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  1. @TexasUnraid ok thank you.. least its something... ya it was driving me nuts and would been ok if pressing Del would send it to the .Recylin.Bin not the Trash99 folder.. as if you do a MOVE in krusader to Recylin.Bin goes instant.. but when you use the DEL it takes forever frustrating at times.. but ill give that a try
  2. hi maybe you guys can point me in right direction.. i setup the mongo and rocketchat and got it to work.. but i cant get it to work over WAN i use PFsense as my router i looked under dns forwarder but it doesnt like you do rocketchat.myhouse.mine.nu and forward it to how do i get it work over the wan when you have pfsense
  3. hi with the pandemic i decided to move my music from my External Hard drives to the array and re use the hard drives for something else.. so i DJ weddings etc and carry music on external hard drives with me using NTFS format but i been having issues i made a share and map network drive like X: to my music folder and my array is using BTRFS also it saves a database and virtual folders on the X: drive map location of my favorites you can say of songs.. also i set when i made the share that DISKx would be specificially to music so i wouldnt need to spin up the entire array just the one disk and i guess the PArity drive too but i find its locking up the software.. and i also noticed the drive was also spinning down when i was supposedly accessing the music... the database it uses is a XML file located on the drive it scans for certain songs... my question if anyone has done this or similar or something how to avoid it from locking up my dj software it goes in an endless loop my idea was i could keep the music on the array and its protected by the Parity drive.. but just seems software is not liking it.. and i perfer the drive to spin down when not in uuse as its just one of my data disks.. currently i trying i shoved a HD into my unraid as an unnasigned NTFS drive and mapped my music to it.. and hopefully no issues then.. but i was wanting it protected when i added new music... is it because my Filesystem is BTRFS and NTFS for my dj music... is it because the database is on Data Disk with Parity that is constantly checking and Writting when i modify in program and it alters the Database.. i know not unraid question i just was hoping maybe someone in my similar situation was able to point me what they have done to fix it etc
  4. @cbr600ds2 ah that is weird.. least its working. I was going to say maybe your router isn't doing like Upnp or ports for the unraid but its open on your normal computer least you were able to solve it..
  5. @cbr600ds2 this is the settings I do so /downloads is the root /downloads/incomplete is the files being downloaded /downloads/complete is the files completed...
  6. host path 2 container path is /downloads Host path is /mnt/disks/SATA_SSD.... Slave Read Write and host path 3 container path is /watch Host path is /mnt/disks/SATA_SSD/watch Slave Read Write and make sure to move all the torrents off your cache drive to your 1TB before restarting transmission as you make have to do the verify data in transmission it should work for you.. if your using a VPN like NordVPN they are experiencing issues and many of there servers are down so your transmission trackers wont be working
  7. @pika I been waiting since January since I had same issue with the X570 boards but looks promising in the next release fingers crossed
  8. wait till the next release of unraid. or supposed to be fixed in Beta version.. and there is a driver for unraid they working on GitHub.. to try to fix the issue
  9. hi i had to replace my Sata Cache 1tb as it was having CRC errors and i experienced slowness of the Docker when you click it.. and slowness of the VMS.. so i decided to go with a NVME 3500/3000 SSD i get those speeds in Windows close to it.. and in unraid the diskspeed test says i get 2500 roughly.. so i dunno why its slow there. but i finding 1.. i have had to reinstall docker 3 times in the past 2 weeks it keeps poping up saying my docker could corrupt from an older beta.. so delete and re install.. im currently doing it again right now.. since i trying to fix the speed.. 2.. i have set the notifications never to check for updates.. and i have the ca update to do it once a day. so when i load up docker it be slow takes like 10 seconds. or so... but after that.. i go to any other tab.. and go back to docker its instantly there... its like if it was spinning up drives to access.. but no all the appdata, docker,system,iso are all saved on the SSD cahce... i dont use the cache drive for file transfers. as i dont waant to save the life of the SSD as the Sata was less then 6 months old i RMA and was 88% life left.. so i only using for those 4 directories is there anything else i can check why dockers so slow... i also made sure no more errors anymore with Fix Commons... those test with no errors.. and it be the rest of the day to reinstall the 26 Docker items to reinstall.. but i only have 1-3 usually running at one time anyways.. but is there anything else i can check why its slow.. shouldnt it be lighting fast with the nvme?
  10. guess I fixed it lol.. had to install bonic then uninstall it.. and that removed it... as this computer is 16 yr old computer single core and only for backup... didn't want to install it but I did but uninstalled after.. plus only 2gb or ram lol
  11. one way to get you to install either one by not allowing to be deleted.. but it doesn't go away.. even after you install the app lol guess ill format and hope for the best.. by design frig sakes lol
  12. if I format the USB and reinstall unraid.. will it pop up again.. as the mouse turns into a hand when over the X but if I click it it wont bloody close. but the HERE button works.. or if I format and reinstall is it going to pop up again
  13. lol what you mean by design that the X wont work to close it lol frig so im stuck with this unless I format unraid and start over I guess
  14. on one of my unraid servers.. the You can install either BOINC or FOLDING@HOME software on your server to let it help fight the spread of COVID-19. See HERE for more detail cant be erased from the screen.. the X does nothing... I have tried in IE and Chrome.. will not close I cant get rid of the thing.. always pops up when I goto Fix Common issues is there a CFG INI file to edit to erase this
  15. ah ok cool ya I installed the VM backup other day.. haven't used it yet.. as I saw its a backup for my VMS but that's probably same as the CA Backup and do you happened to know any of these other errors.. or what the libvirt-sock is? is that a socket? like a port I thought the libvirt was the hot plug plugin in I uninstalled it and rebooted.. but error was still there so that wasn't it but thanks for the help so far.. least I know that parity is ok.. 🙂