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  1. oh and is there a break down a better explantion of the "split levels" i was looking for ? when you hover over the name under settings to explain each option in detail and does space invader have a video explaining the pros and cons of the min file size.. since he does some good videos and some other people do too for a detailed visual display
  2. ah ok so ya bit confused and my long message i guess was no easy answer or i was correct that direct downloads will always bypass the min file space.. as there is no actual file to transwer when you are direct downloading to the share.. so all in all.. best is to have like least 200gb or more per disk... or 1 single drive .. and well if you can add that feature i thought of for notifications to future requests be good and there is no Text SMS option for the notifications.. i dont use any of the options for notifications.. as then i can get
  3. well i kinda understand if user share is set to 20gb min if Disk 1 has 21GB and i copying a file 10GB it will copy it to Disk 1 but if the file is 25gb it will skip Disk 1 as it sees File is bigger then 10GB free on Disk 1 and goto the next disk that has least 25GB free but i figure also how it worked.. if i copying 10GB file 21GB free and min 20GB it will skip disk 1.. as i want at all times not to go below 20GB so it will skip it. and leave that 21 GB alone and ud only be able to copy 1GB to that disk 1 now see i get conf
  4. @itimpi ah ok so the min free space only protects if transfering a file that is bigger then the min space so it moves to the next drive that has more then the min space so then there is no protection from like bit torrent or windows Download as i download directly to my downloads folder on my array. like downloading raspberry pi images i use to play with the RPI if i have 20gb free and i downloading from windows to that share it starts off at 0 and then goes to like 1.9 gigs but if you do it enough times there is no protection as it always be below the min
  5. i trying to figure where you can setup notification when your drive runs into 0 diskspace i set the minum diskspace to 50GB so it will never go below 50GB that double the size of the biggest file makes no sense.. but i set it to 50GB so it cant go below it but it always goes below it.. my 1 share is for torrents, windows downloads etc.. and it spans across all the drives but it always ends up with 1.67kbs free and buggers up.. and is there a way if it goes below 50GB it will send me a text message saying downloads on disk # is gone below mininum disk space
  6. i using a new norco 20 bay server case the drives are running hot.. what you guys upgrade to to drop it down 10 degrees or so... as you use molex to run these 3 fans but you cant increase the speed i have a regular home fan to cool a room now sitting in front of the case trying to get the temps down
  7. and on my other unraid i get Disk Serial: WDC_WDS100T2B0A-00SM50_200802A003DE () /boot/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/.sh Disk Serial: ST95005620AS_5YX1SAFX () /boot/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/ but i figured what i get is /boot/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/ and in that file would mount the test folder
  8. i not sure? what i have is /boot/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/ and when i swap drives i get /boot/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/ so how do i fix it so its drive specific? i did try formating the disk and then changing the label but doesnt matter i still get for the drive label name and each time i swap i get test_2 or back to or do i delete unassigned.devices folder?
  9. is there a fix to get X570 mother boards to detect? or what do i need to do running Asus X570 tuf gaming board but the plugin doesnt see the pwm fans
  10. Future Request for next Unraid or Update --------------------------------------------------------------------------- so i found an issue with Unassigned Devices, and script file if you have 2 hard drives with the Same Label say "test" it buggers up it will rename "test" to "test_2" i dont use the 2 drives at the same time i use it for my sister to swap her backups she lives far away so when i meet her we swapp hard drives and both are labeled example "test" for windows it isnt a problem but i guess for unraid you cant do it? so
  11. so i found an issue with Unassigned Devices, and script file if you have 2 hard drives with the Same Label say "test" it buggers up it will rename "test" to "test_2" i dont use the 2 drives at the same time i use it for my sister to swap her backups she lives far away so when i meet her we swapp hard drives and both are labeled example "test" for windows it isnt a problem but i guess for unraid you cant do it? so when i shove in it renames folder to "test_2" as i use a script to move the files off the drive from "test" but when it autom
  12. so i bought a new norco 20 bay server case my setup was asus tuf x570 gaming board lsi card 2 port 8 sata drives 7200 rpm and 1 nvme gen 3 and id get over 100mbs and faster copying over network from ssd to nvme but i upgraded to this case.. i had 15k sas had drives from a friend 300gb and 146gb but now i get slower speeds i get 80mbs over the network from ssD to array and 80mbs from SSD to nvme... did i configure somethjing wrong the way i configure 20 bay case is asus tuf x570 gaming LSI card 2 port ===> goes into a 4 port
  13. or maybe its just better to go with the whatever lsi card i have thats 8i 2 port for 8 hard drives and use 8 onboard sata ports and use this expander as is i wanted to get a newer lsi card due to i expanding was gonna give my sister this old one i have and i liked how lsi cards the cables all come out nicly in 1 cable then spread out at the end not so cramped in the case i have if u use the sata ports off the board
  14. ah ok i just looked frig 2000 dollars thise norco at 400 was alot for me.. as i just upgrading from my antec df-85 gaming case as my server .. whats special about the supermicro over the norco? i did like the 45drives ones but they are 1000 just for the case part nothing in it.. always something so much to learn i guess
  15. so from reading the article and re reading what you wrote.. and what i thought it ment was so i thought 0kB orginally ment each folder can go down to 0 diskspace left so when reading the article about minum space.. that basiclly for not really the "share" but the share on each disk.. so if unraid is moving the file from unassaigned drive to Disk1 and if your file is 8gb but you only have 2gb free it will will write it to another disk that has a minum share set but . ah now i confused the article talks about a Disk.. but your not Setting a mi
  16. just trying to figure best route to future proof for the next 5-10 yrs as i didnt wanna buy another card till then perferably
  17. oh ok so i guess a 12gb be better it least max out the drives then anyways some of this stuff just confuses me i just like to shove it in plug it in and i good to go and max speed lol
  18. @JorgeB so i looked up the card i have it doesnt say its LSI SAS3 with databolt i dunno its this card tis a 6GB card thats all i understand from the page and from the page it doesnt have the brand "unbranded" as this card is not a LSI ,Dell,Supermicro,etc it has no info really on Amazon or Ebay maybe you know this card so i still not sure what way do i go?? as what i think you said earlier 8 hard drives and less go with 6GB HBA card 8+ hard drives go with 12GB HBA c
  19. well then i confused.. so then i had it correct 0kb i shouldnt have any issues way i read it and way you replied is you set the minum to the highest by doubling it so if i set to 200TB i can move 2-4TB off hte array in Krusader with 0 issues of no diskspace left on the external drive when i not moving to the external drive so then i just leave it at 0kb i simpliest if 0KB = unilimited file size then that be easier then or is it -1 i just want the exact setting for Unlimited file size and ex
  20. well i guess from that reply setting minum to 100TB then then i have no issue period of copying nothing or set it to 200TB and then i wont have issue from years to come as i wont ever reach it
  21. i have no idea.. i not home so ill get back to you when i get home and i find the info on the card.. i only bought an expander and that was it didnt know i needed to know certain things last year
  22. @JorgeB not 100% sure i looked if i got that card and used with whatever Sata3/Sas expander card i have or this card https://www.ebay
  23. @JorgeB ah ok so the 0KB is wrong would i set the minum free space to 100TB this way you never have a problem and if you were to select the entire array and move it it wont have a problem? and is there another program just as good like krusader.. im used to Krusdaer as i used to use in 90s early 200s PC -Anywhere so it was the same setup