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  1. I got to "Use QEMU to Inject Secure Boot Keys Into OVMF" section of the guide and started to have problems. Is there a way to convert the guide to fit with Unraid? I also tried creating a ubuntu VM to run qemu within, but the command seem to fail at "-hda fat:hda-contents \" Wish the process of getting secure boot enabled was easier.
  2. Hello After creating a new Windows 11 with the OVMF TPM BIOS, I noticed that windows 11 says that secure boot is Off (msinfo32). To my understanding that after selecting OVMF TPM BIOS, It should create VM with TPM and secure boot. Searching for secure boot for VMs give answers to pre OVMF TPM guides (That I couldn't understand how worked). Am I missing something to activate secure boot since Windows 11 reports it as Off?
  3. Hi This might be a strange use-case, but I would like to restore VMs to a "snapshot" or saved vdisk very often. (5+ times a day) I attempted to look into libvirt snapshots with qcow2, just to run into some pflash error. I attempted to look into btrfs snapshots. Only to not understand it well enough (seem to just make a copy of the vdisk and slow to "restore") Is there a way to make vdisk read only and any changes in a "temp" file removed after? (guess would be fastest in my use-case) Is there a more detailed guide for libvirt or btrfs fitting my use-case?
  4. Hello Sometimes when I start unraid, the configs have changed. I have 3 ethernet ports and have assigned the mac to different eth0, eth1 and eth2 depending on what its used for. Sometimes these get reverted back to "default". I have also set NTP settings so that the time is correct on system. This also sometimes get reverted to "default" which is nothing. The ethernet require me to restart when I have corrected the change. The system will not be able to connect to the internet if I don't. The NTP settings I don't bother set again. It doesn't effect me that much. Anyway to fix this? bug?
  5. As I can tell, your VMs will get an IP in the network. Unraid doesn't say what IP address your VMs get, as your router is the one providing with DHCP requests. What do you need it for?
  6. When I read guides. They appear to be focused on VmWare, which have had this support for years. About 3 month ago, Virtualbox have gotten this feature. It doesn't seem to talk well with unraid. An error box about memory read appears. So I don't think its a "Nested Vitualization support" but a "communication between different nested virtualization software support". I am unable to start a 64bit nested VM.
  7. Hello I have attempted to run Virtualbox in my VM, only to not be able to boot the nested VM. I have asked for help in support forums, but maybe its because its a "missing feature". So here is my feature request for nested virtualization support Virtualbox. Virtualbox added nested virtualization support in their version 6.0.
  8. Hello btrfs snapshot manager gui so it is easier to setup, manage and restore snapshot. Allso integrate VMs so a single VM can have several snapshots to star from and ability to restore (revert changes) on VM shutdown. I started looking into btrfs and found it confusing on creation and management of snapshots by terminal. I am used to have virtualbox with snapshots at work and thought it would be cool to start using snapshots on my system.
  9. Hello I guess there are 2 things I would change. 1) add the sound card part of your graphic card to the VM aswell. 2) I have heard passing through single USB devices can give problems, passing through an USB controller where the USB devices are connected would give more stability. (just don't passthrough the USB controller where you have your unraid USB OS) ((don't know if they fixed some of these things, I started with Unraid 5.4 and haven't looked into this since I got it to work))
  10. Friis


    Should work. I only have 1 GTX 1080 ti, but with modified rom it works passing it through (I don't use the unraid Gui) The important component is the motherboard, how you want to set it up is dependent on the IOMMU grouping of the motherboard. it is preffered you use a usb controller for a VM (som usb devices can be unstable being passed through directly, so I heard) if the motherboard only have 2 usb controllers, one is taken by boot USB drive with unraid on, this could cause some problems (or buy a PCI-e USB card) I have 3 usb controllers on my motherboard, so I have no problems when/if I want to add another gaming VM.
  11. What ip are you trying to ping? what ip are your vms?
  12. I would start unraid in GUI mode with monitor and keyboard connected to the server. when it is started you should be able to change some settings. Go to "Settings", under "Management access" you have "Use SSL/TLS". Set this to no, to prevent unraid from using https. after that you can reboot and it should respond to http://IP again. If you really want https. You need to have your DNS to work for the redirect to work or unraid need to have SSL certificate to be able to sign the https connection. (I have an alike problem as unraid is also my router)
  13. Hello I am trying to get VirtualBox [6.0.0] to work in a windows VM in unraid [6.6.6] (Unraid -> Windows 10 -> VirtualBox -> Windows 7) I can get 32 bit windows 7 to work without hardware acceleration, but 64 bit require hardware acceleration. I get an error message about memory could not be read: The instruction at 0x00000000055F0E7D7 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000008. The memory could not be read. I have tested a lot of different settings in VirtualBox, but none get past this error. (different paravirtualizations and active/deactivate nested paging and such) Any suggestions as to getting this to work?
  14. Wifi options and settings would be great I have to make a VM and passthrough wifi adapter, that way I have a wifi hotspot. That is all the VM is created for and all that it does, kinda a waste of resources on the computer. It could be fixed by having wifi support in unraid itself.
  15. I am currently running my stuff through a USB hub which is connected to the USB 3.1. I have no issues so far. When I changed the passthrough ID from 1022:145c to 1022:43ba, I did run into the suspected problem, had to change the port of which the Unraid USB was connected to. Then I went in and changed settings in my VM, selected the 3.1 for passthrough and saved the changes.( Updated the xml to include my .rom for the graphic card) Started the VM and everything is fine. label unRAID OS menu default kernel /bzimage append pcie_acs_override=downstream,multifunction vfio-pci.ids=1022:43ba initrd=/bzroot what problem are you experiencing?