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  1. cuz i wanna fix the root/root (0) i used to get the "test .txt" file errors with the wrong spacings that are not compatible in windows and also scan for errors of like same folder names videos Videos unraid considers them 2 different but windows buggers up and only chooses one.. so i need a scanner to tell me these errors is there another scanner to scan these then? for these common issues
  2. ah ok cuz i used it to remove the non windows files with the extra space padding extended scans found that are not compatible for windows shares but were there in for unraid so how do i scan for those files then as i used it to clean up those files is there another program plugin to scan for incompatible windows files etc
  3. the extended scan has gone missing... is there a glitch or something that removed it as i wanted to run an extended scan but i cant find it
  4. is there a way to set that when tdarr is encoding to the new mkv that it doesnt save any of the meta data.. like start blank it seems to copy over the meta data.. and i wanna erase it so there is no none.. is there a setting to do this
  5. hi i have slow internet.. and id like a feature.. i have 5 unraids on my network.. when an OS comes out it takes along time.. sometimes Web browser closes the popup and causes me to have to re start over very frustrating... as i get to like 80% downloaded then browser closes the pop up and i loose all the downloading takes over and hour to get to 80% and then boom gone and now i gotta restart.. frustrating id like to see a couple features... 1.. have option in "Settings" for a OS UPDate, so it 1. Auto Update when an update avaiable... 2. Broadcast to a List Of Servers You have say 5. or 10 and you list the Servers.. it willl copy the Update to to 5 or 10 servers to a folder.. instead of having to copy to each flash yourself or have to re download.. 3. auto reboot after update option,, auto reboot all servers after update if selected 2.. download the Update automaticlly... like home assistant,, or windows update, or a norton antivirus corporate and download like when you install LibreElec OpenElec, or VM Vmanagers Virto drivers so it downloads 9% 20% done etc.. so if the exploer pop up closes it doesnt screw up the update and make you start over from scratch. make it so it downloads direct and can "resume" if loss of internet... not all have fast internet.. i get like 3 megabit internet if im lucky.. and any features maybe to add later.. but its a start what be good too is if the plugins and docker page.. if you say you have multi apps across unraids like krusder, plex, whatever and unassigned devices... if the main server updates.. be able to push those updates to the other servers too.. as some take a long time to download when you have piss poor internet speeds.. just like how the norton works or say a workstation updates 1 downs and pushes them to all the other nodes
  6. ok thank you that worked.. didnt know about the enable smb security option thank you 🙂
  7. ive tried also toggling share switch then hitting apply a few times that doesnt help either
  8. ya doesnt show in the Samba shares so when i access my server after i share the UD "transport data" it doesnt throw it in the SMB shares of the server.. it used to work but i dont remember which ud plugin it worked last on as i constantly update it ive tried saving a default script to see if thats what i needed to get it to share.. but wouldnt work either
  9. what do i need to do to get the UD to share... i know it used to work in the past but i was trying to use it again but it wont share the share is enabled.. for the NTFS 1TB drive i have in UD but it wont show up as a windows share... is there something new that has to be done extra to get it to share even reboot doesnt help
  10. how do i setup tdarr with a AMD radeon video card.. i watched space invaders video but he only does nvida and installs a nvidia driver i tried searching apps for a radeon drivers it only had radeon top i installed but i cant find any info or what not to setup more.. any instructions?
  11. hi i have question on using the AMD gpu driver the radeon top how do you use it? i watched space invaders video to setup tdarr with a nvida card... but i dont have one got my a hd7950 amd card ... so i went to the app store and downloaded the only radeon driver "radeon top" but when i goto plug ins its not clickable.. what am i supposed to do to get the AMD drivers to work in unraid to link it to tdarr
  12. so im new to this minecraft server stuff... i got it installed and i can connect to it... id like to take one of windows minecraft maps and put it on the server... i did an export of the world. but i have no idea how you transfer it from windows to the server.. so then itd load do i do that?
  13. ill try to change password in the gui when i type IP address like as it wont allow me to log in "tower" say... ill try to make a new simple password... as i have it set not to auto save login i dunno.. just weird how it knows is ok but "tower" is not ok and unraid wouldnt let me in but ill try changing password and reboot to see if it retains password.. why isnt the password retained when you ssh in?
  14. ok i was wondering its only seemed to be happening recently and on all of my unraids if i access 192.168.0.x if it needs a login it works fine.. or just auto logins in but if i go by name of the server name i constantly get asked Login and password... even though a server has no password its asking me a password.. if i ssh and change password "passwd" i still cant log into gui but i also notice the password for root reverts back to the password that was set in the gui.. so the "passwd" is only temporary if i do a "reboot" from the command line unraid reboots.. i still cant log into the gui i can ssh.. but only ssh with the old password it doesnt retain the new password.. i finding this on all 5 unraids i have on different network ips too.. i cant use "tower" etc without a login and password.. even when a server has no password.. i seeing it in the latest update of unraid.. i didnt see this issue a couple upgrades back is there something i need to fix? i even tried rebooting pfsense all my switchs computers etc still doesnt matter could there be something on my usb a file on all my usbs thats causing this issue too? i even tried deleting webroswer cache and different browsers and all the same i still get the login if i go by "tower" and passwords will not save if i change it and do a reboot even if i make it blank using passwd.. gui asks for a password and enter isnt good enough.. and i only have 1 user on some of the servers "root"
  15. @Raki72 im having similar issues but been having issues i think i configured right but i not 100% sure i dont like the documentation on the unraid template page could be better explained i have mine set up as custom:br ip and the lancache and dns bind ip to and i set the dns upstream to i find it flaky and the discord help wasnt much help either so its hit and miss as i wanted 2 cache servers.. or VPN users and non VPN users to access same server but seems to be a very much headache to access one and seems very slow to use.. as downloading stops and starts but if u were to not use a lancache server then the downloading is non stop say with epic... but its hard to talk to the programmer and discord hasnt helped much... so if you bypass lancache i can download at 400-500k speed if i use the lancaceh its down to under 200... fluxuates under in the 50 -100k i have a 5mbps you probably dont notice with people with better internet then mine.. but thats what i noticing