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  1. trurl's post in Power Failure Recovery Help (please?) was marked as the answer   
  2. trurl's post in Put User-Scripts in order + User-Script Bullets was marked as the answer   
    User Scripts is a plugin. This area of the forum is for request about Unraid core features.
    You should post to that plugins support thread. You can go directly to the correct support thread for any of your plugins by clicking its Support Thread link on the Plugins page.
  3. trurl's post in Mover not clearing cache, even when ran manually was marked as the answer   
    I should have looked there first. Another user did the same thing recently.
  4. trurl's post in New unraid server advice was marked as the answer   
    RAID controllers are NOT recommended with Unraid.
    The usual way to run Windows with Unraid is to create a Windows VM hosted by Unraid. The WIndows VM would need its own graphics card.
    Documentation linked at bottom of this page. Search for Spaceinvader One on Youtube.
  5. trurl's post in Docker containers accessing disk every 4 seconds when they should be using cache; why? was marked as the answer   
    These are open by Docker and VM Manager, which must be disabled in Settings so the img can be moved 
  6. trurl's post in Timeout while waiting for setup device command was marked as the answer   
    Put flash in PC and checkdisk. While there make a backup. If checkdisk doesn't fix it, you can get your configuration on a new install by copying the config folder from your flash backup.
    Often there are USB2 headers on the board.
  7. trurl's post in Parity must be the biggest was marked as the answer   
    Each parity drive must be at least as large as the largest data drive. Your parity2 disk is smaller.
  8. trurl's post in unRAID became inaccessible via IP after months of working flawlessly. Console access was fine. was marked as the answer   
    explained in the diagnostics link
  9. trurl's post in Mover is moving files FROM the array TO cache. I'm confused was marked as the answer   
    As already mentioned, yes is the required setting to get files moved from cache to array.
    As for filling up completely, whether you set a share to prefer (to have on cache) or yes (move to array), it will overflow to the array based on the Minimum Free setting for the pool (cache). You must set it larger than the largest file you expect to write to the pool. Minimum Free doesn't control how much space is kept free. Instead, it controls how much space must be free for the pool to be chosen. If the pool doesn't have the minimum, it will write to the array instead (for cache-yes or prefer).
    Each user share has a Minimum Free also. If a disk doesn't have the minimum, another will be chosen.
  10. trurl's post in Multiple Disks read errors. was marked as the answer   
    According to the SMART reports on disks 3 and 4
    No self-tests have been logged.  
    You have a lot of disks and I suspect power issues. In addition to those adapters, are splitters also involved? How many disks per PSU cable?
  11. trurl's post in [SOLVED] Disk unmountable? was marked as the answer   
    I assume because you haven't yet formatted it, so it has no filesystem to mount.
    after formatting it in the array, right?
    Or am I wrong with all this and you have already put files on the disk?
  12. trurl's post in Configuration valid but array does not auto-start after UPS initiated shutdown - v6.9.2 was marked as the answer   
    Remove those lines. They aren't working and aren't needed.
  13. trurl's post in Handbrake not re-processing files with the Automatic Converter. (DOCKER) was marked as the answer   
    You can go directly to the correct support thread for any of your containers by clicking on its icon and selecting Support.
  14. trurl's post in Cache doesn't copy it's content to the array when the mover in invoked. was marked as the answer   
    Your cache-prefer appdata share has files on the array. You want those moved to cache when there is space, or deleted if duplicates.
    Mover won't move duplicates, and nothing can move open files.
    Disable Docker in Settings so those files won't be open. Set appdata to cache-only temporarily so mover will ignore it then run mover to move your m---a share to the array so cache will have space. Set appdata back to cache-prefer then run mover. Possibly you will have duplicates so maybe they won't all move. I see you are on 6.10rc2. If you were on rc3 or rc4 you could use the Dynamix File Manager plugin to help figure out any duplicates and delete whichever is appropriate. After you get everything where it belongs enable Docker in Settings.  
  15. trurl's post in Cannot chmod +x the unmenu install script on /dev/sda (usb) in /boot/unmenu was marked as the answer   
    Wonder why you wanted to install unMenu? Are you following some really old guides? Probably best to check the dates of whatever you are reading. Most things more than a few years old are probably not relevant.
    Your appdata, domains, system shares are on the array. You want them on fast pool (cache) and set to stay there so your dockers/VMs will perform better and not keep array disks spunup since these files are always open. You will have to disable Docker and VM Manager in Settings, set these shares to cache-prefer, and run mover.
  16. trurl's post in Compute all Disk Shares shows warning: "Syntax error" and "Invalid argument" - what to do? was marked as the answer   
    You have a user share with '$' as its first character. I suspect that is the reason for the problem with the User Shares page.
  17. trurl's post in Unraid 6.9.2 keeps restarting and freezing was marked as the answer   
  18. trurl's post in Problem with Docker was marked as the answer   
    Corrupt docker.img. Delete and recreate
    Reinstall containers as Previous Apps
  19. trurl's post in New old hardware issues. was marked as the answer   
    Delete or rename network.cfg so it will use defaults then go from there.
    Consider reserving IP by MAC address in router instead of setting static IP that way you can manage IPs for everything in the one place that matters.
  20. trurl's post in Your flash drive has possible corruption was marked as the answer   
    You don't have a plex media server plugin, must be left over from before the days of docker on Unraid. Just delete the file.
  21. trurl's post in Parity Drive size and speed issue was marked as the answer   
    You can stop the current parity build, then go to New Config and create a new array without those disks and rebuild parity.
  22. trurl's post in Disk wrong : device is disabled was marked as the answer   
    This is a path in the user share named "domain", could be on any disk depending on settings for user share domain.
    If you want to specify a disk path, that would be /mnt/disk#
    New Config will let you assign disks however you want and when you start the array those assignments will be recorded. Parity will be built on any disk assigned to any parity slot.
    Don't assign it to the array.
  23. trurl's post in Have I messed up my cache data? was marked as the answer   
    You should have disabled Docker in Settings. Not only would that have prevented dockers from autostarting, but it also would have kept the docker service from starting and recreating the folders specified in your docker.cfg. This is probably how you wound up with a path to cache even though you didn't have cache yet. And that path would have been created in rootfs (RAM) since there was no mounted storage at /mnt/cache.
    And then mover would have moved all that data to that path in rootfs, possibly filling it, and rootfs is where the OS lives. Maybe your system won't even work now to get those diagnostics I asked for.
  24. trurl's post in Failed Drive from a Sata Issue and now I can't replace the Drive was marked as the answer   
    OK. Let's forget about getting a clear answer to how you got here. Since you have single parity, it may be possible to recover the single broken drive, but all the other drives, and only those drives, that parity is currently synced with must be present and assigned to the array.
    Since this is single parity, the order of the disks aren't important, so the below instructions should work regardless of how you assign the disks, provided you assign parity to the parity slot and all the other disks except for the broken one are present and assigned to the array.
    Install a new disk. Go to Tools - New Config, Retain All, Apply. Make sure parity is assigned to the parity slot, all other disks assigned to a data slot, including the new disk. Check BOTH Parity Valid box AND Maintenance mode box, and start the array. At this point, all disks will be accepted into the array just as they are. Stop the array. Unassign the new disk. Start the array in normal mode (not Maintenance) with the new disk unassigned. At this point, the missing new disk will be emulated from the parity calculation by reading all other disks. Then post new diagnostics so we can see if all the disks are mountable, including the emulated missing disk.
  25. trurl's post in unRAID can't connect after modem change was marked as the answer   
    Put flash in your PC. Delete (or rename) config/network.cfg so defaults will be used.