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  1. @TyantA ah ok I ended up ordering the WS board figured cant hurt... I still waiting for to come by amazon... ive alsways used rog boards.. as I stick with asus.. and I gonna use my 6 yr old video card and as for sata I have a raid card so that works... and gonna use a 3900x so I can run my gaming/everyday comp and unraid nas all same time... least I hope it will all work lol.. plus gonna get 32gb of ram so enough for the nas and windows.. but I appreciate your reply 🙂
  2. I have question.. I have a cron job running rysnc but over the network or over the internet to my off site unraid.. I loose connection with rysnc it fails on its own etc.. how do I make a do loop to run till rsync finishes the job properly then quit... I get this error "rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [Receiver] rsync error: unexplained error (code 255) at io.c(226) [Receiver=3.1.3]" so it should keep resuming till its done how can I do this is it even possible
  3. @binhex ok couple questions... for the /flash /boot... ya I realize the boot is mapped as FLASH and flash displays the files by doung the 2 key* or PID PU to 0 but why is the /boot no files are displayed in krusdar its hidden.. is it hidden for so you don't accidently delete files purpose? and then ok so not vnc stuff for my question so for plex... there is 2 plexservers one by plexinc and one by binlinux.. yet the same one.. how do you know which one your supposed to use.. I seen that for a few different apps... same app just by 2 different companies making the file I guess which ones you supposed to use? for future reference.. as for plex I use plexinc
  4. @binhex oh ok.. didn't know you could do vnc stuff... I always just goto unraid page,docker then click Open webgui.. same with other dockers I notice 2 kinds of plex server , and deluge (don't use anymore just transmission) is that the difference of the others too one offers vnc client and the other doesn't... as most times I read they say the same info so I never know which to choose... and there settings the same sometimes slightly different
  5. @Frank1940 ok thank you that fixed the issue for the /flash guess /boot stays hidden and should I be using binhex-krusader or krusader they seem to be the same.. thank you again 🙂
  6. how do you get the boot folder to show up in krusader.. I tried both krusader apps on unraid not sure which one you supposed to use or the difference between then but I followed @SpaceInvaderOne setting up krusdaer and mapping /FLASH to /boot doesn't work.. when you set it up pre launching krusader you can see the folders inside boot... once you save and start the krusader app.. and goto /boot no files are listed.. if you goto /FLASH then I get the error "error: can not open folder /FLASH" is there something you need to do prior to space invaders video to display Boot folder?
  7. ah ok ill try to make backups of everything then.... what is the risk though as I wasn't sure what to do yet.. and if there is issues going from Intel to AMD or if you were AMD and went to Intel especially for VMS but I appreciate the input 🙂
  8. hi I have question I changing my server from a Asus Rampage IV Formula board I7-3800 cpu and motherboard to a Asus WS x570 Pro board and 3900x cpu do I need to setup the new board and cpu and a new hard drives and copy the data over and setup everything or can I just unplug the usb plug the hard drives into the new board and the usb and it boots up ok.. or whats the procedure or is there a link.. as I be going from Intel Process to an AMD process now.. so I don't want data loss etc if anything happens I have serveral VMS and dockers and plugins setup too
  9. I cant afford to upgrade 2 computers so I wanna upgrade my NAS of 8 drives so far to a Gaming PC in a VM and run my NAS but would you use a Gaming board or a Workstation board? I looking at Asus AMD AM4 PRO WS X570-ACE or a TUF or ROG board.. but any input be good, from past experience etc
  10. is there a way to fix the mouse issue its not sync so I cant click on anything... is there a setting to set for the mouse
  11. found the vdisk downloading it now had to load the space invader video from youtube and was in there and here from video it sounded like you download it from winpcworld.. hopefully it works as fresh installs don't work so far on unraid 😞
  12. im trying to follow the video but there are no vdisks to download that win98 is already installed.. did you make a video that shows how to start from scratch making a win98 install as I installing win98 on a 15gb setup... I do windows setup choose the for larger disks.. it installs takes a long time even though its on a SSD and then reboots but cant boot up or it halts at 60% do you have documentation how to setup win98 from a fresh install I tried RAW and qcow2 as vdisk but its not working I cant install it
  13. since boxing week sales are on I looking at a AMD 3700x,3800x, 3900x to make if it works 3 Windows Gaming machines VMs or at least 2 I figured for 8 core ones 2 Gamers 4c/4hyper x 2 and same for 12 core .. 4 4 4 4 each vm.. for gaming do you need more then 4 cores per machine.. has anyone done that.. as im looking at X570 boards.. I usually get Asus,, and don't like gigabye with there poor customer service and if hardware fails component failure they say you tampered with it and that components don't fail and then void the warrenty.. so I have no interested in gigabyte boards but is there a board that be good etc and is AMD 3700x-3900x good enough? as I read threadrippers not soo good.. and or is intel better?
  14. what I found is I was fast forwarding some tv shows I had to get to the end to jump ahead if I did it a few times buffering would sit 10 min buffering and nothing happen id have to back out then back and usually fixed it don't use wifi I find wifi always unreliable.. so its just dedicated 1gb/s nic I did add a cache.. but I took it off I found when I was copying a lot of files the 500gb or 1tb I was transferring would fill up and then unraid kept giving me errors ur full ur full basically lol then did the mover to move files.. and then I read using ssds to write a lot your wear out the drive a lot.. you really only wanna read and to keep hard dirves for writing too.. even though ssds are nice and fast to write too.. and since I cant afford a lot I don't 100% goto ssds as I didn't wanna wear them out didn't have money to replace them since they only live soo long.. I know I burned out usb on my pfsense when I was running it off it it bricked after a while as it was logging and I guess I wore it out in a month lol ya the fans are noisy as heck I guess the amount of fans on it is because the cpu heat sink has no fan.. I guess u cant had one and elimate the fans... but I do like it its big and heavy oh my.. I dunno if they can run VMS as I dunno if you had hyper threading or vm cpus in like 2006 my friend told me to run VMware esxi and well software said computer too old basically lol
  15. oh ok ya I don't deal with this stuff everyday so I learn here and there and 20 yrs ago when I was hardcore in computer gaming etc didn't see half this stuff then lol.. ya I currently just expanding my 2tb drives to 12TB drives when I can afford and keep the 2s but currently using 8 drives as my lsi card only came with 8 cables... learn something new everyday I bought the wrong card as you noticed as I got given to me an old IBM SystemX 3650 orginal not the Ms so it has a 3gb/s at SAS or 1.5 for sata.. and I tested with my LSI card and found its a pass through backplane figured it was stuck at 1.5 but I got 6gb/s drives working and copying at 110mbs on my 7200 drives... its a 6 bay.. I wanna use it as a back up server.. not sure if its fast enough to do anything else.. dual cpu… sucks usb and booting past IBM server raid takes forever cant disable it.. and I wanted to see if I could upgrade the motherboard as I wanted faster and not junk the case.. but im stuck with it but it should be good for back up server... and id like maximum speed if I could get it either in ZFS or I wanted for my Plex as I find it buffers on the network... would like ssDs for my video collection but it not cost effective sSDs way too expensive if I wanted to have 20+TBs of backed up dvds home videos etc