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  1. there is no fix for current ver of Unraid.. there was a driver being built for the X570s and some other boards on github.. and possibly its working in the next beta version.. but current stable version is not supported.. hopefully next stable release it be fixed
  2. @SpaceInvaderOne so i tried your video and since its been deprecated i tried fixing it but i cant get it to work really i fixed the setup code your video and the rpi zip were 2 different.. so i edited the setup file to work . not big deal i got the to the part for the startssh.. but since redir has be depreciated and replaced with netdev i been having issues trying to update it so i can get Raspberry running and then upgraded to the latest version im also r unning Fedora 33 would you happen to know the latest code to alter it so she will run here is
  3. @SpaceInvaderOne has there been any developments to getting Raspberry Pi VM to run as a VM without the need of Ubuntu fedora etc i trying to do ubunutu 20. >>vm of Raspberry Pi >>> USB MODEM(DialUP) so i can run a caller ID so my mother with getting older harder to see so trying to get Caller ID program i using on a Pi to work on unraid so my Server can handle it.. i took apart my current Pi RetroPi to get .. i did try img'ing my SD card then coverted to qcow2 and ran it in the Seabios and the other.. neither worked.. i tried to install qeum on ubuntu
  4. this the video i followed after to fix the Node-Red but i cant get the input like he has only sun binary sensor home zone and a couple others but guy doesnt even show how he gets home assistant cell phone size display to show up on his screen after he makes his switch
  5. well thats why i use Raspberry pi you can run network cable directly to pi.. and you can change your software from any computer with like the ardunio you can only change your program uploading it.. and i guess thats the same the mini D1 and the other one.. plus you cant run more then 1 program at 1 time and you got that issue where like the arduino it stuck in an endless loop and you need to know how to program it to not get stuck in an endless loop and i finally got the cow2 file to work.. no what i was saying is i wanted the Docker version of Home Assistant to have th
  6. so i looked up D1 mini and the nodemcu dunno how you add a Cat5 cable and a power cord to it? as how you run it with it? as i need to to run 200 feet away where the raspberry Pi in summer waters the garden.. so the nodemcu d1 mini need a Cat5 plugged directly running Garden Pi software and then in the house i run Cat5 i dont bother wifi as wifi is always unstable so id want cat5 plugged into to be connected.. as wifi goes down all the time so i went with Raspberry pi 4 for the garden app and then controlling relays like light and a pump because of the website plus r
  7. well the docker has no apps.. as for node.. i mean "NODE-RED" needs to be installed but you cant there are no options as i need 6 buttons on the screen i want 6 buttons like your cell phone that will be Red for Off and when your click it it will go Green now i seen a video you need "Node-Red " running well Node Red is only offered on Hassio Home Assistant.. and i installed that in a VM but Node-Red doesnt work its got Fatal Errors.. and i posted on the home assistant site seeing if they can fix it .. why use raspberry pi? cuz thats what i have runnin
  8. i new at it all i figured was i load it up in the docker and id have no issues with this program so i can control 2 raspberry pis with push buttons like on a cell phone icon... so far far docker i dunno how you install the addons and using the qcow2 i did that one now and when i install the Node to make click boxes i was watching youtube video well that didnt work i get a 02 bad gateway so i cant win either way lol i figured this home assistant was a better way then trying to find a way of making 2 websites on 2 raspberry pis to run 3 relays on each.. or trying to
  9. @nicr4wks i did post on Home assistant forums there is no Unraid Docker install setup on there and when i googled unraid it gave me the Home Asisstant Unraid page which is this one.. so i posted in here because it Unraid related and i never use reddit been told to stay away from reddit.. but ill keep waiting in Home assistant forums then
  10. @nicr4wks oh ok ill watch and read up gonna take a couple hours to download i got slow internet so is the home assistant core like unraid and the home assist hasso is like the community apps for unraid it has the better version and how come community apps as home assistant core.. shouldnt it have home assistant hasso as its better right? or can the hasso be installed into the core so it runs on the docker? whats the purpose of it there.. so much for being a easy setup in docker... but for the time being guess ill read those articles to kill ti
  11. @nicr4wks i guess this setup be the one i want? i currently downloading the qcow2.xz file and i guess you rename the qcow2.xz to .qcow2
