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  1. @JorgeB i dont use a cache at the moment for copying all my shares look like in the pic.. i use the downloads folder to dump my sisters backups but when in Krusader i cant move entire 2TB of data off her drive... lot of times i cant even move 100GB i gotta break it up into 50GB so in krusaderr it kicks me back saying i dont have enough diskspace either its on the array or on the external hd .. but i mjust moving off the external hard drive so disk space shouldnt matter.. but in Windows if i load up the 2 shares i can easily move the entire hard drive over.. but i
  2. @JorgeB had another questiion so i saw this card are they no good for having more then 8 hard drives? with the expander card as i looked up the 9300 9400 they jump up 150 dollars 250 dollars or do you need that to handle the hard drives.. or would you need to buy 2 of those 9240 cards to handle more drives just seeing which way to go as i have this case coming
  3. @codefaux i wouldnt even know where to start or break it down i just had so many questions/issues and things i seen towards caching and speeding up my transfers, to the multiple caches and the issues i all had.. i know i wrote a novel.. should been called the issues i having and how do you break it all down to fix it to proper.. i have had unraid now a 2018 2019 and i sitll new i stopped using linux 20 yrs ago i got fed up with Redhat in college trying to mount a damn CDrom every frigin time in the gui desktop i had enough and stuck with windows lol @JorgeB
  4. @JorgeB oh ok so i wanna go with 9300-8i, 9400-8 those right i currently have 7 Data 1 Parity and 1 nvme caceh drive i just bought a norco 20 Hotswap case.. im running a Asus X570 Gaming Tuf board.. which has Pcie4 so im better off to get the 9300-8i, 9400-8 as they are PCIE3 to get the most out of my computer right? and i have a SAS Expander card i bought last year
  5. ah ok good ole google i thoguht on the card i was looking for it.. my bad i figured u knew from looking at the card or if a Certain number means Mega raids like a chart now only to figure out which is the better card of these LSI with a SAS2008/2308/3008/3408 chipset in IT mode, e.g., 9201-8i, 9211-8i, 9207-8i, 9300-8i, 9400-8 next time ill ask the unraid forum before purchasing a card lol learning something new everyday
  6. @JorgeB so i tried looking on card and the website.. how do you know its a MegaRaid? i didnt find that name does a 9260 mean megaraid as i read another article they sated any card 92xx be good for unraid so i got lost so these be the cards i looking for then LSI with a SAS2008/2308/3008/3408 chipset in IT mode, e.g., 9201-8i, 9211-8i, 9207-8i, 9300-8i, 9400-8 do you know whats so special between them
  7. oh ok so was a mistake then so megaraids means you cant reflash it then or least a different brand i remember doing 1 card few years ago but i dont remember what card i used, to flash from raid so stay away from megaraid name then.. i thought cuz it was a LSI and was 8i thats all i needed lol the card cant even detect 1 SSD plugged into it either but ill check the link thanks
  8. hi i picked up a Array Card for LSI 9260-8i /for IBM M5015 46M0851 off amazon and the card came partially broken so i ordered a 2nd one but i tried googling but is this card not able to goto JBOD? or no and what card do i need if these cards are no good is the card and if a card online is better or if there is a several let me know
  9. hi i looking to buy the RPC-4020 by norco.. but i noticed its an old case.. and wanted to know if the back planes can they be replaced or bought is the company gone? i emailed them no replies and there website isnt working really glitching server errors etc
  10. @codefaux sorry the delay some reason i didnt get the notifications till now i logged into unraid.. and its going to be a long reply bear with me so thats alot of info and i have to re read it i disleixic and need to re read things multiple times sometimes to understand now i had questions to answer the one i remember off hand ya i use a Parity drive i tried replacing my drives one at a time from 2TB and 2.5TB drives to 12.. my Parity is a 14TB drive and sitll have 2 2TB drives left so i have like 52TB array nothing big and ya i couldnt ge
  11. ah ok and now my computer store doesnt show you can buy SATA drives now they replacing SATA with SAS drives so now i gotta upgrade mystuff.. are we leaving SATA for SAS now.. so small commonly used files that means files less then 256 or 512mb then right.. so like a i dunno some windows file it changes thats small.. so even me copying pictures or documents moving files around on the array.. the cache does nothing for it either.. becaue they are bigger then 512mb or if you were to access music it have to be the same music song right other then that it ha
  12. oh ok so the cache is only for striping data so then it doesnt matter.. here i thought 512mb was always better for unraid thats how i was thinking that it would copy files faster or plex would run just that extra faster.. so cache then is only good for raid then ... as i was going with Gold and Ultrastar over RED Nas drives as i wanted reliablity and performance.. but really no performance then between caches only if i did a Raid 0 or other raid then
  13. so my hard drives are WD gold or ultrastar with a 512mb cache.. but they harder to come by now if i go with a seagate they are only 256mb caches tehy dont have offer 512mb do you notice performance issues or does unraid compensate etc? and all my drives are 7200 rpm so i looking at Seagate 7200 rpm drives since WD/Ultrastar are harder to come by in the Gold/Ultrastar brand
  14. oh i dont even know what max devices for routers are.. i didnt think there was one.. but or me i have wanted home automation stuff over 20 yrs i finally got wifi ones this year.. and i only had a handful of cells or laptop. i a believer in using cable.. as wifi still easilly disconnects etc.. dont get me wrong they are better then the past.. but they still not stable 100% so i usualyl run a cable to a computer or a tv opposed to wifi.. so never maxed out a router ya i looked at a tplink or Asus wifi 6 dont have anything that uses 6ghz majority of my stuff is 2.4.. but
  15. @Jayg37 what a pain in butt just to get it to work eh.. hopefully no issues.. its the same with Volumio and trying to get the onboard sound to work. couldnt get it to work.. had to get a usb sound card.. hopefully it works fine for ya now.. one reason i went with the tplink i didnt wanna spend the money for the 100 dollar dongle.. but least you said you got it for free or something so its worth it in the end.. hopefully it will run stable now with each reboot of the HA..
