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  1. hi have a asus tuf x570 board with a amd 5600g cpu with intergrated video card i try space invader user script to dump the bios but i cant.. wont work says use stub whatever that is or bind i play with the binds etc doesnt work how can i ulitize the graphics to export for a windows 10 VM
  2. so i having issues setting this up right i have 2 Lan caches running on my server so my unraid is and dns is now lan cahce (no vpn) i se to upstream now lancache 2 (vpn users) i set it to upstream and they both point to the same directory but it doesnt like to work i reboot my pfsense router.. i think the uses as its dns from unraid i tried in pfsense to tell it would use dns and would use but it just doesnt work right.. how u get it lancache to read it i set the upstream for lan cache no vpn and for the lancache vpn users... but doesnt 100% work right i think both lancaches use the DNS of tower(unraid) and i dont want that also i tried cache ip bind dns ip bind dns ip but doenst work right
  3. ya in the vm i followed space invader... so i did shrink disk.. it reduced the disk and gave me 46.5gb free something like that i not at the computer now to check.. i was trying to reduce my 100GB vms down to 30-50gb since i made them but on a 1TB drive doesnt take long to fill not sure how i do a windows back up and restore to a new vdisk is there a video?
  4. i tried to follow space invaders video but it doesnt work qemu-img resize vdisk1.img 60gb i tried to resize my windows down from 100gb to 60gb but the error i get qemu-img resize vdisk1.img 60G WARNING: Image format was not specified for 'vdisk1.img' and probing guessed raw. Automatically detecting the format is dangerous for raw images, write operations on block 0 will be restricted. Specify the 'raw' format explicitly to remove the restrictions. qemu-img: Use the --shrink option to perform a shrink operation. qemu-img: warning: Shrinking an image will delete all data beyond the shrunken image's end. Before performing such an operation, make sure there is no important data there. ive replaced resize with raw and --shrink but its not working whats the proper format to resize things.. as video is from 2017 and no longer works is there something else i need to add i been experimenting different words adding in but doesnt work
  5. anyone have an idea why it deletes the files and recreates them when it shouldnt with the --delete
  6. so i found the add container option in docker and i was able to recreate a 2nd lancache,, i just renamed it and changed IP address.. i have it still pointing to the same lancache.. will both work together ok without issue or it wont? 1 is for game caching and windows update For Non VPN clients 2. is for windows update for VPN Clients
  7. oh and i also do another one with the exclude for my sisters other unraid server with the exclude file i added Appdata as i backup her flash but didnt wanna backup the Appdata but its not skipping so im sure i done something wrong and with ssh already copied when unraid boots up do i still neeed that ssh stuff in the rsync? or can that be removed
  8. so i been running rysnc for a while but i noticed now when i did --exclude-from 'file name' and i --delete it deletes my folder and re rsyncs so my understanding to copy my sisters server to my server and doesnt delete any files just merely copies over rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/isos/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Backup\ Files/ >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Backup_Files.log then i run every 3 months rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/isos/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Backup\ Files/ --delete >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Backup_Files.log and from my understanding it deletes any files on my server that isnt part of my sisters server anymore but i run into a problem when i backup my sisters unraid and i tried to do the exclude file rsync -avzu --exclude-from '/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/exclude1.txt' -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/Backup\ Files/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Backup\ Files/ >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Backup_Files.log i run that seems ok when i run rsync -avzu --exclude-from '/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/exclude1.txt' -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/Backup\ Files/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Backup\ Files/ --delete >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Backup_Files.log to simulate every 3 months.. it actually deletes the contents in the folder and re copies it its not seeing its already there did i make a mistake? i googled and some use --exclude-from= or some go --exclude-from '....' with and without = sign none helped and in my txt file is .Recycle.Bin/ Unraid so what i doing is i copy my sisters Folders to my Server /Mitchs Files did i make a mistake all this time i use the same rsync across all my copying i 100% dont really know what it all does or means i just use what i was told long ago i should use... maybe something is wrong but here is the full script i have to backup my sisters folders.. you will see couple say disabled.. its because i just sliming it down to 1 rsync to copy 2 or more folders added to install programs folder instead of doing 2 commands.. so maybe i been doing it wrong all this time but i cant figure it out why folder gets deleted then re copies the files.. when i sit in the folder krusader it shows its disabled... and when i back out and back in files gone.. but its recreating them its been working like a charm but when i tried to do exclude file thats when i been noticing... but i not 100% sure #!