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  1. @SimonF had read errrors last night so done the usual power off, pull the drive, power up, start/stop array. turn off, reconnect and power on and re-build. but i noticed NUT reporting 0% and charging. [its now on 1%] i didn't touch the UPS, nor turn it off. any ideas? normally a power cycle wouldn't mess with that.
  2. thanks, the figures don’t make sense. I’m glad I asked. Don’t worry. I’m not going to hold you to figures. UnRAID will power off 5 minutes after being told it’s on battery. I just didn’t want it to panic it only had 5 minutes of capacity when the load is only 20-25%!
  3. nice! just logged back in and it has it now. What do you think to my 450,100,900,50? should I reduce it to match yours?
  4. @SimonF entered what you said but it still doesn't display anything in Runtime Left. i've tried runtimecal=300,100,600,50 then i thought, go further with runtimecal=450,100,900,50 [based on 15 minutes] but it still doesn't display anything.
  5. @SimonF if it helps. It says 15-20 minutes at full load on battery. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/1000va-powercool-ups-3x-uk-plug-3x-female-kettle-lead-ports-2x-rj45-usb-type-b-built-in-avr-software?gclid=Cj0KCQjw29CRBhCUARIsAOboZbIOVOmdI0_losut4Xafvgk7XUWBKlYlbtKbNBIaevT3_bV_tLJ0AZ4aAi5fEALw_wcB
  6. @SimonF this is my NUT config. re-reading your question, no. i haven't got "Runtime Left" working. its the last part of my puzzle to enable my Powercool 1000 to be fully displayed.
  7. thanks, i didn't realise it had been updated. its now backup and running.
  8. hey! been running absolutely fine. i've added a load of files to the folder it monitors and it doesn't do anything. i've deleted the image and started again, nothing has changed my end except..... i rebooted unraid. any suggestions?
  9. Yup. It’s been running perfectly.
  10. morning all, just been thinking about SSDs and temps. with the cold weather recently the spinning rust in my array has been sitting/working in 18-25 degrees celsius whilst the SSDs in unassigned devices are always in the 26 degrees and up. theres been a couple times in the summer when the temps are a lot higher that it gives me warnings for the SSDs. reason for the post, should i be setting higher temperature thresholds on the SSDs in unassigned devices as they are designed to run much higher? not touched anything so far, just wondered is all.
  11. Hmmm. seems getting a transcode going solved it.
  12. Hi! Just mounted the GPU in my Unraid system vertically with a riser cable to enable the slot beneath to be used for NVME hardware upgrade. just spotted on Dashboard that the PCI Gen now says 1? i updated Nvidia drivers and it still shows 1 (3) when before it showed 3 (3) as it is in a PCIe Gen 3 slot and is a Gen 3 card. the riser/ribbon cable says its gen3 [even though i didn't think that would mean anything since its just an extender] am i thinking into this too much and need to not worry or do i need to check elsewhere?
  13. Have you updated NUT, go back. A couple pages in this thread. The legend recompiled nut with the driver you need. you also need to enable at the top to use custom config to make the text edited ups.conf work I made a thread on it as well.
  14. you need to enter them in the ups.conf file i entered this: ups.conf Powercool 1000va [ups] driver = nutdrv_qx port = auto vendorid = 0001 productid = 0000 protocol = hunnox langid_fix = 0x0409 novendor noscanlangid default.battery.voltage.high = 27.50 default.battery.voltage.low = 21.40 default.battery.voltage.nominal = 24.00