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  1. Yeah go figure. They called me in to work today so I’m not able to directly watch the check but I’ve been looking at it through My Servers off and on. So far so good. About 4.5 hours in and no errors yet (knock on wood).
  2. After passing all the RAM tests, I've ran another non-correcting parity check. It passed as well. Starting a regular check now.
  3. I'm back home now.. it says it's been running for about 3 hours. It's still in pass #2. So probably won't finish 4 passes for another few hours at least. So far, no issues though.
  4. Wow, it took about 20 minutes to get Memtest v9 to be fully up and ready to test. About 3 minutes of black screen, then like 2-3 minutes each line of it's pre-testing detection stuff. But I've got it up and running now. I left everything at default, which is 4 passes with the CPU using all cores in parallel. I'm going to go out to lunch. When I get back, if it's already completed I'll go back into the settings and set the pass to 99 or something so it will continue to run overnight. In a matter of like 2 minutes, it was already reporting like 48% of the first pass was completed lol. So
  5. It should be, I only have 3 PCIe 3.0 slots, one is used by the P2200 video card and the other is the HBA. Prior to all this, I also had that 10 gig nic installed on a slot too. Removing it should have helped the bandwith.
  6. I actually thought that was a little slow, considering the controller is supposed to do 6 GB/s. I dunno, it might be a limitation of the backplane used in the case, or the drives themsevles.
  7. Ok sounds good. I'm off work today so I can spend time working on this. Next days off are Sunday and Monday, then a long stretch of working. Whatever I need to do I'm on it.
  8. Total bandwith is averaging 3.2 GB/s. Each disk is hitting around 155.5 MB/s. When you say use 2 spare disks.. you mean a parity and a data right? If it comes to that, I would actually have to BUY some drives. I've been upgrading my drives to 12tb and have been giving my lower capacity drives to my brother, so I have no spares.
  9. Should I stop my current non-correcting scan then? It's still found 0 errors and I'm pretty confident it's passed the mark where the first error occured yesterday.
  10. I don't think the controller has a fan on it, but I do have a fan blowing air across the entirety of my expansion cards. I also have all my fans set to be on full power rather than ramp up based on temps.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I didn't know the UEFI version of memtest would cause a blank screen for so long. I just assumed it wasn't working. I never got an error messae or anything, so maybe it was working the whole time and I was just wrong. I'll try it again. That makes too much sense! I never thought about that. I will do that next. When I do that test, should I be doing it as a repair or just a scan? Also.. what if the problems don't crop up until like the last hour? Bummer lol. I hope it's not the controller. I mean
  12. Completed another correcting parity check.. down to 20 errors. Still pretty concerned about it. Not sure what else to try. Is it possible my parity drives are just corrupted, and I could "rebuild" them by removing them and re-adding them? I've only been playing with Unraid about a year. Hard to believe I've got such a massive problem with my parity after all this. kyber-diagnostics-20210506-2242.zip
  13. I saw the Memtest86 entry in the Unraid boot menu but when I select it, not thing happens. It might be that it's using the same version I was unable to load. But yeah, I think the memory is fine. I'm running another parity check, and it's still finding errors. I don't know what's causing it. I disabled all my dockers and vm, rebooted (perfectly) and started it. Nothing is running that could be accessing the array. Yet still it's finding errors after all these corrections.
  14. It's been about 24 hours.. I've got 0 errors on the memtest with 2 passes and another 3/4 of a third pass. I believe the RAM is not the issue.
  15. I'm actually trying to get the memtest started.. I have it written to a USB flash drive.. plugged it in, my BIOS reads it, but if I have it boot via UEFI it just sits at a blank screen. If I boot it via regular, I get an error that it's not bootable and to replace it or select a different device. So I'm going to try an older version. My motherboard should be compatible with the latest version (released around September 2019), so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. ==== EDIT ==== Got the latest v4 release, got a new option in my BIOS for "USB Floppy". Using