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  1. haha yeah I thought you wouldn't mind me stealing some of your thunder😀
  2. Me too was new to this whole thing and did the same thing within hours unRAID was reporting 100's of logins fortunately I had absolutely no data on the drives yet and folks here new what I did wrong! Could not fathom how quickly it all took place.
  3. mrbilky

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    Great just thought it was unusual I just updated to 6.6.0 rc2 and thought I may have had something break
  4. mrbilky

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    Is netdata really updating every day for the last 3-4 days?
  5. mrbilky

    Mover not moving even pressing move now.

    Please consider posting what you did to resolve the problem it helps others who may have a similar issue, TY!
  6. I'm no expert thats for sure but search marvell controllers/chipsets they seem to be problematic according to most folks here with unRAID if you upgraded to the latest version it may have broke what once worked
  7. HaHa I think you have bigger problems if someone can walk off with one of your drives🤣
  8. mrbilky

    Sad to see ...

    Just throwing it out there if it hasn't been mentioned seems any post that was done with certain colored text is difficult to read with the new dark theme i.e. the Zerotier thread the op must have used a color text that is not showing very well making it quite difficult to read not sure if this applies to all threads like that
  9. mrbilky

    missing options after update

    Ah I'll have to look I guess the new format is a little larger text I do have custom tabs so that would help explain that thank you for the guidance I'm sure that's it as I'm currently on my PC and it's there but the laptop is where it was a problem
  10. Just noticed that the feedback, help, info and log options at the top right corner are missing is that by design can't seem to find where I can set them to show?
  11. mrbilky

    Local master (Solved)

    Ok so I was playing with VM's a few weeks ago and left VM manager enabled when I disabled it today the local master is now showing correctly as my unRAID server just thought I would throw this out there thanks for all your help folks!
  12. mrbilky

    Local master (Solved)

    Hey Hoop yeah it's on 24/7, I'll have to look into the windows thing but it was always my NAS as the local master until recently so maybe windows is somehow taking precedent and yes I am using the dynamix master plugin, I guess right now what confuses me is what role is the extender playing, like what does it imply during my routine use of my server? As far as I know other its just a network extender providing lan support and wifi for which I don't use as all my rigs are hardwired?
  13. mrbilky

    Local master (Solved)

    Hey John thanks for the update, yeah I'm not a linux or command line guy so I don't even know what the local master even means I just found it odd that it was a piece of hardware that was being applied as opposed to my network NAS I do read the forums like religion now so always learning but it did go back to the extender again? thing about it is I've had my box up and running for quite awhile and only recently did it do this so I was kinda shocked as I don't think I did anything to change that?
  14. mrbilky

    Local master (Solved)

    Is there a way to change the local master, my unRAID box used to be the local master but now for some reason my network extender is showing as the master? does that sound right and can I change it or not need to worry?
  15. So I'm trying this for the first time and hit a snag, well 2 one is I cannot see in the vm that I created how to get to the XML in the drop down I must have something off? And the other is when I name the file as 1050ti.dump it does not show up in the the Gaphics ROM BIOS entry line but if I name it 1050ti.rom it will? I have my box running on the IGPU and the 1050ti is in the second PCIe x16 slot I have my dual port nic in slot 1 x16 any ideas what I'm missing