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  1. mrbilky

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    No last update was 6.6.0 rc4 weeks ago I've looked to see is someting else happened but everything else seems to be in order if I click on its icon under the plugins tab I get a blank screen Edit: deleted reinstalled and rebooted all is good TY!
  2. mrbilky

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    I must have missed the memo did the apps tab go somewhere as it's no longer on my menu bar?
  3. mrbilky

    Windows 10 Not Finding Server

    Will do, the thing is both machines were actually built in the same week both AMD both with fresh retail windows keys and one access's the server fine and the other does not open it but see's it
  4. mrbilky

    Windows 10 Not Finding Server

    Thanks for the attempt JB but mine came back correct will continue to follow in the event someone finds the holy grail!
  5. mrbilky

    Windows 10 Not Finding Server

    I have this very same issue but the strange thing is I have 2 pc's 10 feet apart on the same switch and 1 shows and allows access to my server and the other is the very same issue you describe above and for the life of me cannot figure it out
  6. mrbilky

    Time Machine Troubles

    Mine is working fine before and after Mojave update are you using a disk share that is how i'm setup also I excluded disk 4 under global share settings and have enabled disk share set to auto
  7. mrbilky

    First Ryzen build and new to UnRaid

    I can tell you that I have an MSI x370 Pro Carbon and I'm happy with it, I currently have a R5 1600x in it and overclocked to 3.9 on air without any issues but this is not my unRAID box so cannot confirm any details on that end of it
  8. mrbilky

    First Ryzen build and new to UnRaid

    You got me there it does require some power but my 1950x is on an air cooler so no worry's with heat it runs at 35c to 45c while at work not full load but streaming video. Good luck with your build!
  9. mrbilky

    First Ryzen build and new to UnRaid

    The 2700 is an 8 core 16 thread chip so I am assuming you mean threads but yes the 1900x has 64 PCIe lanes so you will have plenty of headroom for future upgrade and the ability to add as many add in cards as you could use without loss of SATA ports or the disabling of PCIe slots based on configuration but the 2700 is certainly a nice cpu
  10. mrbilky

    First Ryzen build and new to UnRaid

    I would agree to extent but the TR4 1900x is $319 and has PCIe out the wazoo 64 to be exact the mobo would add some cost to but then some time down the road you could up the core count if you really needed to
  11. haha yeah I thought you wouldn't mind me stealing some of your thunder😀
  12. Me too was new to this whole thing and did the same thing within hours unRAID was reporting 100's of logins fortunately I had absolutely no data on the drives yet and folks here new what I did wrong! Could not fathom how quickly it all took place.
  13. mrbilky

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    Great just thought it was unusual I just updated to 6.6.0 rc2 and thought I may have had something break
  14. mrbilky

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    Is netdata really updating every day for the last 3-4 days?
  15. mrbilky

    Mover not moving even pressing move now.

    Please consider posting what you did to resolve the problem it helps others who may have a similar issue, TY!