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  1. Maybe I missed it but you didn't mention what model external drives you have can you just shuck them seems like a very popular option then building a low specced pc with new hardware should be doable I've did a little search for AMD bundles and they seem to be around your budget with a little tweaking this way you could expand upon it as budget allows
  2. Thanks yeah I'm not comfortable swapping hard drives with power up, I have a couple NAS drives just laying on top of my rack so I figure it would be good to have a cold swap drive just sitting in wait as they serve no other purpose
  3. I have a 12 bay hot swap case all full can I remove a drive replace with a new disk and preclear as a ready to go spare then just replace the original drive without any issues?
  4. As it implies moving my server from a tower to a rack mount not changing any hardware just a swap from what I've read seems straight forward has anything changed due to updates or can I simply move the hardware and all is good will not be concerned about which disk is on which port as I've read that won't be an issue my parity drive is easy to recognize as its the only seagate drive and all will now be hot swap so will be labeled during the refit anything else of note to be concerned with?
  5. Well I ran another parity check but before doing that I realized that when I removed the server from the rack that my UPS was disconnected so I'm thinking because of that it threw me the errors the last run showed no errors with the UPS disabled in settings
  6. Ran a parity check last night and it reported 2 errors where do I find where those errors are or what device has issues? homenas-diagnostics-20200725-1703.zip
  7. Yeah I'm kinda gun shy since my VM has been stable for so long but full disclosure my VM is not on my unRAID box its on a spare albeit over powered Ryzen 1800x machine I followed Rob from the hookup's tute for running virtualbox to get a stable platform but I have now setup a pi4 4gb to boot from an ssd natively may see if the performance is now there I was worried about all the stories of micro sd card failures I'm not a linux guy but that might have a possibility in the future as well
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    TY! I should read before upgrading 😦
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    Hey guys must of missed something as I don't see an option anymore for AFP securities settings under user shares I'm running the latest version of unRAID 6.9 beta 22 I did have my macbook serviced maybe something was reset
  10. Yep that's who I followed maybe I'll give it another go now that some updated releases have hit wonder if I could import my current setup into a new instance in unRAID seen vids that indicate that its possible just never tried it, do any of those images that the supervisor has created drop off line at all?
  11. To be honest I have had less than ideal attempts to run vm's at all especially in unRAID but its my lack of understanding of passthrough and just the overall setup to get close to bare metal performance I set my current system with virtual box and followed a tute from youtube and its the most stable instance i've had less when it was on a pi but speed was the issue from moving away from that although I might revisit that now that I have native boot from an ssd might see a nice performance bump but haven't read of anyone's experience yet
  12. Yeah I had it running like you but it seemed to just stop working unexpectedly and I would have to modify that tweak where you added the letter to the description in the supervisor settings or one of those self generated images would go off line and would need to be restarted when it worked it worked great but like I said and same scenario as you it did not go over well when it dropped off line with the wife and kids
  13. Does anyone have homeassistant running stable as a docker in unRAID? I followed digiblurs method and although I got it to work it was problematic and unstable, I have a vm running it on a dedicated Ryzen machine but I feel like I'm just not getting it setup right on unRAID was hoping that the latest version would have corrected the issue such as having to install the supervisor separately would really like to have it on my server as it has been rock solid for several years now and the vm is a bit slow, any takers?
  14. The cruzer fit seems to be the goto so you should be fine there, I can't complain about the R710 but full disclosure my hearing is not the best however I also have an R410 and that thing is absolutely loud as all heck I'm still considering modding the R710 with a custom hood with noctua fans but I'm in no hurry as at this time it's not running 24/7 I custom built my daily driver and runs 24/7 and its been solid for over 2 years now you should have a good time with your setup its a proven rig
  15. I have an R710 running unRAID if you are asking what boot device and its location I am using a store branded micro center usb 3 thumb drive put into the internal usb slot in the system, do not take that the usb 3 thumb drive is right for you I can only attest to the fact that I have both my unRAID machines running with these over a couple years now with no issues usb 2 is recommended, haha maybe my branded usb 3 devices are really usb 2 I just paid the upcharge, if you are asking what hba to use I got mine on ebay and they were "certified" for use with unRAID if you need model and brand I can dig that up