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  1. Other reasons people seem to lose user shares include unmountable disks and incorrect permissions on /mnt/user
  2. Just so nobody gets confused. The user shares are at /mnt/user
  3. Regardless of your choice, you need backups. You must always have another copy of anything important and irreplaceable. You must stop the array to make any change to disk assignments. What advantage do you think hot swap would give? A backup of Flash, or just the config folder on Flash, are all you need to keep everything about your configuration. Unraid is not RAID and RAID controllers are not recommended.
  4. When using Fill-up allocation, or even just when you have disks that are very full, it is especially important to understand the Minimum Free setting. Unraid has no way to know how large a file will become when it chooses a disk for it. If a disk has more than Minimum, the disk can be chosen, even if the file won't fit. You should set Minimum Free to larger than the largest file you expect to write to the share.
  5. I see you edited the first post and put diagnostics there. It is OK to do that, but make sure you make a new post with any new content such as diagnostics, so they won't be overlooked. We have no way to know when you edit a previous post without looking back at old posts.
  6. No point in doing this, the physical disk hasn't been repaired, only the emulated disk. Rebuild will make the physical disk match the emulated disk.
  7. Could you post a new diagnostic with the array started? Just want to make sure everything is mountable, including the emulated disk3. In the meantime and while waiting for further response, read this: https://wiki.unraid.net/The_parity_swap_procedure
  8. On mobile now so haven't looked at Diagnostics, but from what has already been said you need to replace that disk. Of course that is the whole point of parity, rebuilding the content of a failed disk to a new one. Do you know how to proceed?
  9. Start with trying to get the emulated disk7 mountable. See here: https://wiki.unraid.net/Check_Disk_Filesystems#Checking_and_fixing_drives_in_the_webGui
  10. Can you access the webUI from the server itself if you boot in GUI mode?
  11. Is your 4TB drive failing or questionable, or are you just wanting to upsize? Parity swap isn't necessary for healthy disks, you can just replace parity, then after parity is rebuilt, just replace the data disk with the former parity disk and let it rebuild. You might still want to do it the parity swap way, but just be aware that your array is offline during the parity copy part of the procedure, since parity cannot be allowed to change while it is being copied.
  12. You must enable "destructive mode" in UD+ settings to allow formatting. I think this is explained in the first post of this support thread. You should always read the first post in any support thread before posting questions 😉
  13. According to your screenshot the disks haven't been formatted so there is no partition for the "plus symbol" to refer to and nothing to mount. UD+ is required if you want to format these as Unassigned Devices.
  14. If you look in your diagnostics in system/ifconfig.txt you can see the IP address of your server. Is that as expected?
  15. Did that ever work for you? Doesn't work for me, at least not from another machine on the lan. tower.local might work if your server is named tower, but localhost doesn't make sense except from localhost (the same machine). Did you take those diagnostics from the command line or from the webUI on localhost?
  16. Just noticed you posted this in the legacy (V5 and older) section of the forum. I am moving have moved it to General Support.
  17. Just a note about the forum software. In order to successfully ping anyone, you must begin typing the @ followed by characters from the username, and then you must actually make a selection from the choices. Like this: @MrT Your Unraid disks can be read from any Linux.
  18. You can look at your syslog, it has timestamps. If you have dockers that depend on other dockers you would want them to start in a particular order, maybe with some delay. Mariadb for example might be the database for other dockers.
  19. Go to Tools-diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics ZIP file to your NEXT post
  20. Have you tried it with turbo write as suggested in that thread?
  21. Perhaps this is a typo, but /usr/mnt doesn't exist normally, and has nothing to do with user shares. Not really a useful report without them: https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/prereleases/how-to-install-prereleases-and-report-bugs-r8/ And your symptoms suggest other problems that wouldn't be related to any specific release.
  22. The screen isn't refreshed sufficiently fast for you to claim "exact same time". And there is buffering to consider also. If allocation method is causing it to choose first one disk then another then writing to more than one disk during a brief interval is exactly what I would expect. Do the test if you don't remember.
  23. Not clear why you think it shouldn't. In fact, you have a share with allocation set to Most Free, and many of your drives are very full. It shouldn't be surprising that it constantly switches between disks when it is moving that share.