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  1. thanks. just followed the guide and made it 40GB in size. cheers!
  2. Hi! running 682 i stopped all my containers and VMs. then stopped the array [i know it does it for me, i was just being organised as i was waiting for someone to come off a VM]. when i then restarted the array. it advised an unsafe shut down. so ran a parity check. am i doing something wrong here?
  3. hi! 8TB Toshiba N300 just arrived, plugged in and run pre-clear. its failing straight away with MBR signature not valid. any advice? plugin is latest version. thank you. preclear_disk_70K0A0LTFAUG_21582.txt
  4. hi! got a new drive coming this afternoon to add to the array. i want to remove two drives from the array once it is added [8in, 2x 2out = 4upgrade] what is the best method to achieve this, add drive to system, run pre-clear. add to array. i have Parity drive as well. never removed drives from an array before, only added! cheers!
  5. Hi! I’m running a Win10 VM and would like to be able to pass through a USB header from the motherboard which has my Corsair water cooler and NZXT fan controller attached to it so I can manage them within the VM instance. I thought I had managed to do it as I got the NZXT fan controller to appear in Win10 and setup but I’ve never managed to get it back after a reboot. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Just setup my old acquired APC UPS. connected via serial straight onto my motherboard header. Used the APC manual link on the UPS settings page to guide me on pin outs. works perfectly and does a clean shutdown based on my settings.
  7. Zerotier container. or google chrome browser Remote Desktop.
  8. Q. issue with that is i cannot access remotely the VM when it hibernates. How would you overcome that?
  9. Was an XBMC user back in the day. then Sky UK released NowTV boxes for £10 a piece. (A Roku box with remote) you could side load something called Plex on it to stream with it. so I put it on it. Software that could manage my media and mean XBMC on each device didn’t have to scan/scrape all my media??? I played films on it and it buffered constantly. G620T CPU couldn’t keep up. Maybe XBMC was meant to be? CPU usage on “server” was 100%. So I bought and i3 CPU of eBay and suddenly, everything played perfect and “transcoding” was possible. then I moved house
  10. Thanks. Will give it a whirl. I used MC to delete the folders.
  11. thanks for the advice, i only have 2eth connections. not sure what the others are. i will deactivate the setting for now.
  12. hi! i've got NZBget running fine, but its filled up the cache drive [Sonarr had a missticked series and bulk downloaded all back seasons] my issue is its using the cache drive, downloaded a season, extracted it and all the episodes are rar'ed inside, it hasn't extracted those as run out of space. my issue is i am RDP on VM to the folder and i cannot delete the folders in intermediate [TV series with rar'ed files of multiple episodes] to clear it, says permission denied. i can't copy out of it as the cache is now full i just want to delete th
  13. Forgive me. But I don’t know if i need it. what would I be using it for?