  16. so technically i already ran this cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@remote_host "mkdir -p ~/.ssh && cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys basiclly in 2018 2019 and the keys are on all each servers usb do i need to re run it.. i not at home to test it.. so basiclly it takes the key thats generated copied to 1 of the other servers nd puts it into there autohrozied keys but techanlly all my servers are authorized hmmm ill have to try when i get home but i already got keys there ill have to post the script log when i get home
  17. so thats how i thought thats how the doc ment when i read it since i have all the keys in there ssh folder i no longer need the go file for the keys part with the new version of unraid it reads that usb folder ssh and automaically imports and does what it has to that was what i was thinking and i wouldnt have to do anything else because i read " So, if you had previously added commands to your go script to copy authorized_keys and other files to /root/.ssh, you should remove those commands and simply put the files in config/ssh/root, then reboot.
  18. so here is my Main Server key s on the usb access my 4 servers and a raspberry pi i thought from the docs as long as i have them here.. i no longer need the ssh cat cp in the go file. that unraid copies the ssh folder to the unraid and imports them thats what i though.. so i already do it.. do i just run cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@remote_host "mkdir -p ~/.ssh && cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys" that line once? as all 4 usbs have all the keys.. and if thats once.. is that in the go file.. or just at the command line
  19. ok so heres the confusion then.. do i need makey the keys and copy each time all 4 servers have all key of the keys in there .ssh folder on there usbs all 4 servers import the keys in there go files above so do i need to do that each time cat ~/.ssh..... do i add to the go file or do i do cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh root@remote_host "mkdir -p ~/.ssh && cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys" on the main server and import all the keys in one shot then reboot to solve the iss as i thought once its
  20. ya i read that.. thats where the wasnt detailed enough for a dummy comes from so how i understand that if i push the ssh keys on the usb it automaticlly copies to the unraid boot up root and automaticlly installs them but it doesnt cuz it doesnt work do i need to keep the mkdir the cp and the cat and the chmod to me from that link to me i only have to place the keys on the usb and it automatically sets it up. least thats how i understand it works you copy to usb.. you reboot.. and it automacily copys into known_hosts but i
  21. so in the latest unraid and Fix Common issues it doesnt like the old GO file... i click the "This" to take me to a page about talking about the go file and ssh but it made no sense.. it wasnt detailed for a dummy to understand so i have 4 unraid servers.. but here is my "main server" i remed things out thought it would help but i cant run rsync stuff now what do i edit what do i keep what do i toss or what what do you change around #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & #CPU Mobo Temperatures for AMD Ryze
  22. @norbertt its the same as home-assistant-core linuxserver repo stuff supposed to work better i guess but if you like the home assistant core way then either way will work i didnt keep it installed i use like most people do is the Home assistant OS (Hassiso) or Home Assistant Supervised as it has the plugins. and supervisor options. with all the bells and whistles and if your seeing videos on Hassios where you got the Node-REd or File Editor. plugins, etc then this isnt the version you want.. you want the Hassios OS or the Supervised
  23. ah ok let me know how it works.. so far i dont pass usb for HA is it doing it for say a windows VM or a linux VM or is it just the HA VM its doing it to.. i wish i was better help.. i know like for Audio drivers the Spaceinvaders trick may work on using onboard sound card for program the Intel cpu but doesnt like the Ryzen AMD cpus.. so it could also be if your using a AMD the problem is AMD as it doesnt allow you to pass things nicely like Intel.. But AMD currently better then Intel and is cheaper... so its a hit and miss game.. if we had endless parts we could have an assortment of pa
  24. @jayg37 id also try the Home Assistant Forum.. i didnt bother with the zigbee Zwave stuff like the costco light switchs etc.. as you gotta solder desolder etc to install tsuamoa i went with the TP-Link light switchs and outlet plugs.. you dont need a dongle you just use your 2.4Ghz wifi router.. no dongles needed i used 2 home assistants running together so i can access the 2nd home assistant from the main one.. and i looked at buying those zigbee zwave dongles they like 100 bucks so i never went that route... but ya i run Home Assista
  25. oh ok so i only have a cache drive ssd for dockers and the appdata and my vms ... i find dockers are slow on the webpage if i dont use unraid for a while.. but once using it it refreshes fast.. not sure how i do that to fix it? and i not sure do i need 2 ssds for vms appdata dockers . as i find also Plex sometimes slow.. but like i mentioned it worked hands down over freenas and although its free it was a headache but people i see always say you want performance you go with freenas and unraid is an infant.. but cant please everyone right ;.... so can you have more t