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  1. @dlandon ya that works i was just giving the idea of something to enable and disable the script that works there in the middle or at the above the script name so enable script device script but the device script enable script works too i figured if you put enable script above it its easier to read.. to see its enabled.. and disabled but thats my preference enable script device script and so on... but thats only my preference but looks good. and as always i really enjoy your work.. since your products really are helpful to make unraid great
  2. @dlandon ya that would be cool too like a line say with the 3 lines above Device Script so Abouve Device Script add a line and say "Enable Script" Yes and No as options this way you can turn it off the reason i said Toggle switch was because they Turn On And Off aka Yes or No just something simple that disables the script... thats all i ment about the toggle switchs
  3. @dlandon ah ok i figured it be the same like Share Toggle it On to Share the UD drive and Toggle it Off to Disable the Share so same thing with the Script Toggle It On To Enable Script and Toggle it Off To Disable The Script ya its messy i have had issues where unraid still thinks its on and with my older script it would copy the files to the UD even though its not plugged in and it would move it to the trash can the way i had it done.. so now i do it with a script but since the Add script doesnt 100% work right when you add it... where its the if dev = whatever and then else where you have sleep 1 i actually put it in both locations at the If and also the then to make sure it works when the drive it slide in then it unmounts and also when i click Mount it runs the samne copying and then unmount... but if i wanna disable the script i cut and paste the entire script deleting it so i can mount it and then re paste it... its just a feature i figure easilly added if toggle is on run sccript else do not run the script.... if no demand its ok i keep cutting and pasting
  4. @dlandon for my use case is i use it on my sisters headless server... so i orginally had issues with the script not always working so i added my script at the ADD,,, and the 2 if statesments so what i have is once she shoves the SSD into her server... it auto mounts and auto copies files from her one directory for backup to the SSD and then unmount... and then i able to do it by clicking Mount button when i remote login in.. so i can get it to auto copy by just clicking Mount and then it will simulate me shoving the hard drive in and out i had issues with her shoving in the ssd and it wouldnt copy so i made sure i added least at the If and the else statement... and i wanted it to work once i clicked the Mount button.. but i also wanted to be able to Turn Off the Script so when i do click Mount it wont run the script... so like a simple toggle switch with the other toggles Enable Script = True when mount it will run script Enable Script = False when mount it will not run script as this way i can manually copy files to her ssd to gove me to backup her files without triggering the script to run and auto unmounting as i do the auto unmount so when my sister pulls out the ssd that unraid doesnt bugger up as i have had lots of times when you pull the mounted drive out and then you need a reboot.. as unraid still sees it mounted and you cant fix things till you reboot
  5. feature request i wouldnt mind seeing is under the settings for each drive.. a toggle switch to enable and disable the scripts.. as right now if i wanna just mount the drive without running the script i gotta select all cut it and save.. mount it and then re paste the script back in be nice a toggle switch like with the auto mount,. share, etc a toggle Enable Script so you can turn it off and it wont run if its not enabled... i though the enable in background would do that but it doesnt but ya that be a nice request feature
  6. ya i cant get rid of this error .. i figure the only way is to format the damn computer... i got more then 10k it looks like of the same authlimit... if i cant stop it from coming from my desktop pc id wanna be able to turn it off from logging it. or least log it in something as a counter authlimit count:12000 say instead of filling up the damn logger of justr that error... as there is nothing i can do to find it on the desktop... i did try registery cleaners .. it seemed to worked for a whie but it came back like a bad storm bombing me with all these auth limits... be nice to trace to exactly know what is causing it.... its driving me nuts... i try nto to ever look at the sys log as i know what i going to see 😞
  7. guess thats why things in the linux/unix stuff it doesnt like spaces where in windows you used to doing spaces.. always learning 🙂
  8. oh gotcha it was looking for transport not transport data it used to work in the past or i just got lucky lol
  9. ah ok and how come it didnt work for me but was working fine for you? but least you found the issue.. as i was thinking i needed to format the ntfs drive or uninstall re install the plugin or i figured it was that nfs share that keeps popping up i didnt really know what to do to fix it least you know
  10. oh ok so what does that mean? the space in my mount point... although i cant help you program i curious ot always learning new information
  11. i used to be on 12.2 but there was so much flakyness i think you or someone else mentioned just go back to 6.11 as its more stable then 12.x as i was having too much issues with the 12 but ok ill pm u shortly
  12. is there a logger like you had me do for the UD in the past a Level 2 or so debug loggin? is there one for the recycle bin so you can tell whats going on as soon as i do a move or delete and when it moves it over to .recycle.bin folder that it knows whats clashing with the app
  13. and its been about 5 min and no deleted logs under deleted files section under Recycle bin settings section... even though i enabled logging and pressed apply to make sure it was enabled... still no smb share and no deleted files log
  14. i turned on the log deleted files... how long does it take to show up? as i just added a bunch of files and hit the delete....