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[Support] jj9987 - PostgreSQL

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Application: PostgreSQL @ https://www.postgresql.org/

DockerHub: https://hub.docker.com/_/postgres/


- Version 10: https://github.com/juusujanar/unraid-templates/blob/master/PostgreSQL10.xml

- Version 11: https://github.com/juusujanar/unraid-templates/blob/master/PostgreSQL11.xml


This template uses the official Postgres Docker image to quickly set up a relational database according to your configuration.


If you have any issues/questions/suggestions regarding this Docker or the template, feel free to contact here.

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Thank you for this container. Working nicely without any extra effort.


One question though. The user and group ids are 999 in /mnt/user/appdata/postgres. I would like to map them unRAID's 99 and 100 for nobody and users. What are the variables of user and group id inside the container? PUID and PGID?

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So it seems this container was updated to PostgreSQL 11 but I started using it in version 10 so now it says my database is incompatible.  Help?

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Same here. I really don't want to have to rebuild Nextcloud.


**Fix is: Edit the Repository key from 'postgres' to 'postgres:10.5'

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Postgres 11 has some breaking changes apparently. Made a not-so-smart move to configure this to latest tag.

I'll fix this to PostgreSQL 10 and create another template for Postgres 10.

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