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  1. Hum so I've been gathering to drive one till fill up and the drive 2 and so on, my rationale is that only the drives with data will spin up is this flawed thinking? interested with any thoughts on that never too late to learn
  2. I thought as you and started with 2 4TB parity drives but in the end the scalability of unRAID is so flexible I pulled down 1 4TB drive for data and will allow to fill my array up to at least 50% capacity or more before I feel the need for dual parity and that will be some time yet
  3. Got my Dell R710 up and running with sata drives and this appeared is this correctable: Your CPU is running constantly at 100% and will not throttle down when it's idle (to save heat / power). This is because there is currently no CPU Scaling Driver Installed. Seek assistance on the unRaid forums with this issue testserver-diagnostics-20190414-1326.zip
  4. Ok so I assume if I did that and had to reboot the drive would not be persistent it's a Dell R710 so upping the license is kinda overkill since it only has 6 bays and they are populated with 5 drives plus my Cache is on a PCIe daughter board so that it will trim unless I consider a future upgrade to an external drive bay guess that's always an option
  5. I believe this was addressed but I can't find the thread I have a six pack license and when I put an additional drive in the hot swap bay for an unassigned device unRAID spams me with an error stating I exceeded the disk limit never had this before any thoughts I'm prolly missing some setting
  6. Just curious are you using both sas and sata drives? my R710 requires that if i mix drives slot 0 and 1 require sas drives then any other combination will work in the other slots not sure about your situation this may not apply
  7. My settings are the same with the exception of I don't have privileged on have you tried without it on
  8. I think everyone has had that thought but if you think about it you can move the OS from machine to machine and as stated above if your leaving your NAS up 24/7 then it has less wear than most other OS arrangements out there as it loads up into RAM and then works from there oh and of course you can replace it every year for free If your USB Flash boot device fails, you can transfer your registration key to a new USB Flash device initially at any time, and subsequently up to once per year.
  9. You said you were thinking of setting up a trial key but for more insight look up spaceinvaderone's youtube channel he has all things unRAID and I think you'll find a wealth of information about your proposed planned setup
  10. I think this is one of those questions that you won't get a confirmed answer on if for anything else no one would want to blindly tell you to do something that turns out to be wrong, if you search youtube you will find many videos on the subject that should get you going
  11. If they did it wasn't me I really thought it was my ISP so I took the drastic measure of resetting the router but then I rolled back to rc5 and all worked as normal then I updated again for shits and giggles to see if it was a hiccup but it went back to the errors reported I'm now on rc5 on my main server and rc6 on my other server with the only difference I see is the ip4 DNS server being google on the rc5 and the ip4 of the default gateway on rc6
  12. google but I didn't change it from rc5 to rc6 so it works on rc5 was I supposed to change it due to the upgrade? Funny thing to my other server an R710 is working fine with rc6 but the DNS is the routers DNS
  13. I may have spoke to soon for the 6.7.0 rc6 update I started having issues with dockers updating so I looked at fix common problems and it was complaining of these issues Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 6.32.29 PM so I rolled back to 6.7.0 rc5 and all seem to be good I updated dockers with no problem and FCP found no issue so I captured diags of before and after for those good at reading the tea leaves anyone else having anything like this? It actually affected Plex updating metadata thought that was weird I went so far as resetting my router but that was no help only rolling back corrected it homenas-diagnostics-20190327-2221.zip homenas-diagnostics-20190327-2228.zip
  14. No issues here from rc5 on 2 servers.
  15. That was the beauty of this card it is unRAID ready flashed to IT mode you do have to buy a forward breakout cable here is the one I purchased: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KFEVQ4E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And yes this card handles 8 drives it has 2 Mini SAS(SFF-8087) ports each handles 4 drives and no config needed with the parts I have shown here. One word of note if you are planning on ssd's for a cache pool you will need a daughter board for pcie as the drives will not trim on the HBA there is 2 discrete sata ports on my mobo so if yours is the same you should also have them 1 is for the CD drive and the other is unpopulated at least on mine I have not done allot of research but I do think I read that they are sata 2 so don't know how performance would be if you put ssd's on them but you should have 4 pcie x8 slots wired by x8 x4 and the dedicated slot for the PERC6i not sure of the config of those but should have plenty of options to make something work or there is an option card on think its riser 2 for 1 pcie x16 slot wired x16 in replacement of 2 x8 Lots of options for this Dell R710 to make a nice little server, VM machine