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  1. so i stopped and started the array did not show any issues i stopped array then rebooted server.. and that didnt show any errors so i did a diagnostic file after i did a turn off the array and then back on.. then i turned off the array rebooted unraid and then took a 2nd diagnostic file so hopefully it tells you something..
  2. take off the Array.. Click Stop.. cuz either the Array is "ON" to use it or your Take it "Off" take it offline so you cant use it sorry my dislexia i dont explain things right and ok ill do that.. how long is a reasonable amount of time for shutting down an array as i havent done it in so long and in past it varys i have noticed i had issues using Space Invaders Icon Copy thing he made. it corrupts Unraid and not sure if his program damaged it.. he needs a disclaimer that you can not use his program if your using a Folder with a Space... so
  3. i actually dont know.. i know i get the browser saying VM Backup has started and then it craps out i posted the logs in the VMBackup Plugin but no one replied so i figured no one knows the answer or the guy that wrote the program. i did today in the mean time of my last reply here i did delete some VMs that i didnt need anymore just tried cleaning up figured maybe this problem is caused by the VMs but i dont know if VM Backup ever completes?? i just get the starting if i remember and then i get error twice it shows but the logs really say not
  4. oh ok ya i dont use the command prompt for anything other then rsync to learn which reminds me fix common issues telling me to change my go file for my keys thing as for stoping and starting array do i just wait till tommorow to try again.. since its running sitll parity check as i dont like interrupting but i never know when its ok to stop it so i guessing wait till tommorow and then hit stop start array...
  5. so should i wait till tommorow to stop the array as its doing parity check? or should i try it now?? when you mentioned any diagnostics manually downloaed on the console be saved there.. does that mean if i save anynomomis Diagnostic download from tools is saved there too?
  6. ah ok no command line i not verry good at command line as for the logs those were both from the "flash log " folder i posted the last couple from that directory so i cant tell if the are shut down logs or not i just posted the last couple as for shutting down array.. guess ill have to wait till parity checking is done then only at 6.9% so wont be done till tomorrow morning.. i also only thought maybe its my vm backup issue causing this cuz couple of them wont back up so i figured that might be causing these unclean shut downs.. but ill re
  7. heres the last couple logs if i need to go farther back i can and the VM Backups i asked in that place but i have not heard a reply. it talks about Logs but that log said it created a log but thats it.. doesnt say where or anything and thats a once a week backup
  8. so i gave it a shot the settings the Shutdown to 100 seconds but it failed... i also did the upgrade to 6.9.2 so not sure if it caused it so it didnt fix it.. which bites... what else can i set so i gotta wait another 24 hours before i can reboot since parity is running.. this issue only came up since i upgraded to 6.9 6.8 had no issues... and i see alot of people having this bug issue so its just not me.. but it seems it worked for them to go from 90 seconds to 100 seconds.. so what else can i do? i also know VMBackup is having issues t
  9. ah ok so its a bug in unraid.. ill give that change setting.. maybe the fix it in next release or unraid.. but ill give that a test change from 90 seconds to 100 seconds and ill try once parity done.. takes 21 hours so i got several hours to go.. i know this happened right out of the gate when i upgraded to 6.9 darn partiy check... but ill give that a try..
  10. ok i can do that.. as for VMS ya i run VM of windows, ubunutu, volumio, Home Assistant,.. and no command line open.. but in past i know i had VMs running and if i reboot it just shuts them down normally doesnt it? as all i do is just do a reboot i never shut the VMs down first least i didnt know that..
  11. ever since i upgraded to 6.9 everytime i need to reboot unraid it runs parity check and tells me i did an unsafe shutdown [TOWER] Automatic unRaid Non-Correcting Parity Check will be started Unclean shutdown detected is there something wrong i needed to change so each time i do a reboot it will display it and run parity check
  12. how do you find out what the error is when it runs and tells you there is an error.. really there is nothing in this error log to tell me exactly whats wrong.. says no error then says there is error.. well whats error? so i confused? and how you fix it and where is the incremental file list? 2021-04-04 03:36:01 information: copy of /mnt/user/Backup Files/VMs Backup/Windows 98/20210328_0000_win98.qcow2 to /mnt/user/Backup Files/VMs Backup/Windows 98/20210404_0000_win98.qcow2 complete. 2021-04-04 03:36:01 information: skip_vm_shutdown is false. beginning vm shutdown procedure. 202
  13. so i finally figure it out.. you cant follow space invaders November video perfectly. For at least AMD X570 board.. when you download the pc version.. Do not use Linux template in Unraid.. you need to choose Windows as its a PC version.. as you need pc network card drivers and Linux doesnt work.., doesnt have the virto device drivers.. even the network model doesnt work... also do not use 2gbs of ram its not enough set it to at least 4GB if you do that you finally get network card to work and that it will load.. the rest of the video seems working now
  14. could it be a AMD x570 issue? i thrown more memory at it played with the different network settings reinstall but still no nic working
  15. so i have Volumio it used to work in older version of unraid but now i running 6.9 had to re do VM of Volumio but the network card will not show up.. if i set the DHCP to off and specify a IP address doesnt help you cant ping it.. ive tried refreshing Mac address.. tried the BR to Virto for network bridge.. i tried the other network interface that seems new network model.. it isnt working so curious how do i get the network card in the Volumio VM to work
  16. got it up and running what i did in the end was that error up there crashed krusader and it actually restarted itself so i copied to the same folder TEST and then i copied the files in TEST to the flash drive that worked and i rebooted.. thanks for the help.. technology great when it works 🙂
  17. so i got to view flash drive i seit UID GPID both to 0 so i could see it.. but i tried copying the bz files but i got and error
  18. figure it out i had to restart krusader and i right clicked the file for browse but i cant seem to access the flash drive share basiclly access denied
  19. i check the bottom i search for zip or pkzip or 7zip nothing
  20. i double clicked the Zip file in krusader i thought maybe it had a built in winrar or pkzip but it just tells me what program to open the zip file with.. some program KAT or Kate if i remember seeing and some others not at the computer.. other then that i cant view or extract files in krusader unless there is a plugin to install?
  21. well issue is i remote accessing in.. i live 2 hours from her so i was hoping to unzip it in unraid and then use krusader to copy the files to the usb... my sister doesnt know how to do any of that ..sooo i just trying to do it from my house from the GUI and then terminal prompt or krusader.. i was looking in the unraid apps for a docker unzip but didnt help i looked up linux zip googled mentioned 7zip but i tried on unraid didnt work is that an app i need to install.. or whats the way i can command line unzip it it be better if she had a better serve
  22. since it failed again plugin: updating: unRAIDServer.plg plugin: downloading: ... failed (File I/O error) plugin: wget: download failure (File I/O error) do i type in terminal mkdir /mnt/user/test cd /mnt/user/test wget: UPDATE: ok so thats work downloading minus
  23. ok so since i only know how to install unraid through the usb installer how could i do this on unraid.. also her unraid cant do VMS i have done "apt install <filename" for raspberry pi is there a way to do that on the array through the terminal window? and then i can copy with krusader?
  24. oh ok. how do i do that? and no way from the gui to tell it to save directly to array or to the flash drive? its 16gb flash drive is the manual way backup the config folder and reinstall unraid on the flash drive with the installer and copy the config folder or somethng?
  25. it has 2 GB ram and 59% of it is used it says. maximum is 2gb too old acer H340 4 bay hot swap but seves her needs so never upgraded just went from Windows 2003 home server directly to unraid