/bin/bash ################### ## Mitchs Server ## ################### serverip="" #(Home) #serverip="" #(Muttis) # Coping Mitchs Documents To Main Server Tower #--------------------------------------------- echo "Backing Up Mitchs Documents To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ============= $(date)" echo "Backing Up Mitchs Documents To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ===== $(date)" >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Summary.log rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/Documents/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Documents/ --delete >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Documents.log #Disabled for now ## Coping Mitchs Install Programs Gamez To Main Server Tower ##----------------------------------------------------------- #echo "Backing Up Mitchs Games To Games Folder (Tower) share ================== $(date)" #echo "Backing Up Mitchs Games To Games Folder (Tower) share ===== $(date)" >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Summary.log #rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/Install\ Programs/Gamez/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Install\ Programs/Gamez/ --#delete >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_InstallProgramsGamez.log #Disabled for now ## Coping Mitchs Install Programs Appz To Main Server Tower ##---------------------------------------------------------- #echo "Backing Up Mitchs Install Program To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ======= $(date)" #echo "Backing Up Mitchs Install Program To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ===== $(date)" >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Summary.log #rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/Install\ Programs/Appz/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Install\ Programs/Appz/ --delete #>> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_InstallProgramsAppz.log # Coping Mitchs Install Programs Folder To Main Server Tower #---------------------------------------------------------- echo "Backing Up Mitchs Install Programs To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ======= $(date)" echo "Backing Up Mitchs Install Programs To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ===== $(date)" >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Summary.log rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/Install\ Programs/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Install\ Programs/ --delete >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_InstallPrograms.log # Coping Mitchs Music To Main Server Tower #------------------------------------------ echo "Backing Up Mitchs Music To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ================= $(date)" echo "Backing Up Mitchs Music To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ===== $(date)" >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Summary.log rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/Music/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Music/ --delete >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Music.log # Coping Mitchs Videos To Main Server Tower #------------------------------------------- echo "Backing Up Mitchs Videos To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ================ $(date)" echo "Backing Up Mitchs Videos To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ===== $(date)" >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Summary.log rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/My\ Videos/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/My\ Videos/ --delete >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Videos.log # Coping Mitchs Pictures To Main Server Tower #-------------------------------------------- echo "Backing Up Mitchs Pictures To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ============== $(date)" echo "Backing Up Mitchs Pictures To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ===== $(date)" >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Summary.log rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/Pictures/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Pictures/ --delete >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Pictures.log # Coping Mitchs ISOs Files To Main Server Tower #-------------------------------------------- echo "Backing Up Mitchs ISOs Files To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ============== $(date)" echo "Backing Up Mitchs ISOs Files To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ===== $(date)" >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Summary.log rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/isos/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Backup\ Files/ --delete >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Backup_Files.log # Coping Mitchs Backup Files To Main Server Tower #-------------------------------------------- echo "Backing Up Mitchs Backup Files To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ============== $(date)" echo "Backing Up Mitchs Backup Files To Mitchs Folder (Tower) share ===== $(date)" >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Summary.log #rsync -avzu --exclude ".Recycle.Bin/" -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/Backup\ Files/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Backup\ Files/ >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Backup_Files.log rsync -avzu --exclude-from '/boot/config/plugins/user.scripts/scripts/exclude1.txt' -s --stats --numeric-ids --progress -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa -T -o Compression=no -x" root@$serverip:/mnt/user/Backup\ Files/ /mnt/user/Mitchs\ Files/Backup\ Files/ --delete >> /boot/logs/cronlogs/MitchServer_Backup_Files.log echo "" echo "Completed......"
