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  1. Unraid installs to RAM fresh from the archives on flash at each boot and it runs completely in RAM. There is no way to install it to anything else. You can think of the flash as the firmware of an embedded device. Yes Anytime Unraid allows different sized disks in the array. Each disk is an independent filesystem, there is no striping.
  2. Unraid Add Container page is just getting the fields to fill in the docker run command.
  3. Yes. On the other hand, unlike striping in RAID, I/O is only at the speed of the single disk. In fact, writes are somewhat slower due to parity updating concurrently. Caching can help with this since cache can be SSDs and raid. Recycle Bin plugin: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/41044-recycle-bin-vfs-recycle-for-64-and-later-versions/
  4. Unraid is not RAID. Each data disk is an independent filesystem. Redundancy for the array is provided by 1 or 2 parity drives. There is currently no provision for multiple arrays, but in addition to the array you can have multiple disks in the cache pool. And different sized disks can be used in the parity array. See this Overview from the Wiki for a better idea how it all works: https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Overview Each disk (independent filesytem as noted) in the parity array can be encrypted or not.
  5. trurl

    Mover not working

    Changed Status to Closed Changed Priority to Other
  6. trurl

    Mover not working

    Copied to General Support since this doesn't appear to be a bug.
  7. Go to Tools-Diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics zip file to your next post.
  8. Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete diagnostics zip file to your next post.
  9. Go to Tools-diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics zip file to your next post.
  10. On mobile now so can't look at Diagnostics. Please wait for advice.
  11. New Config rebuilds parity by default. It is possible to get it to skip the parity rebuild, but in this case you should rebuild parity because when you remove a disk you have invalidated parity. Without the USB drive it shouldn't take as long to rebuild. How big is parity? I usually estimate 2-3 hrs per GB of parity.
  12. trurl

    Turbo write

    Your appdata, domains, and system share belong on cache.
  13. USB connections are not recommended in the array due to unreliability. Tools - New Config. Keep all drive assignments, then it will let you make changes before starting the array. Unassign the drives you want to remove, then start the array to rebuild parity.
  14. I think he was asking if the new version works without the command.
  15. trurl

    Failed USB

    If you're absolutely certain about the drive assignments then it will be fine. If there is any doubt don't assign parity. Your screenshot shows only 2 disks. Is that all you have?
  16. Your syslog has a lot of messages from several disks. I suspect a problem with your controller(s). And your controller(s) isn't passing SMART reports to Unraid which will make it difficult to monitor drive health. Is your controller(s) setup in a non-RAID mode? But your syslog isn't large enough to be taking up that much log space. Do you have atop installed? It is often the culprit for filling log space.
  17. Go to Tools-Diagnostics and attach the complete diagnostics zip file to your next post.
  18. You should have asked for advice sooner. Probably none of the disks were bad but you have bad communications with the disks due to bad connections or cables. These are by far more common than bad disks.
  19. Post your docker run command as explained in the very first link in the Docker FAQ pinned near the top of this same subforum.
  20. Total capacity is simply the total of all data drives. Doesn't matter if you have 1 or 2 or zero parity drives. Also each data drive is an independent filesystem, no striping. So each data drive can be read by itself in any Linux. Read speed is the speed of the individual disk. Write speed somewhat slower due to parity update. Unraid is not RAID. It has other advantages, such as the ability to read any disk without the others, the ability to easily add more disks without rebuilding, and the ability to use disks of different sizes together in the array.
  21. Actually, copy works as expected, it is moving that contains the surprise. This is just a specific example of the more general problem I outlined earlier in this thread, see item 2 here: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/61985-file-browser-in-webui/?do=findComment&comment=723474
  22. You can assign the disks however you want. Just be sure you don't accidentally assign a disk with data on it to the parity slot. Things will still work if you use the server during parity build, but it can slow things down considerably since all disks are read during parity build, and the sectors and tracks of the disk used for parity will not be the same as those you are trying to access for other purposes, resulting in a lot of seeking.
  23. Tools - New Config is the way to set drive assignments and build parity using the new assignments. Just accept all current assignments and then it will let you change the ones you want before starting. Unassign the empty drive, assign it as parity drive, then start the array to begin parity build.