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  1. I went back to look when my last scheduled parity check was it was Nov 2nd and it passed I do not think I made any changes but I did have a fail disk which I found was a cable issue, could a plugin update cause a change as in maybe to a default setting I just have not made changes in a long time as it has been running quite fine as it is anyway as always thank you for the info as it was the mover set for every hour instead of what I believe I had set to nightly
  2. Sorry poor choice of words yes it keeps pausing I just restarted and took this diag report while it states its running
  3. When I run a parity check it does not complete it stops randomly did I miss something in an update
  4. As always thank you I now remember FCP complaining about this I think I may have deleted it thinking it was deprecated but no doubt my mistake thanks again!
  5. Its been awhile so maybe I missed something there used to be the options to copy, move, delete and so on under the shares but maybe I have something misconfigured I'm on Version 6.11.5 2022-11-20
  6. Sorry for the late response I was out of the country for several weeks, I got it sorted out I did a new config and pulled the bad drive
  7. Ok some progress I have tried rebooting but I had not tried shutting down I did that and one of the 2 drives has come back up and was able to start the array will monitor but I will likely replace the drives
  8. No all 4 bays are filled and the 2 are working in that cage machine is currently headless
  9. they are inserted in a 4 bay drive cage I've removed and reinserted several times to see if they would show up but no luck
  10. Installed that long ago and never had a use case so forgot that it was still there, promptly removed
  11. Thanks for assisting
  12. Hi its been so long I can't figure out how to get the server up and running after 2 drives dropped off the start button is greyed out I don't see them as unassigned devices any help appreciated
  13. Any tricks to keeping the license persistent I installed the app deactivated my license from my dedicated pc and applied it to the app here it seemed to accept it as the demo watermark went away but it seems to have dropped it on a restart is there something I've missed?
  14. Any takers I format the thumb drive use the usb creator tool everything boots up fine on the first boot but if I reboot I get a bzroot checksum error this is on a Dell poweredge R710 it is a backup server and only turned on every now and again to backup my primary this has occured on to different licenses that I have is this a memory issue? I have made no changes in the bios that would suggest I was the cause