  9. can i pull the usb out and check it with the computer while unraid still running then shove it back in if its ok or so.. or will it bugger up unraid more.. wanted to see if just maybe the OS crapped out on a glitch... or if my usb crapped out as well it says 750 meg used.. so it still sees its ok i guess but no files are there here is another diagnostic an hour later.. not sure if it helps
  10. i have an older backup for my unraid but i started a VM and it crashed.. then unraid is starting services and it and its missing files... i cant create a folder on the flash i still have crusader running... and i have unbalance still running can i copy from krusader? or do i need to run my old copy of unraid files i usually have unraid backup flash drive every night but not recently.. here is diagnostic.. i dont dare to reboot it... i think my flash drive failed.. after i press start on a VM actually krusader wont copying over network doesnt work i get error.. lucky i got backup copies on other servers does the diagnostic file say it broke when i hit start on the VM and if i reboot unraid does it say flash drive is still ok or is she borked
  11. oh ya forgot.. it was running a Parity Check at the same time i was doing the copying.. i do not know if parity checking and Copying with Krusader at the same time.. i found i was having issues with Rsysnc too.. as i was working on my user scripts while parity checking was going on.. now when rysnc ran it it was to create folders or files.. Krusader was able to see these folders.. but rysnc couldnt... when i went to the terminal and cd /........ to the actual directory.. that folder/ file wasnt actually there.... and then krusader stopped working as a docker.. you couldnt shut it down or when you restarted it didnt work i dont know if that had a factor to the issues.. and i waited till unraid was done parity checking.. maybe it was the issues it went down to 100meg.. i didnt think of adding to it.. but it was before i was doing my sisters krusader copy. but its fine you dont believe me if it ever happens again ill make sure i take screen shots.. cuz it happened... unless the Main page was incorectly displaing wrong free space.. thanks for listening and helping so far... if it happens again ill make sure i grab screen shots.. cuz i know what i saw and was dealing with i not crazy... 🙂 always learning 🙂
  12. thats because i mentioned above yur screen shot post i using Unbalance to move files to disk7 to try to make it so like my sisters files are on 1 drive not 6, and unable to recreate the issues now.. when i wrote the help this morning Disk 1 had 12.1gb free this morning at time of starting this post... hopefully with me moving files with unbalance.. and me setting all the drives to split automatic and 20gb min it solves it all as i trying to sort my drives now to fit certain things on 1 drive not span it over all the drives so thats why it looks like 135gb unbalance is running moving files from 6 disks to Disk 7... as i just added the 12tb free space drive last week to the array.. and figured may unbalance fix this.. going down to 100meg.. like i mentioned i wish i had screen shots.. no one ever believes you unless you got screen shots
  13. so would the reason it was now stuck at 12gb free is because 1 file was still big brought it below 20gb and left ti at 12gb.. but the other files brought it down to 100 megs free and then moved to disk 2 3 and so on... cuz i not 100% sure it was working right then as it shouldnt gone down to 100 megs free.. i wish i had screen shots or videos.. as im sure you think i crazy .. but since now i moving things with unbalance i cant re create what i was experiencing.. i should taken pics... its like you experiencing computer problems you take to the computer store to them them show them it doesnt happen say way and they say your crazy there is no issues..... cuz least i could shown and then ud say yes working right or not it should never hit 100 meg free then go up to 12gb free and move to the next drive would it been if it was copying a file say 100gb and it was copying to 20gb free and went down to 100meg and then said opps too big then moved to next drive or it sees 100gb file and 40gb free and 20gb min it wont fit move to next drive.. i just dont understand how it could gone to 100 meg or less i cant remember if i saw it goto less 100 meg i just remember 100 meg free and now it was 12gb free.. sorry i cant explain it better.. i know i crazy and its working fine how it should you say... next time i taking more pics and a video if i can then i can get told if its working right or not
  14. i was copying from Unassigned Drive to the array in Krusader so i borrowed my sisters unraid hard drive .. i selected the folders from the left and i copied it to the right... to the array so unassigned drive to array and thats where i was seeing disk space would hit 100 meg then it would then work disk 2 to goto like 2gb free... i didnt watch if it also went to 100meg i cant remember now.. but then it eventually started going back up.... and krusader would lots of times stick to "stalled" and not copy anymore i figured it was not able to leave the file there so it buffered it to the next drive..... since my sister lives a couplr hours drive and she brought her hard drive so i found it faster then my 5megabit internet.. but thats what i found.. it just took the free space below the min... especially the documents took it down.... i never tried move. just the copy and chose write into not overwrite as i already had some of her files... so i wanted to finish the transfer as she givesm e files every so often meet her half way to transport hope it helps ive done a couple reboots of my unraid since last night .. i figured maybe the going below 20gb min was a glitch that i had hit 100meg free so i couldnt give a diagnostic file anyways.. but thats my current copying i was doing last night
  15. so then that means my user share not set right? since i was at like say 40gb free.. min set is 20gb and it went under 100meg and is at 12gb? here is screen shot.. the only thing i changed is Disk 7.. before it was set to All because when i was copying like i said 50gb of files of 1kb - 100 meg in file size it just ripped it down there.. but then i watched Free Space slowly going like 1gb 1.2gb till it hit 12gb free... is my setting wrong then? that when you hit 20gb free/min it has to automacitlly goto next drive so like the 2 disks theey are at 19.5 i using unbalance to move to disk 7 so my disk 1 doesnt show the 12gb free.. i wonder if there should be a different option.. instead a Min Folder/Disk if there be a Minum Disk min space so Disk 1 cant go below 20gb Disk 2 cant go below 100gb but thats fine.. is my settings wrong i was only using krusader to copying from unnasigned drived to unraid_shares/mitchs files and thats how it went far below but her files are not all that big... i wish i had a video t oshow it was above 20gb min then it went right down to below 100meg then went back up now i cant recreate what i was seeing.. then you could told me your crazy or ur right or.. thats hows its supposed to be working... as i have a hard time with my dislexia way i explain it others dont understand what i saying without me showing.. as it sounds right way i explaining but i confuse others