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  1. I have Postgres10 and pgadmin4 working properly together. I want to schedule regular backups of my db. It looks like pgagent is the tool I need. I found these instructions for installing it in the postgres container, but I'm not well-versed in modifying containers from the console. Was wondering if anyone here has installed it, or if it could be added to the docker template (or a seperate postgres/pgagent container as seen on docker hub). The pgadmin4 docs mention setting up a deamon, but I'm not sure if that's necessary, or how to do it if it is. Just don't want to mess up my working setup. Any insight is appreciated.
  2. Thanks. Is it the sum of the external cable and internal sata cable? So 0.5m SFF8088 and 0.5m SFF to Sata should be OK?
  3. I'm looking to get an inexpensive miniSAS JBOD enclosure to experiment with zfs and my server has no more room. This was the cheapest I could find. Any reason not to get it?
  4. Does anyone use this NIC or know if it is supported? I commonly see the SFN5122F here, but haven't seen mention of other Solarflare cards being supported. Thanks.
  5. What if the path has spaces? Escape the spaces or enclose in quotes?