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  1. ah all good information and you mention your case/backplane is at the end of life what replaces it now a days.. i cant afford a big expensive case i just upgraded my sisters likee Acer H340 4 bay server that was 12 yrs old or so with a new mobo memory cpu used the same backplane so its hot swapable running unraid on it.. at have 8 gig of ram on it abosed to the orgincal H340 mobo with 1gb ram. but i like idea of having all my hard drives in one and i was looking at the Rosewell one. for 289 12 bay or its 15 bay hot swaps or you get the roswell with not hot swaps
  2. oh ok ya my dislexia has gotten me into hot water on the pfsense forums because i miss read or miss explain or some just not that friendly and i dont mean to get people mad i just explain it how im seeing it.. so it gets messed up as for those expanders basiclly they just hot swap plates.. can you nto buy a hot swap plate that would fit in it so 5 drive plate would have 5 connectors... or is the purpose of these mulitplier expanders to use little cables and maximise the 6gb/s bandwith to get 6000 megs as second.... and if those backplanes fail doe you loose the contents
  3. oh im sorry dislexia i have i miss read i was multiplying wrong i was thinking 4x4 was 24 not 16.. hate dislexia i make mistakes all the time have to re read everything multiple times can you change the backplane of the chernbos so they arent expanders but regular hot swaps so then your run 16 cables instead of say 4 so with the unraid you have 24(bay) for main unraid and then other 24 are for the VM Unraid... how well does that work... and does that mean you need to 2 usbs.. ya i dunno why unraid limits 24or 28 drives or 30 i get confused when they talk a
  4. oh so how come each sas port cant handle 4 satas... that other card the lsi2008i it has 2 sas and handles 8 sata.. i guess different setup i seen the chenbro you mention those are like the 45 drives top loaders.. can you skip using the mulitplers for that.. i looking at the roswell 12bay front hot swaps.. to start as its cheaper then 24 bays they like 800+ and using the VM unraid is that to bypass the limit of the 24 drives it can handle.... whats the benefits of running unraid in a vm unraid i wanting to load Xpenlogy as a VM but what i read so fa
  5. ah ok and with your 48 drive what software you use with that... and do you like the chenbro cases i find online everyone hates or likes chenbro rosewell istars nothing perfect even they hate the supermicro drive cages 4 5 bay one and the 9201-16 i looked it up has 4 ports so that means i can have 24 sata drives correct using that sas cable to 4 sata like the lsi2008 it has 2 sas and can handle 8 sata drives.. so i guess ill stick with non expansion cards... and how you use it without the expansion cards? as example the 45drives they sit down on the expansion cards
  6. ah ok ya i hear ya.. ya 3 of those cars you get 24 drives not like i need that many or 60 drives and unraid doesnt even support 60 drives but thats ok its easier to use then freenas and Plex Server updates on unraid reason i switched to Unraid from Freenas 2 reasons.. Plex updated when you added new files... and even though i deleted files on the Freenas it wasnt giving back my diskspace.. it took up more disk space to delete files.. although i did like the Rsync Gui setup not so much for the rysnc command line unraid has.. so everyone has there pros and cons lol
  7. ah ok so you could only handle 3 drives per 6g/b sata connection at 2gb/s drive i get confused at times as you get mixed up when you thinkg 6gb/s its 6000meg's/s drives me crazy for internet speeds ones in Megabites other is in K lol but i hear ya
  8. ok i kinda understand... and if hard drives can only do 256meg/s then isnt a 6GB/s be good as the 12TB drive is Sata3 but it only does like 256 meg/s nothing like the SSD at 500 so wouldnt that be good? and why does the first 25% go 1gigabyte per second here is couple links i like the case but at over 1000 canadian it isnt worth for it me for home use b
  9. ah ok thats what i thought in the end too oh do you know anything about multipler cards i was looking at this instead of getting a raid card? 1 Sata port on your motherboard equals 5 sata ports or so i saw it from the 45drives cases and backblaze they use a 1 Sata port to a 5 sata multiplier
  10. my mistake damn dislexia i read 9210 as 9211 is that the only difference between 9210 and 9211 the position of the sas port sorry again i hate dislexia
  11. ok i found 2 same cards but different.. can you tell me which one is legit.. and which one be a chinese knock off?? since it shows same model yet the Sata connection is in 2 different places.. and since there is always knockoffs fakes i dont wanna buy the fake link 1 link 2
  12. ah ok i ment the hurdles i ment is for the cross upgrading.. how come you can flash the Dell or IBM with a different companies firmware.. is it that the chip on the dell or ibm uses the LSI brand chip that way you can do that.. and ok thats why i couldnt find the brand LSI website just broadcom i thought i was missing something... and the 7.00 version that one is only for windows.. while the others are for linux freebsd etc.. or it doesnt matter just the 7.00 will work well now to order a card and wait a month to get to me.. least then ill have fast sata con
  13. i looked up cards firmware and downloads it has Drivers for FreeBSD is that what unraid is.. or is that Freenas but not sure what firmware it need.. but ill order a card tommorow that way i dont need to upgrade my computer yet
  14. whats cross flashing.. is that flashing a firmware that wasnt ment for the card... and brand is LSI would they even have a IT firmware from there own site.... or is it hurdels to change the Firmware.. learn something new everyday...
  15. ah ok.. and if you didnt flash these cards.. what happens? doesnt unraid still see them? ok i think i found the right one
  16. is this a good one? it doesnt say its flashed and it says SAS but the descripition says Sata as well can you tell ? i have no experience with these cards
  17. and what is this IT firmware is it a unraid format or something.. on ebay do i look for IT firmware... and if they dont have this IT firmware can it be flashed easily
  18. and i found this one they kinda expensive.. i see if the usa one in usa money with conversion is still cheaper to buy in usa lol go figure
  19. ya i have a few slots i could use a card.. i googled the LSI 2008 card amazon said raid card.. now my question is its a Raid card... and when i did Raid before with the onboard motherboard.. my motherboard blew... i exchanged the motherboard but the raid was unrecoverable since it wasnt the same board or what not.. i have no experience with Raid controller boards you plug in. would that still happen but then again im also doing unraid and they dont do raid... but still no experience in an extra card for sata ports.. are these good cards.. im used to only the onboard...
  20. i dunno what disk tunables are but my Parity Disk is a WD 12TB 7200RPM 256MB hard drive so it takes roughly betwwen 23-26 hours depending if i watching a movie or its doing something else.. and i know 2 disks are on Sata2 and my Parity and my other couple drives are on a Sata3 connections but thats because the gaming computer mobo was transitioning to all Sata3 as this board is 5 yrs old.. so no worries there im sure my next gaming board i gonna use for the unraid will be all Sata3 and speeds improve a bit more but its much better then my old mobo on a Sata1 speed
  21. ah ok.. ya my drives are all 7200 rpms i been swaping out as my drives have been failing and i had them sitting mulitple computers now just made good server.. and then practice with a 2nd unriad as my backup of the main server.. well just the important like docs and photos they used to take longer with my 5400 and 5900 rpms and then on my other server i using just SATA 1 speed as that computer was 11 yrs old or so and the array is reconstructing so hopefully nothing bad goes down
  22. oh do they take longer usually?? its a WD Gold 12TB 7200RPM doing he PreClear x3 takes 1 week but they nice been a WD fan cuz of the 5 yrs i get and the Advanced Shipping of a replacement hard drive they offer instead of others you need to send in the hard drive before they send you one
  23. ok thanks ill check out that article thank you for all the help soo far i really appreciate it