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  1. ok thank you ill get back to you after then
  2. I checked fix common errors shows disk 3 being mount as read only or out of disk space yet it still has 135gb free on it... how this error come to be
  3. so it just came online Array Started just after posting when I goto Dockers... Deluge and Transmission wont start when I try to start.. says Server Error when I try to start Plex I get Error 403
  4. hi working on my sisters Unraid server from my home Im remote access to her network.. I had deluge running on there for her torrent downloads and I noticed it was showing up error I stopped and retried to start service.. came up with error.. had transmission running to I stopped it and restarted it Error... I tried to reinstall Deluge as Deluge2 as it wouldn't let me reinstall over top of it.. and I get error stating Read Only so I rebooted unraid… the Drives have mounted... but for 30 min so far its saying Array Starting : Starting Services... so how long should Services take.. whats going on will a diagnostic file help you guys.. but so far its been 40 min that its been stuck at Starting Services.. do a Reboot took forever to do... as after a while I got a 502 gateway error.. but came back online after 15 min but then still waiting 40+min for starting services so not sure what to fix or how or what happened etc
  5. me neither... was watching the 6th day with arnold earlier then i stopped and did your setting changes 2048 4096 whatever those did.. the set to reconstruct the turbo plugin etc... and then while i decided to rewatch on plex im like this cant be right movie different language so i tried windows media play and \\tower etc and it also was different langauge its like years ago when i had mp3s or avi hard drive corrupted and when i recovered data with easu or so the song was not the song or the video was to have talking yet it was some mp3 audio now on the avi... so thats messed .. lol but i do appreciate you help so far.. learned alot over less then a year coming from Windows Home Server of more then 15 yrs
  6. hey doesnt matter to me.. as long as things work no matter we all human not robot yet so we forget etc.. i just happy i getting better speeds not so much off the usb but thats fine... and that weird different language i got on plex and just running windows media player off the unraid... had to reboot it and that fix that... probably the different settings you had me do needed a new reboot to fix all that stuff lol...
  7. you know whats messed.. i was watching earlier on my plex server 6th day.. then i doing these testings with ya.. change this change that... i now tried to watch it again... damn movie is now in a different language... go play it directly from a windows share on my desktop same issue... different language in there... reboot unraid.. and the language is back to normal.. frig have you ever heard or seen that lol weird science here and i dont mean the movie lol
  8. oh ok i can do that.. i used the 250 GB ssd in a laptop instead.. .because when i had it set for a 250 cache drive and set to yes not the perfer as soon as it filled up i got warning from unraid cache is full... so for me i didnt see a point in it.. as i was transfering big files.. i guess its only good as long as you dont transfer big files or you need a 1TB ssd for caching correct.. i didnt know there was ram cache really... up untill last year when i first sampled my first SSD and tried freenas and unraid never heard of either... or Pfsense i still new to the game... frig my first hard drive was like a 120 meg ide hard drive back in early 90s so always learning
  9. as for the cache drive i had set to 250gb i used but transfering 6tb of data at once it wouldnt matter for cache would it because the cahce couldnt unload it fast enough as the drive its trying to transfer it all in one big copy right?
  10. learn something new everyday
  11. ok seems copying from my 5TB external drive usb to the unraid still 30 meg/s connected to teh desktop but if i copy from the unraid to my desktop ssd i hitting 111meg/s and copying from the SSD (desktop) to the unraid im gett 113 meg/s transfering 8gb of data of 2 3GB files so its working great now... not so much for the external drive but thats the WD blue drive in the WD Book i havent tested the usb 3 Startech enclosure with a 6tb WD Red Nas 7200rpm in it... but those settings so far improved things now i appreciate it.
  12. i set the turbo plugin into Yes.. and just left the default settings
  13. ah ok i see the ? and it says that.. to me thgat doesnt help much lol.. as long as it works and i get the max speed data transfering... but ill install that pluggin now too
  14. with the reconstruct and i selected off my usb 3.0 hd to copy 1TB data she still st 30meg/s so much getting up there faster lol
  15. ok i can do that too... and would it help my vms run on those hard drives too... would i move the vms to a ssd