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  1. The cruzer fit seems to be the goto so you should be fine there, I can't complain about the R710 but full disclosure my hearing is not the best however I also have an R410 and that thing is absolutely loud as all heck I'm still considering modding the R710 with a custom hood with noctua fans but I'm in no hurry as at this time it's not running 24/7 I custom built my daily driver and runs 24/7 and its been solid for over 2 years now you should have a good time with your setup its a proven rig
  2. I have an R710 running unRAID if you are asking what boot device and its location I am using a store branded micro center usb 3 thumb drive put into the internal usb slot in the system, do not take that the usb 3 thumb drive is right for you I can only attest to the fact that I have both my unRAID machines running with these over a couple years now with no issues usb 2 is recommended, haha maybe my branded usb 3 devices are really usb 2 I just paid the upcharge, if you are asking what hba to use I got mine on ebay and they were "certified" for use with unRAID if you need model and brand I can dig that up
  3. Feelin the burn but fortunate to be alive, its never too late to help! Hope everyone is safe with family in these trying times!
  4. Spot on! I didn't really study up on it when I first started my build but every now and again I see something that makes me look harder at the options
  5. So was thinking of changing my disk allocation method from high water to most free anything I need to do or be concerned with prior to making the change
  6. Try looking for a used pc with the specs you're looking for it may be cheaper I built my server from my old i7 6700 and its been great for the last 2 years 6-8 streams in PLEX 15 dockers including the ones you listed have fun with it!
  7. Your system seems to be overheating your cpu is doing what it should when this occurs check fans and cooler to ensure all is working and clean also my not hurt to replace the thermal paste on the IHS
  8. Anyone else not able to condense the forum in unread topics? Strange as its happening on another forum as well?
  9. If I were to create a BTRFS cache pool and make them set to "only" in raid 1 is that not a striped array that will read/write at a potentially higher performance also could I create multiple cache pools from say 4 disks into 2 pool arrays?
  10. I once did what you are and had dual parity but with the number of drives you currently have I question the need you would serve yourself better by making the parity a single 8TB disk and adding the 4TB and 8TB drives to your array the chances of a 2 disk failure at the same time is minimal and of course you should have a backup of any critical data on 2 other sources not connected to your server
  11. well i'm certainly no expert but I think that is the problem unRAID is seeing the 4TB as a parity drive therefore your 8TB may be conflicting if I've understood folks on here but they will certainly chime in so don't go by my observation 😉
  12. looks like you have a parity drive listed as 4TB and one as 8TB is that correct?
  13. I'm told it's not but it's an unknown as I have never done it, it sounds like it's similar to a bios update with the same pitfalls of potentially bricking the card if not done properly
  14. I have purchased 2 of these at different times and they were both plug and play you may be able to find cheaper but this vendor is good https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-H310-6Gbps-SAS-HBA-w-LSI-9211-8i-P20-IT-Mode-for-ZFS-FreeNAS-unRAID/162834659601?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  15. I'll only add that you can install an ssd drive bay adapter to your optical drive bay for additional space but that does not help with a pool although check to see if you have a unoccupied sata port on your motherboard as my R710 has one your manual indicates you should have one as well then all you need is to tap a power connector with a couple wago clips and you will have 2 new options for a cache pool not sure what version of sata the R720 has but mine are sata 2 so that may be a deal breaker for you not sure of your use case