is happening every 2-10 seconds now lol ugh



update.. well its not  epic or battle net  causing it   the errors still coming in   even those programs are closed down  


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ah ok ill give both a try as its frustrating...  i closed all programs  and it still gets bombarded


as for the network  ok i can do that

i use the onboard nic for Unraid


and then the 4 port nic realtek   i only use that as a pass through to Home assistant VM so it doesnt get bogged down with the unraid nic as i dont have a 10g network..

but ill try the network and ill try that tcpview.. i appreciate it


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so  i tried that programm the only thing that access's  is  "system" and "chrome"


what i did find is if i access my server file explorer or chrome/IE   using  "tardis" the name for  it will work  but after sometime  i get those authlimit.. i find also  if i access   "tardis"  on chrome and it gets busy  like installing on the apps page.. and i open another window and i try tardis  or   it cant access it but i guess i get an authlimit.. cuz i try or tardis on IE while chrome is busy.. i can access it and i see authlimits...  what does that mean?


and i guess if i stop the array and i have a file explorer open  at \\tardis     and i restart the array  as i added 2 Parity drives today..  i found it caused a authlimit...


is this something you guys seen before?  and is it due to using the name of the server instead of


also i didnt try  the delete network.cfg yet.. ill try it tommorow hopefully after the parity building is done...   but does that sound right the issue i found above..


as i know i had that issue before 


if i cant access     http://tardis/     anymore  if i type it  then i can  unless it somehow busy then i cant and i switch to the other browser then i can  re access it


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whats a credential manager?  and   the logs seem to only point to my desktop pc..  the other pcs on the network  dont access unraid..  and just tablet that access home assistant..


it seems    if i use the \\tardis   instead of \\   will work  like normal then its hit and miss when that pops up  

i dunno  and...


how do i clear the credential manager in windows 10?  ill do that on my desktop pc  and my other computers that access unraid are laptops and they are in there laptop bags so they not doing anything

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so i did search for credential manager

so i have just 2 credentials  in the Windows credentials

one is for


and other is



so they both the same...   i created back in march 2022    but this issue been happen last few weeks now

ill be trying the delete  network.cfg    or pull out the 3 network cables from the 4 port realtek card and reboot and try without it  once parity rebuild is done to see if its leaking but those 3 ports are for home assistant...  


so what is a authlimit just that unraid only says allows 10 authorized connections  say as an example

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