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  1. dislexia sounds better in my head so. 1.. I download files using Transmission to the Array .not to a Cache Drive... using 99 100 puid pgid 2.. I load up Krusader with using 99 100 puid pgid settings 3.. I move to the "unraid_shares\downloads" Right Side Panel 4.. i move to the "unraid_uassigned_diskes\<harddrive name>" Left Side Panel 5.. i highlight all the files in download and choose "MOVE" to move the files off the Array to the unassigned Drive" 6.. Krusader tells me off with "access denied to /unraid_unassigned_diskes/hard drive name/file name" but it lets me Copy it.. but i want to move. now i also said if i change the PUID PGID from 99 100 to 0 0 so PUID 0 PGID 0 then i can move files.. but then i usually have other issues later so i set it back to 99 PUID 100 PGID and i get the error of access denied.. transmission is set to 99 PUID 100 PGID
  2. yes and no yes cache for App Data... but no dont use it so Transmission downloads to the Array.. and in krusader .. i got the the unraid_shares and try to "move " the files from there to "unassigned drives" so i wanted to move the files off the array to unassigned drive.. but ive only found i can do the moving if i change the puid pgid to 0 0 but if i leave it to 99 100 i have to choose the Copy then delete orgs but cant use move.. gives me the error of unable to move
  3. another question with krusader if i use transmssion to download stuff.. and i use krusader to "move" files to an unassigned ntfs drive it doesnt work.. only works if i set 99 100 to 0 0 but i can copy the files to the drive.. why cant i move? transmission also set to 99 100
  4. where do you add " -e 'DISPLAY_WIDTH'='1920' -e 'DISPLAY_HEIGHT'='1080' " in the docker template.. and where abouts i been lookinmg through all the settings in krusaders headings and settings
  5. been bugging me for a while.. and cant find it in the settings how do you resize Krusader.. to full screen.. all the tab Full screen does is make the browser full screen.. so i still have same size Krusader yet bigger gray area.. how can i fill krusader 200 % the size it is say.
  6. having issues with moving files after files are downloaded isnt this right Key 1: PUID 99 Key 2: PGID 100 or is PGID to be 99 and PUID 100 as i get Unix/1000 persmission error in windows when trying to move files some files i can move some i cant.. how is it possible some files get different permisions?
  7. oh ok CLI does that mean command line interface? so from the terminal ya I get the write into... sometimes I wont get it and it will say something like folder already exisits so it wont let you write into but here is a pic where you see you cant move the Same Folder name where if it was windows I could I cant move contents of TEST into Test folder 2 different locations... reason then I just scrap krusader and use Windows but when windows doesn't allow it I use Krusader I have used the bin-krusader and it seemed buggy compared to Krusader so I scrapped using Bin one... and went with this one as it worked better... but I know nothing about coding or anything unix im a older programmer of Visual Basic.. and dabbled with python but sucks as you gotta code Graphics and not draw them like Visual Basic sometimes windows seems better then Linux at times.. go figure eh lol
  8. @dee31797 what is the unraids CLI? as for the 2nd part what does touch do.. and what I was doing was on Unraid Share "Backup of Files" I made a folder under it "1TB SSD Backup" and what I was doing was moving the Entire hard drive off the SSD since windows doesn't always let you move all files I shoved the SSD in Unraid and I wanted to move all the files off so I moved all the Root Files and folders to that 1 directory.. wasn't just a specific file and why does Krusader sometimes give me issues if I have a Folder say "test" on Source and "test" on destination I can not move "test" from source to destination it will say something that the directory already exists.. well I know that I don't care I still wanna move it... like I can in windows write into krusader uses doesn't work if your moving the same directory but files in that directory.. its hit and miss anything I can fix that too? but I can give it a try again the touch and cp but the cp is a copy not a move? but ill give it a try again today see what happens as not all the files are moved off
  9. @dee31797 my user and group I have set to 0 0 since I had issues with the default settings.. I use the default setup from the krusader setup and not sure what the sourcen and desitination permissions are? if you mean the drive … Source was Unnassigned NTFS drive Destination was the Unraid Array
  10. the reason I changed the krusader to use 0 0 is when I had issues transferring like I mentioned unassigned drive to array or vise versa but when I did it in windows from the unassigned drive share to the array windows had no issues and vice versa minus windows protected like windows folder but I wanted to plug into server and do it krusader so it goes faster and the 99 100 couldn't transfer but the 0 0 did so when do you use 99 100 and 0 0 but then have full access to files from Windows as id want root access all the time wouldn't I? or do you after using Krusader should then use the Docker Safe or New Permissions tool so fixes all root moved files
  11. so 0 0 is ok for Krusader but Transmission to set to 99 100 is not on a different computer... its a docker for unraid so shouldn't it be 0 0 or the files need to be saved as 99 100 so then I can access the files from other computers so should I be changing the 0 0 on krusader back to 99 100 I did it because I was having issues transferring files from unassigned ntfs drives and 0 0 fixed that issue as I planning to re changed my transmission to saved to a NTFS unassigned drive so it keeps the array shut down to save drives instead of saving to array and what is a 1000 user?
  12. ill re try that I used to have that too under Krusader but it was giving me Issuesm as I reported in the krusader form issues but it seemed to fix if I went 0 0 from the 99 100... so when I went to the 0 0 in krusader it fixed that issue reason I guess I had transmission set to 0 0 and does the diagnostics say anything why my Mapped drive on Unraid my "music" share was stuck in a read only last night for a while but ill change it back transmission what does the 0 0 I have it set do what kinda permission is that and what is the 1000 user permission.. ill have to google these later too later to read up on them so much easier check box's on permissions lol
  13. @trurl so its happened again had glitchs with music and then my download folder I found my transmission downloads wont let me rename files when I normally can.. can not delete and my music share /map network drive went into a read only mode too it seems.. it wasn't able to write to that directory I didn't reboot but I waited 8 hours to make diagnostic file so dunno it if it helps? and in transmission json what rights would I be looking for... and why my map drive went into a read only mode for like 20 min.. I have tried different peoples ideas I read for the 2 rights 0 0 or 100 99 or 1000 0 but the 0 0 seemed to work best here and in krusader but not sure what the 2 rights really should be for admin access tower-diagnostics-20201101-0913.zip
  14. what does this error mean when I trying to move files off a NTFS unassigned drive in krusader not bin krusader