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  1. i hear ya i found out with parity problems everytime unraid reboots its due to VMs not shutting down basiclly my 2 Windows Server.. another guy told me to try setting up in VMs Manager under Advanced.. change the Shutdown to Hibernate and then you need to install KVM Guest on VMs its supposed to shut them down faster.. as i have parity checks everytime i reboot due to VMS not shutting down.. and my 2 windows Vms dont back up anymore with the latest Unraid its problem a bug why it doesnt backup either.. so you could try it.. i even tried uninstalling
  2. ok so from the diagnostic file how long did it take it time out again? 30 seconds? is this the link for kvm? WindowsGuestDrivers - KVM ( and it took roughly 1m 23seconds shut down 4 vms aparently you cant post the link here its blocked
  3. now is that because i set it to Hibernate mode? and didnt install ths KVM guest? did it again shut down at the 30 second mark like the other guy said ? as i set it to 150 seconds.. i guess its still that bug in the new unraid i take it
  4. guess the shut down is back so i changed the settings to hibernate VMs did it shut down like before 30 seconds ? or is it because i didnt install that kvm guest and ya i didnt notice the Advandced tab before.. nore for Docker just learned it.. and have had this server running since 2018 lol first time learn something new every day unbalance.log
  5. ah ok so you need these kvm guest drivers for windows vms or all vms and is that just to be able to put the computer in hibernate mode?
  6. oh would you happen to know how to up the speed of dockers page.. my Dockers appdata page is on my NVME 3500/3000 but i find when you click dockers page its so slowwwww its like waiting for a drive to spin up.. but once its running its faster like u can goto the page... but shouldnt it be faster... and is there a way to tweak it faster? i not 100% sure
  7. oh ok is there a way to hibernate VMs when your click Unraid reboot or hit the STOP button under VMS as the stop button hardly ever works to shut down windows you can wait till hell freezes over lol but is there an option to do it or you do u need to do it individually
  8. oh ok.. as its was set to 90secs i guess thats the default.. and then i set it to 100 and i just in the earlier post set it to 150 so i figured it was a Windows VM thing you know how it hangs ro how you cant shut down Windows VMS using Stop you always gootta use the Force Stop as it wont shut downin the VM section.. be nice if they could fix that too that the STOP would shut it down.. or i had to click STOP 2-4 times to get ot to shut down .. so least i not going crazy.. so then will this happen again in the next reboot or will it stick.. i didnt try a 2
  9. ok the 150 seconds fixed it.. it didnt take a new log file did the log files tell you what caused the timeout from not being honored? is it the VMS? more so Windows VMs? does it say like windows does These Files are still open do you wish to force closer... does the diagnostics tell ya what was still open at the time of the timeout?
  10. just the 90 seconds to the 100 seconds that was from the other forum that fixed the issue for other people i havent tried different numbers as trul was giving me other tests to do... i dunno how high to go? or what number is too high
  11. ok so i waited till was done.. i made sure Fix Common issues had 0 errors i rebooted and it started parity check again.. i canceled it i didnt wanna do another one i just finished one a few min ago and here is the 2 log files from the flash folder unbalance.log
  12. heck if i know whats automaticlly created.. you guess is good as mine i guess it be ubalance.log and the 8am file you guys are smarter then me at log files. if i took a guess it be 8:19am file its confusing as tower-diagnostics-xxxx is labled the same as a manual download so you cant even tell between the 2 either be nice if the Flash logs wrote tower-diaganostics(flash)-xxxx and manual tower-diaganostics(manual)-xxxx but you guys are the experts. hopefully you can figure it but