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  1. Sorry for the late response I was out of the country for several weeks, I got it sorted out I did a new config and pulled the bad drive
  2. Ok some progress I have tried rebooting but I had not tried shutting down I did that and one of the 2 drives has come back up and was able to start the array will monitor but I will likely replace the drives
  3. No all 4 bays are filled and the 2 are working in that cage machine is currently headless
  4. they are inserted in a 4 bay drive cage I've removed and reinserted several times to see if they would show up but no luck
  5. Installed that long ago and never had a use case so forgot that it was still there, promptly removed
  6. Thanks for assisting
  7. Hi its been so long I can't figure out how to get the server up and running after 2 drives dropped off the start button is greyed out I don't see them as unassigned devices any help appreciated
  8. Any tricks to keeping the license persistent I installed the app deactivated my license from my dedicated pc and applied it to the app here it seemed to accept it as the demo watermark went away but it seems to have dropped it on a restart is there something I've missed?
  9. Any takers I format the thumb drive use the usb creator tool everything boots up fine on the first boot but if I reboot I get a bzroot checksum error this is on a Dell poweredge R710 it is a backup server and only turned on every now and again to backup my primary this has occured on to different licenses that I have is this a memory issue? I have made no changes in the bios that would suggest I was the cause
  10. Well kind sir thank you my macbook pro needed to be scaled down a bit, thanks again!
  11. As title says on my windows machine they appear as below on my mac they are gone? I thought maybe it was just a background color thing but after clicking around in the area no go is this a mac thing?
  12. Hey folks been quite some time everything is running fine on Version 6.10.0-rc2 2021-11-01 but I'm having a strange issue, I want to just add a drive and if I stop the server my screen goes blank all the devices no longer appear did I miss some new option/procedure I followed what was the last way I did it but no go just a blank screen I shut down vm's and dockers precleared the drive and pablamo stop the array and everything disappears thanks for any insight
  13. Guess I'll piggy back on this one:
  14. Before I mess things up, disk 5 went missing with a clean shutdown and startup I don't need all the space at this time can I just remove it from the array and run a parity check and the array will shrink accordingly? I put a replacement disk with data from another server in its place but its not seen so by preclear I probably have a cable issue in that slot position but need the system up as it runs both my DNS through pihole and my home assistant in the future I will remove the server from the rack but need it up for now is this doable?
  15. Yep right after I switched over to a VM they came out with native support for an SSD on the pi go figure but no regrets its been rock solid since starting it
  16. Yeah I tried that route but it was wonky and had too many issues I tried the recommended settings and just couldn't get a stable instance maybe something I was not doing but the method that I now have has been rock solid for a year or so with no complications related to the VM and I did this with the QCOW VM not sure if that's what makes it stable I install this on top of a linux VM
  17. Yep I had many problems as well I switched to a VM and never looked back it just works plus since it's the OS version you get the supervisor and access to all the other features like snap shots
  18. This should work sonoff s31 I have a half dozen flashed with Tasmota and integrated into home assistant
  19. Not a big deal but just noticed this I can't seem to find where the needed change is, any takers?
  20. Well with no wifi your options are limited have tried to install homeassistant directly on your pi this is really leaving unRAID out of the equation and this should be discussed on the homeassistant forums not sure why you are having problems with the qcow2 option I have all of the apps running
  21. What do you mean when you say "node" are you trying to create a node red flow? If you are trying to control relays why use a raspberry pi why not wire up a relay bank be it 2 ,4 ,or 8 relays with a nodemcu or a D1 mini and flash it with tasmota integrate with MQTT within homeassistant
  22. That is how I did it has been rock solid since install
  23. Yeah I can't complain about "only" in the context of the bigger picture but the rest of my network and gear run 1000Gbps not that it gets that but this seems like a bottleneck somewhere, I did move my windows key over to the vm but no change also having issue with Blue Iris license key not persistent after reboot have to keep re-adding it to remove the watermark, I'm a newb with vm's my only other vm is homeassistant and that has been incredibly stable so I thought I'd move my Blue Iris instance over to my unRAID server since it was the only service running on my 8 core Ryzen machine that has a GTX1080 in It definitely an underutilized machine and costing me power
  24. Any pointers on why? I went into network settings, advance settings no option for speed change, looked at my switch for port config reports 1000Gbps link - full disclosure this vm is solely for Blue Iris maybe the cameras are the reason don't sound right though seems to me to be a driver issue? Using the latest virtio drivers oh and this is a vanilla install of windows no license yet could it be that? I bow to your superior intellect on this one😂