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  1. ah ok so there is not real way to max out the speed of the hard drives on the unraid server to connecting pcs then I was trying to get the maximum bandwith the server can put out so that say 2 computers accessing the unraid server.. would max out the hard drives so I get max speed etc.. well least try to maximize the network,.. since 10gb switchs are unrealistic price for the home user as I googled them... so I be stuck at the 1gb for several years to come till like 16 port 10gb switch comes down to the under 200 dollar range lol
  2. ok thank you for all these good replies.. I will check them all out and see what I like the best... I appreciate it.. 🙂
  3. hi I seen old posts off different sites but curious in 2019 which app you guys use to backup your photos like Google does on my android you click Photos and its on there site... is there a good one for android and to connect to my unraid server.. that you guys like
  4. so this is what is setup I using 13-16 as my 4 ports out of 5 for lag to my unraid… and you said to turn off auto negitionation and ya can not get the 802.3ad(4) to work.. si that what I want working
  5. oh ok so not worth upgrading to fibre then lol ok so I tested just got home if I check PORT and LCAP only balance-rr(0) balance-xor (2) and broadcast(3) only work the 6 doesn't work.. so whats the best setting anyways and what is just PORT checked off do.. as I thought I need this LCAP and I cant get that 802.3ad to work not sure what that one is if I just have PORT checked off then Broadcast (3) balance-xor(2) balance--rr(0) only ones to work under PORT check... maybe this swich too old to do all those other features of the other 4 options
  6. ah ok ..ya I only need a coupe 10g ports at the moment.. or like to from my desktop to the server.... least for now.. rest be like streaming plex.. but I wanna make sure it works well.. I know the srw2016 has 2 fibre connections but I doubt its a 10gb connection but ill check out your link.. and ill try those ad setting when I get home too.. just wish I knew whats the best way to go lol. I appreciate the replies
  7. oh ok so if I dick the LACP in linksys then unraid has to be the ad(4) which is the best way to go.. I just trying to get max speed out of it.. for transferring files or streaming my plex... but ill give that a try the ad(4)…. probably should gotten like 10gb card and network switch but not cheap enough yet for home user
  8. or maybe my srw2016 is too old to do mode 6?? it is from like 2006 or so is that why mode 0 works
  9. so I found setting it to balance(r) (0) that way works with the conf above and 1 other setting... but the mode 6 doesnt which setting should I have etc to get the max speed out of my unraid
  10. update after a reboot of my computer I also can not ping my unraid when its LAG ports are enabled
  11. hi I just bought a 4 port 1gb nic as I was hoping to maximize my network traffic so I have the built in and then 4 on card.. I had it setup as active-backup but was reading posts from like 2011 to set it to mode 6 so its the balance alb I have a linksys cisco switch srw2016 under LAG I set ports 13,14,15 to to check box LAG and LACP I not using the other 2 ports yet.. ran out of network cable to reach my server at the moment... but with that settings I can my computer to ping... I truly don't know if its working... and I read on another post there is a LAG status where it showed Slow but I cant find any status on mine.. either because its not there anymore as the article was from 2011... but I also notice my xbox can no longer play Plex but my computer can..... my question is do you guys have a latest article or video on setting up this LAG to get the maximum throughput... out of my unraid server... probably should went with a 4 10gb but im not there yet... but ya any articles that is closer to date be good and pictures and is there a test where you can see your getting the max speed utilizied
  12. well i have done rsync -avzu --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" "/mnt/user/Videos/Home Videos/" root@backupserver:"/mnt/user/Videos/Home Videos/" and the single and double qoute from another forum rsync -avzu --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" '"/mnt/user/Videos/Home Videos/"' root@backupserver:'"/mnt/user/Videos/Home Videos/"' now rysnc has no issues when i been doing rsync -avzu --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" /mnt/user/Videos root@backupserver:/mnt/user/Videos/ it will make the "Home Videos" folder but it rysncs my tv shows and movies and other crap too.. but for a specfic rysnc i wanted to backup each night etc to my 2nd backupserver that doesnt do the tv shows or movies... just photos and my home videos so doing the /videos it will back up "Home Videos" just like that... but when i do the qoutes as above then it says HOME as Videos is my SMB share for windows and then Home Videos is under the Videos so just frustrating if i known this i would been tackling this months ago.. always something and i dont even know if you can contact the persons(s) who wrote rysnc to even ask if i asking is possible... but maybe i will just have to rename it then as 1 word.. i appreciate the input
  13. hi so I been running rsync for several months doing spaces and it worked but if its a Root folder.. but when I did a sub folder spaces it messs up so if I do rsync -avzu --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" /mnt/user/DJ\ Stuff/ root@backupserver:/mnt/user/DJ\ Stuff/ so my Root Folder is "DJ Stuff" and it copies to the backupserver "DJ Stuff" root folder fine but when I do rsync -avzu --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" /mnt/user/Videos/Home\ Videos/ root@backupserver:/mnt/user/Videos/Home\ Videos/ It Copies "Home Videos" under the Videos Root folder from the main server... but when I tell it to copy to the backup server "Videos\Home Videos" it doesn't do it... it actually does "\Videos\Home" so its not adding that space... is there a different way you need to write it when there is a specific directory that has spaces that isn't the root folder name so to summerize DJ Stuff ===> DJ Stuff (copies fine) Videos\Home Videos ====> Videos\Home Videos (does not copy fine) it does instead Videos\Home Videos =====> Videos\Home I only noticed this as I doing a specific folder... where as my other rysncs I just sync the Root Folder names
  14. @ruato 1... do you have hot swap backplane/modules in your case..... if you can move the cable from the slot is bad and move it up one to one that is working then you can test to see if the backplane/module is broken 2.. second test is it could be the motherboard... take one of the slots that working follow it to the motherboard and use that port to the slot on the hard drive that you find isnt working... this will tell ya if the Sata port/chipset on the motherboard is bad and to avoid it.. 3.. for your 3GB/s your motherboard may be a 3GB and 6GB be 2 different colors like Black be 3GB Ports and Red be 6GB ports .. i myself was getting frustrated and my motherboard is a 3/6gb combo board so 4 and 4 ports and i wanted all 8 6gb.. so i ended up getting a Raid Controller card.. so it doesnt use the built in ports on the asus board i using... i use a LSI raid controller board give those tests a try 1 and 2,, it was heck for me brand new 6 12 tb drives giving error counts and in end was the sata on the motherboard
  15. ok thanks that fix it i left the other orphane ones like krusader as default guess what i had it set prior and not issues.. thank you very much squid 🙂