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  1. Well with no wifi your options are limited have tried to install homeassistant directly on your pi this is really leaving unRAID out of the equation and this should be discussed on the homeassistant forums not sure why you are having problems with the qcow2 option I have all of the apps running
  2. What do you mean when you say "node" are you trying to create a node red flow? If you are trying to control relays why use a raspberry pi why not wire up a relay bank be it 2 ,4 ,or 8 relays with a nodemcu or a D1 mini and flash it with tasmota integrate with MQTT within homeassistant
  3. That is how I did it has been rock solid since install
  4. Yeah I can't complain about "only" in the context of the bigger picture but the rest of my network and gear run 1000Gbps not that it gets that but this seems like a bottleneck somewhere, I did move my windows key over to the vm but no change also having issue with Blue Iris license key not persistent after reboot have to keep re-adding it to remove the watermark, I'm a newb with vm's my only other vm is homeassistant and that has been incredibly stable so I thought I'd move my Blue Iris instance over to my unRAID server since it was the only service running on my 8 core Ryzen machine that has
  5. Any pointers on why? I went into network settings, advance settings no option for speed change, looked at my switch for port config reports 1000Gbps link - full disclosure this vm is solely for Blue Iris maybe the cameras are the reason don't sound right though seems to me to be a driver issue? Using the latest virtio drivers oh and this is a vanilla install of windows no license yet could it be that? I bow to your superior intellect on this one😂
  6. Have you looked into WireGuard that works great and easy to setup
  7. Is this not what your looking for it's listed with the same model number that you listed?
  8. SFP+ Mellanox Connect-X 2, I have 3 and work very well they were plug and play no config was done on my end and yes they were cheap
  9. 5. I'm running a mellanox card in mine and it works fine
  10. That's funny sure sounds like he never powered the drives up he only plugged in the sata cables otherwise he would have installed the drives in the cages sounds like he did not have the correct cables for the backplane or he was trying to squeeze ssd's inside the server and did not consider their power requirements I have ssd's in both the backplane and I also put an ssd sled into the cd drive for additional storage and if your really crafty there is still 1 sata 2 port on the motherboard but as he found out you need to pull power from somewhere
  11. I have the LSI 9211-8i in my R710 works fine was plug and play but if i remember correctly you can not use the slot that the raid card was/is in I think it was proprietary or something you should be good to go if you want to look into it I got mine from the art of server not sure how different they are to each other
  12. Well ran into my first problem, the vdisk is only 6G and is completely full I cannot find where to change the size it won't let me do it in the VM configuration tab if I select the installation file the option to put a size on the vdisk goes away I looked at the html for an indicator for a vdisk and its size but no luck anyone want to take a shot helping out I will be googling in the mean time ***UPDATE**** problem solved for once I googled something and on the first hit found the solution that never happens sudo qemu-img resize /mnt/user/domains/hassos_ova-4.6.qco
  13. Cautiously optimistic, I found this surfing youtube and I think this is it hope I'm not violating any forum policies but I've tried several options for running homeassistant but just couldn't get a stable environment but this is promising I want to keep it running on my unRAID box but never got a traditional vm to be stable (terrible at command line🙃) anyway will post if things turn south but I have timed a reboot against my virtualbox vm and its a bit faster with this setup
  14. I was running a pi but load times after changes were getting long in the tooth and the stories of sd card failure loomed I tried running the docker setup on my unRAID box but it was unstable would drop out often and had to reconfigure a few times I now run it on another machine windows 10 based with virtual box been rock solid, this is not to say that the docker approach is bad I may not have been able to sort out the issues and just got frustrated with it the new pi4 with 4-8 gigs of ram now with native support for an ssd boot drive is something I will test but right now virtual box has been
  15. Maybe I missed it but you didn't mention what model external drives you have can you just shuck them seems like a very popular option then building a low specced pc with new hardware should be doable I've did a little search for AMD bundles and they seem to be around your budget with a little tweaking this way you could expand upon it as budget allows