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  1. thats because that is what it should be doing. when it initiates power off it stops the array, containers and VMs before it then powers off. But if the array isn't stopping in time, then you're getting parity checks on reboot. you might need to reduce the time it runs on battery to give you more shut down time on battery not fully sure. mine doesn't work at all at the moment. but it should complete a clean power off each time. its normally a container thats holding it up. what do you diagnostic/logs say?
  2. Put more time in NUT before power off.
  3. yeah am looking for more of an overall what unraid was using with filters to see container use etc. I’ll check out your suggestions 👍
  4. Hey! is there a plugin available that can display on the dashboard how much data has moved? Could show me how much nzbget has downloaded the past 30 days or how much Plex has sent out in remote playback. just curious what’s available.
  5. Looks promising for Powercool. @dmacias please can you incorporate this into NUT for unraid?
  6. Update. installed the powercool software on my VM within unraid. got the UPS to appear and when I killed the power, it recognised it. And then! UnRAID recognised it too!! but just as quickly as it saw it was off, it then went back online (and at the same time, I could not connect to the powercool on my VM any longer) so, I’m definitely getting warmer! bonus was seeing I’m only using 20% capacity, so it’ll last a few minutes on battery mode.
  7. latest diagnostics after surviving the night and completing parity check. amjam-diagnostics-20210412-0819.zip
  8. Ok. If it errors again during this parity check I will do new diagnostics before doing anything.
  9. attached but not sure what good it'll do as i've powered down and swapped out the sff8087 breakout lead to another one to try and rule out connection issue as i woke to parity and disk7 read errors and they are on the same lead. telegram messaged the error @ 23:25 last night. i've replaced the lead and re-begun a parity check. amjam-diagnostics-20210411-0857.zip
  10. Now parity drive is saying it has read errors and stopped its check. so is this the HBA breakout sata leads?
  11. thanks @Hoopsterdiagnostic attached. amjam-diagnostics-20210410-2044.zip
  12. Hi! migrated to Unraid last year in August. 6.8.3 check out my first ever post. 😂 been bulletproof. I’m all containers and VMs now. upgraded to 6.9.1 on Sunday before the Easter egg hunt. plain sailing and straight forward. onto this week. woke up Friday morning to a server with array stopped due to unsafe shutdown. start array and parity check begins. read errors on disk7. power down server and move plugs around on drives. power up and add back into array and parity chec
  13. No news yet I’m afraid. I’ve reached out to NUT to see what they say.
  14. further research and it seems that i need to use driver "nutdrv_atcl_usb" how do i add drivers to NUT? https://networkupstools.org/docs/man/nutdrv_atcl_usb.html