  12. @nicr4wks if what i want is not standard setup which would be standard? i did watch well in the middle of home assistant for beginners.. but they install hassos on a raspberry pi.. but i installed the Docker home assistant core so i dont need a VM .. but when i load it up and do the first skip.. there are no Addons like the video talks about i do have developer mode i dont get the addon store with home assistant core.. it seems to be missing the stuff in the video.. and the home assistant control panel doesnt load at all when you install it.. as i was hoping the du
  13. hi i googled to find this thread since the home assistant support page goes to home assistant and not here so i installed the home assistant.. that doesnt work at all.. i installed the home assistant core.. and that lets you create a user name and logs in and then lets your pick from a list but it didnt have the raspberry pi option.. i tried posting in the home assistant help but no replys and i dont find real documentation.. as i need step by step what i like since this is home automation i want this home asstant to have 6 icons 3 icons for
  14. i installed app and goto launch it but loads up youtube video RickRoll'D bug or something??? i have restarted uninstalled re installed keeps loading damn youtube video
  15. dislexia sounds better in my head so. 1.. I download files using Transmission to the Array .not to a Cache Drive... using 99 100 puid pgid 2.. I load up Krusader with using 99 100 puid pgid settings 3.. I move to the "unraid_shares\downloads" Right Side Panel 4.. i move to the "unraid_uassigned_diskes\<harddrive name>" Left Side Panel 5.. i highlight all the files in download and choose "MOVE" to move the files off the Array to the unassigned Drive" 6.. Krusader tells me off with "access denied to /unraid_unassigned_diskes/hard drive na
  16. yes and no yes cache for App Data... but no dont use it so Transmission downloads to the Array.. and in krusader .. i got the the unraid_shares and try to "move " the files from there to "unassigned drives" so i wanted to move the files off the array to unassigned drive.. but ive only found i can do the moving if i change the puid pgid to 0 0 but if i leave it to 99 100 i have to choose the Copy then delete orgs but cant use move.. gives me the error of unable to move
  17. another question with krusader if i use transmssion to download stuff.. and i use krusader to "move" files to an unassigned ntfs drive it doesnt work.. only works if i set 99 100 to 0 0 but i can copy the files to the drive.. why cant i move? transmission also set to 99 100
  18. where do you add " -e 'DISPLAY_WIDTH'='1920' -e 'DISPLAY_HEIGHT'='1080' " in the docker template.. and where abouts i been lookinmg through all the settings in krusaders headings and settings
  19. been bugging me for a while.. and cant find it in the settings how do you resize Krusader.. to full screen.. all the tab Full screen does is make the browser full screen.. so i still have same size Krusader yet bigger gray area.. how can i fill krusader 200 % the size it is say.
  20. having issues with moving files after files are downloaded isnt this right Key 1: PUID 99 Key 2: PGID 100 or is PGID to be 99 and PUID 100 as i get Unix/1000 persmission error in windows when trying to move files some files i can move some i cant.. how is it possible some files get different permisions?
  21. oh ok CLI does that mean command line interface? so from the terminal ya I get the write into... sometimes I wont get it and it will say something like folder already exisits so it wont let you write into but here is a pic where you see you cant move the Same Folder name where if it was windows I could I cant move contents of TEST into Test folder 2 different locations... reason then I just scrap krusader and use Windows but when windows doesn't allow it I use Krusader I have used the bin-krusader and it seemed buggy compared to Krusader so I s
  22. @dee31797 what is the unraids CLI? as for the 2nd part what does touch do.. and what I was doing was on Unraid Share "Backup of Files" I made a folder under it "1TB SSD Backup" and what I was doing was moving the Entire hard drive off the SSD since windows doesn't always let you move all files I shoved the SSD in Unraid and I wanted to move all the files off so I moved all the Root Files and folders to that 1 directory.. wasn't just a specific file and why does Krusader sometimes give me issues if I have a Folder say "test" on Source and "test"
  23. @dee31797 my user and group I have set to 0 0 since I had issues with the default settings.. I use the default setup from the krusader setup and not sure what the sourcen and desitination permissions are? if you mean the drive … Source was Unnassigned NTFS drive Destination was the Unraid Array
  24. the reason I changed the krusader to use 0 0 is when I had issues transferring like I mentioned unassigned drive to array or vise versa but when I did it in windows from the unassigned drive share to the array windows had no issues and vice versa minus windows protected like windows folder but I wanted to plug into server and do it krusader so it goes faster and the 99 100 couldn't transfer but the 0 0 did so when do you use 99 100 and 0 0 but then have full access to files from Windows as id want root access all the time wouldn't I?