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  1. having issues using the lancache i finding my computers accessing the internet is much slower then when i using where its bang fast i also like to know for Epic Games how do you have endless caching? default is like 152 days for caching how do you set caching for different days like Epic, Battle net, Steam = Endless.. anythng else can be 152 days as it takes me 6 months to redownload Epic games on my account on my current internet speed 24/7 going drives me nuts so i dont want it erasing it.. and my epic games takes up 3TB of data on my g
  2. @ghost82 so i struggling i getting frustrated with it.. i kinda got it to work for a little bit.. and rebooting in windows VM worked only after i installed this guest-qeum program which i saw in a space invader video but its not working right 1... i couldnt do the quem convert program when i did my windows install to a img and added it to the VM.. all the screen says is Booting from Hard Dirve... it does nothing after that 2.. i did a VM using VNC as a template.. and then copied the vm twice 1. for each card..
  3. anyone know why i keep getting this bug i delete it and it comes back.. usually after i do a network scan
  4. i do have the Plugin and i tried going to Sleep with the Power Button and the ethernet lite shuts off.. but if i type that code ethtool -s eth0 wol g and then power button sleep mode option then the ethernet stays lite up and i can re power it up backup only reason i want to sleep it.. or shut off is it doesnt do anything for 24 hours so at 3am it backs up any thing the needs backuping up from tower's rysnc usually its done in 10min -20min and then i dont need it for another 24 hours so figure dont need to keep it powered on 24/7 but i will if i have to.. which i
  5. im running an ASus Board.. as my backup server its set in the BIOS for WOL as i want to have my main server tower turn on backup server and shut down each night what i finding is when i turn off backupserver from power button or from the gui.. it turns off the Network card light.. and you can no longer WOL... you need to turn off the power switch , or unplug power and replug it in and the BIOS will re activate the WOL feature.. is there something i need to do for asus board to stop it.. and keep the WOL feature alive in the bios? and the bo
  6. @Lex1145im no expert but can you take some screen shots.. i have it running i just have issues with the rebooting unraid and such.. and what you do you mean you get a loop.. i can try to help you best i can.. but then i get to a point where im stuck with issues..
  7. sorry for delay so far i havent gotten into the setup fast enough keeps getting that screen i posted.. why does that screen pop up? is there a way to slow down vm install so i can press any key for the usb/dvd install? its a pain how come i dont have a problem going seabios but ovfm i do? ill keep trying or i was thinking of doing a regular install on Bare machine and then convert it to a VM? so i can run 2 machines at once.. or is it really worth it??? so ovmf creates the efi partition and seabios doesnt.. so windows will still boot using non efi
  8. sorry with my dislexia it all sounds ok to me but not always to someone else so the screen i get ins the uefi interactive thats if i set it to OVMF i get that in the VNC on a ISO Windows 10.. now if i change it to Seabios it will boot into the install what i meant about the ovmf and seabios booting.. i can install windows 10 in seabios but if i delete the VM keeping the vm file.. and i cant boot from OVMF.. so thats what i ment as i didnt know what was better.. but i cant install unless its seabios so i guess my physical install is EFI? s
  9. ok learning alot now so how do i know if i booting in UEFI on a physical machine all i know is my Gaming/Day use computer is AMD Ryzen 3700x cpu 16GB ram Asus X570 TUF Gaming Case with the 2 older GPU i posted in the other topic i asked helped for but no one had answers they AMD something so i wanted to run Unraid on it but i find its glitchy reason i figure i try from a real physical machine and my Unraid Server is AMD Ryzen 3600 CPU 32gb ram Asus X570 Tuf Gaming Case LSI HBA card Expander Card 4 port
  10. ah ok how do you know which to choose seabios over ovmf and the q35 1440fx i know i have to set up seabios and sucks unraid doesnt let u change seabios to ovmf and vice versa they gray it out u gotta delete the VM and start over but i know if i do the windows ISO install i gotta do Seabios when doing vnc i get these bunch of lines of stuff and then a prompt white and yellow text... not sure what that ever is so i just learned how to dump vbios of my 2 cards.. as i found which no one could help me is if i reboot in VM it reboots unraid server comple
  11. ok thanks.. i still havent got an answer for getting a clean VM without unraid crashing... so i figured i wanted to try as no one answered my questions so i guess X570 boards are incapable without crashes so i figured i wanted to try a reversal from a physical machine then VM it to see if i get the same problems as i wanted to have a Gaming maching and a Daily driver.. but i have gotten virus's that bypassed windows defender from legitment searchs on google and i tired my windows get buggereed up.. so i wanted a vm but it just doesnt like AMD maybe
  12. hi i read article from 2016 on here ppl wanted it done but couldnt but is there a way to setup a Windows machine then i run a program to convert it to a Unraid img file to read in VM. i still having issues trying to get VMs to work right for X570 board.. but id like to least convert my setup to a VM so i have a template for later or backup
  13. so is it worth it to run VMS for AMD Ryzen? from what i can tell its not seems only Intel has working VMS running a Ryzen on an X570 board isnt worth it??? everytime i run the VM i have to do that damn detach attach button for the keyboard.. how you write it in the VM to do it on its own? everytime you do a reboot in the VM it actually reboots who computer Unraid included what good is that? i find sometimes the screen is blank or it goes all all colors all over the screen.. so i dunno whats going on how you get this to work right and keyboard to a
  14. so i trying to get 2 Video Cards to work i trying to make a Gaming PC and a Desktop PC as i tired of Epic Launcher re do windows or u get a virus MS Defender didnt detect then mess's up windows that you have to reinstall Windows and Epic you gotta redownload the games to get it to work takes me 6+ months to download the games on my account at my 5mbs download 24/7 and the tricks ppl have dont work. and epics answer is ull just have to re download them.. having in a games folder not good enough so i trying with my one Unraid on my ASUS X570
  15. still unable to get the Fan Control to work right whats the purpose of the Minutes interval? i do set up 0 PWM so the fans wont run and set the temp 30 low 40 high but how does it work on a rising curve? so 200rpm at 30 and 40 runs at 7500rpm for the fan or my other fan 200rpm at 30 and 6000rpms on 40 but run in between or in the end do you have to run Windows VM and use the Fancontrol from the motherboard manufacture to get it to run right? its an ASUS motherboard TUF x570 as i find the fans dont come on when they supposed to