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  1. I also wanted to say thank you to @HyperV, @ich777, @Morthan and @ephdisk for your help.
  2. Hello, I'm running the following version: I'm seeing the logs showing this: Maybe it is time for another upgrade?
  3. @Squid I opened an issue on the PhotoPrism github, they are making progress, please take a look at it. Thanks.
  4. I used to put from time to time the flashdrive on a mac, but that's long time ago. I didn't run a check disk on the flashdrive.
  5. Thank you @Squid That is a good information, I didn't know the Ryzen could crash/lock unraid, maybe that's what happened. Do you think you could find more information from the .REC files, or they don't tell too much?
  6. Hello, The problem happened twice when I was using loading 100% the CPU. I was setting up a new Photoprism docker, after that was done, I went to the WebGUI to start the "index", their index started using all my cpu threads ( it is fine, I'm not using CPU pinning ) and after about 10 seconds I lost all connectivity with the server. I connected a monitor and keyboard directly to the server to see what was going on, and no video or anything, only a restart fixed it. Attached is the Diagnostics file. I noticed after the reboot that the flash had updated the
  7. @sdub - Can you see if there is a way to add log file to borgmatic yaml config? - Is there a place in the docker where I could see all logs from borgmatic and/or borg? I went to look for all logs in the docker and couldn't find any in /var/log/ - Is there a way to send all logs from both applications to a syslog server? Also, I tried to use the validate-borgmatic-config but the docker can't find it, I think there is something missing there..
  8. @Greygoose below is the config I have on my User Scripts to mount rclone, in my case I'm using Google Drive, but it is working fine, no errors so far. Keep in mind that you have to set up a folder for rclone cache, and use the vsf-cache-mode full. I'm using inside the config.yaml the repo (/mnt/borg-repository) location: source_directories: - /mnt/user/sourcerepo1 repositories: - /mnt/borg-repository one_file_system: true files_cache: mtime,size But in the docker template I point the repo to the rclone mounted (in my case secure)
  9. This is really amazing, thank you @T0a and @sdub I didn't know about the HA dockermon, like T0a, I'm looking to stop some containers before doing the backup with borgmatic, and start the container after the backup is done.
  10. Having this problem with speedtest plugin Have you seen this? I'm on unraid 6.8.3
  11. hrv231

    Restic for backups

    Can you share with us steps of how to directly install restic on unraid? Also the script that you made to use restic? I want to use restic with rclone, I installed the rclone plugin and it is working with my remotes, but now I want restic to use those remotes.. Hopefully someone smart will create a plugin for restic too!!
  12. My bad, it was set to NO. Thank you for your time and all the help you bring to this forum!
  13. Hello, My server recently crashed, and I decided to do a parity check manually, I paused the check at about 3% thinking that the Parity Check Tuning will resume the parity at the schedule time (at night) but it never did. I wonder if the parity check tuning ONLY works with the scheduled time on the parity check settings? Below are my settings for the normal parity check: Is there any possibility that you can include the plugin to check manual parity check "start" or "pause", and then continue doing its work at the programmed time? This can be a good feature
  14. Hello, I'm running now this docker and I also can't access the folder. I even created another folder and pointed to it, and after starting the docker, the folder gets inaccessible.
  15. @bonienl Hello, I just tested this twice, every time I double click the "detect" , my unraid freezes, and I have no way to get it back unless I hard reset my server. My unraid version is 6.8.3 with a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wifi + Ryzen 3950X. This is really weird. Please let me know what can I do to fix this.