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  1. Don't sweat the cable management almost if not all SATA ports are in that exact position on current motherboards and should be no problem
  2. I was a member on a fishing forum and the owner decided to shut it down I would like to try my hand at it, is there anyone using their unRAID box to run a web forum? If so what does it entail is there a docker app or something that would assist?
  3. Since you don't think you did anything to cause the change I would do a complete diag zip now while its working then if it happens again hopefully you'll have a file to compare it to
  4. Yes some will cut away the contacts but I would go the easier of the 2 routes and just cut the back of the x8 slot go on youtube there are plenty of videos about it, if you cut the GPU and one day you decide to upgrade your mobo your card will still have the x16 capability and I only recommend this if for certain the ribbon cable option will not work for you I'm not familiar with your case but with the cable you may be able to mount it vertically as that is a common use for those cables
  5. Glad to hear, yeah there's nothing worse than a system or subsystem that makes changes without clear notice it can be quite confusing especially in your case where your original ip was able to be pinged indicating falsely that it was not the issue took me an hour or so to figure out and only did because I was working with wifi chips and figured they had to be the cause
  6. This (5d542e36944d6ed1f174c2a8549e087db16d101c.unraid.net) is just the letsencrypt cert your original setup was given can you access your router's control panel see if there is a new or unrecognizable ip this may be your issue just a thought as this happened to me a few weeks ago I was messing with some wifi modules and had to reset my network when it came back online my static ip for my unRAID box changed and it gave the D1 mini my original ip
  7. Sounds like your router may have reassigned your ip do you have the server set to a static ip address
  8. My R710 runs my backup unRAID server fine but you do need the raid cards flashed to IT mode and its been awhile but if I remember correctly you will not have spin down or SMART info on the sas drives the bigger question is power consumption as enterprise hardware is not power friendly. My primary unRAID server is based on my retired pre-built I7 6700 and serves up plex and a dozen dockers including hassio and has worked out very well plenty of gas in the tank for adding more
  9. Going by the passmark score (5341) you would be pushing the cpu hard transcoding 3 streams and having anything else working in the background
  10. I experienced a similar problem what I did was opened the config.yaml and save a new instance by adding a letter to the file name then removed the original and renamed the copy to the original file name and then it let me edit and save not the most elegant solution but it worked and got me going
  11. I can only add that my I7 6700 is running very strong with plex and 10 dockers running its rock solid I can't comment on VM's as I don't run any but more cores will be beneficial for sure
  12. I'm running an I7 6700 and its been rock solid there must be some settings that are off or set wrong I can run multiple streams on plex and run 10 active dockers, don't give up just yet when you sort it out I think your gonna like it and support here is the best I've ever experience from basically an all volunteer group
  13. Quick question I see I have over 1 million writes on my serve on my cache drive i'm running home assistant and MQTT I assume that all those writes are due to my sensors reporting changes through MQTT? I'm not concerned just curious testserver-diagnostics-20190926-2249.zip
  14. mrbilky


    I had the same issues never could get openVPN to work in docker so I bought a $35 raspberryPI and installed openVPN it was no kidding one line of CMD line text and pasted in the terminal of the pi and boom a secure tunnel from the outside to your internal network I don't recommend port forwarding if you are not thoroughly versed in the security issues that go with it, oh and I did use team veiwer and it worked fine as well