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  1. trurl's post in Parity Disk Error - Replacement only option? was marked as the answer   
    The disk firmware has tested it and says it is bad
  2. trurl's post in Share Disappeared suddenly was marked as the answer   
    Are you sure it didn't get moved into another share?
    Why do you have so many (45) shares? Have you been creating folders at the top level of disks? Top level folders on pools and array are automatically user shares.
    Why do you have 325G docker.img? Default 20G is often more than enough, maybe a little more if you have a lot of containers. The usual cause of filling docker.img is an application writing to a path that isn't mapped. Making it larger is not the fix for this. Usage shouldn't be growing.
    Why are your docker and VM related files on the array? Ideally, these would all be on fast pool such as cache, so Dockers/VMs will perform better, and so array disks can spin down since these files are always open.
  3. trurl's post in Disk too small was marked as the answer
  4. trurl's post in Unable to Update plugins, community apps, or update Unraid to latest version. was marked as the answer   
    Looks like your boot flash drive has gone read-only.
    Do you have a current backup of the boot flash?
  5. trurl's post in 6.12.8 - UnRAID Docker service failed to start was marked as the answer   
    You have btrfs csum errors on sdc, which is probably the reason for corruption.
    And a very good reason to do memtest.
    Do memtest before doing anything else.
    You don't even want to attempt to run any computer unless memory is working perfectly. Everything goes through RAM, the OS and other executable code, your data, everything. The CPU can't do anything with anything until it is loaded into RAM.
  6. trurl's post in Disk Disabled- Contents Emulated was marked as the answer   
    Nothing in logs since reboot.
    To rebuild the disk to itself:
    Stop array Unassign disk Start array with disk unassigned Stop array Reassign disk Start array to begin rebuild If it offers to format anything, DON'T
  7. trurl's post in Creating new array always defaults to xfs despite having btrfs - encrypted in disk settings was marked as the answer
  8. trurl's post in spare license backup strategy was marked as the answer   
    If you don't have any configuration you want to keep, all you need is the license .key file in the config folder, or at least keeping that .key file associated with that flash drive in some way. The bz files are included in every version install.
  9. trurl's post in Is it possible to swap a parity drive with a data drive? was marked as the answer   
    If you can make the to-be parity drive empty with all of its data elsewhere, then you can just New Config with all of the disks as you want them to be assigned, rebuild parity on the new parity (formerly data) disk, and format the new data (formerly parity) disk so it is ready for access.
  10. trurl's post in Docker apps can't write directly to Array was marked as the answer   
    Looks like Minimum Free on that share is larger than the free space on any of your array disks.
  11. trurl's post in Which user should own files / folders in the /mnt/user directory? was marked as the answer   
    Tools-New Permissions
  12. trurl's post in Network Issues following change of router (lost Internet and connection to shares) was marked as the answer   
    You still have a (probably self-induced) network problem, possibly with Unraid or possibly with your router.
    Delete config/network.cfg on the flash drive so Unraid will use default settings, which includes DHCP to make it get its settings from the router.
  13. trurl's post in Cache Disk: Unmountable Unsupported or no file system was marked as the answer   
    Looks like you originally created this as a 2 device pool with the Acer SSD. Since they are not the same size you would have gotten a mirror with only the capacity of the smaller.
    Have you tried removing the pool and doing that all over with only the nvme?
  14. trurl's post in Unmountable disk after "unclean shutdown" was marked as the answer   
    Your data disk should be fine and is probably even mountable if Unraid knew what filesystem it was. If you stop the array, can you click on the drive and set its filesystem to XFS?
    What else besides the data on that disk do you want to keep?
  15. trurl's post in Docker unexpectedly went down and won't restart was marked as the answer   
    Which explains why Mover can't work. It can't make any changes to cache, which is required when you move files off cache.
    btrfs seems a little fragile when you fill it up.
  16. trurl's post in Both Parity Drives Disabled was marked as the answer   
    Looks like this controller
    01:00.0 Serial Attached SCSI controller [0107]: Broadcom / LSI SAS3224 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-3 [1000:00c4] (rev 01) Subsystem: Broadcom / LSI SAS9305-24i [1000:31a0] Kernel driver in use: mpt3sas Kernel modules: mpt3sas Maybe try reseating it.
    Is it overheating?
  17. trurl's post in Parity check running slow after crash was marked as the answer   
  18. trurl's post in Your flash drive is corrupted or offline. Post your diagnostics in the forum for help was marked as the answer   
    Reformat your flash drive then recreate it from your backup. If you have changed any disk assignments since the backup was taken, edit config/disk.cfg to disable autostart so you can check your assignments before starting the array.
  19. trurl's post in Basic Plan / Features was marked as the answer   
    All attached storage devices when the array is started except the boot flash drive are counted. You can attach additional unassigned Devices after starting the array.
  20. trurl's post in I cant download or install anything to docker was marked as the answer   
    Currently, you only have DNS1 set, and it is set to your Gateway.
    Google DNS is easy to remember so I will give those.
    Go to Network Settings and set these
  21. trurl's post in Issue with cache and share was marked as the answer   
    You can delete empty folders on cache. What you don't want to do is delete any files on cache that is not duplicated on the array.
    User shares are pretty simple. Here is how they work.
    User shares are just the combined top level folders on array and pools.
    If you create a user share, Unraid creates a top level folder, named for the share, on array or pools, as needed, in accordance with settings you make for that user share.
    Conversely, any top level folder on array or pools is part of a user share named for that folder. Other top level folders with that same name on other disks or pools are part of that same user share.
    So, it is possible to create a user share just by creating a top level folder. Any user share you haven't made settings for has default settings.
  22. trurl's post in Decoding array config from old flash backup was marked as the answer   
    Since something seems to have gotten broken, might be better to format that same flash drive and do a new install. Then copy the config folder from your backup, that will have your disk assignments and everything else about your configuration.
  23. trurl's post in DRIVE DROPPED FROM ARRAY UNRAID 6.12.6 was marked as the answer   
    My bad, haven't gotten used to looking at df results for ZFS.
    Should be OK to rebuild on top of the same disk.
  24. trurl's post in Dedicated Plex drive? - Cache pool? or UAD? was marked as the answer   
    No good reason to use UD for this, just create another pool
  25. trurl's post in Do Upgrades to Next Major Version Cost? was marked as the answer