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  1. I think it’s kinda like the way RaspberryPi have moved on from SD booting to USB due to wrecking cards. I wouldn’t want that Achilles heel. to backup your flash drive. There is an auto backup you can with a plugin.
  2. yeah right, good luck with that. @dmacias doesn't respond to sh*t!
  3. Is there any reason why you’re using NUT instead of the built in UPS manager in unraid? APC works great with the built in one. It’s a couple items to the right of NUT settings.
  4. I had low and nominal swapped by mistake. I corrected it after I pasted it in to my config but I forgot to correct it when I copied it over to the post above. It’ll do fine for now. The low figure is set from the solar battery link you posted in the other thread.
  5. ups.conf Powercool 1000va [ups] driver = nutdrv_qx port = auto vendorid = 0001 productid = 0000 protocol = hunnox langid_fix = 0x0409 novendor noscanlangid default.battery.voltage.high = 27.50 default.battery.voltage.low = 21.40 default.battery.voltage.nominal = 24.00
  6. ahh every days a school day. will re-edit my ups.conf file and make sure its enabled. thanks for the advice @IGHOR as always,.
  7. having an issue making the above settings persist in ups.conf as you can see below. It’s disappeared. how do I keep them in the ups.conf file? all works when in battery mode. edit nothing works until I put it all back in.
  8. How often does NUT poll the battery voltage? after setting the high/nominal/low values. If I refresh the page the charge jumps between 97% to 100% do I need to set a polling time?
  9. Would there be any benefit to TPM being a core part of unRAID? for instance every mention of windows 11 and TPM is bitlocker encryption. Could unRAID use TPM to encrypt your array or could any other benefits/features of TPM be worthwhile additions to unRAID’s core functionality? I’m running old hardware, 3rd gen i7. I just googled the motherboard manual and it mentions TPM 1.2 but I couldn’t tell you if it’s a module, software or a bios setting. the point i’m trying to make is with UnRAID’s latest SSL login and tying it your forum login, could TPM be an added
  10. got you. will give this a whirl at the weekend. thanks for the help.
  11. so i've put these values into ups.conf and its now showing 100% battery on status. so high = 27.50v [NUT says that that is current battery voltage now] nominal = 24v low = 21.4v how do i go about doing a calibration? do i literally kill the power and watch the % drop?
  12. You’re right. The manual only shows 12v. But typically if you post something inaccurate, you get helpful responses. 👍 see attached screenshots of NUT which don’t show a lot either. so based on your link. high = 13v nominal = 12v low = 10.7v although NUT says battery voltage 27.10? So the batteries in series? so high = 27.10v nominal = 24v low = 21.4v
  13. Ok So from Manual. https://www.canford.co.uk/ProductResources/resources/P/Powercool/user manual.pdf 1000va model voltage high = 12v voltage low = 6v nominal = 12v Anyone else done their own guesses for this?
  14. How would I go about calibrating NUT?
  15. @IGHOR @travisbickle @jellytotz you'll want to see page 16 of the NUT thread. Powercool now works with unRAID!