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After migration issues from 6.8.3 to 6.9.2


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I'm having some weird problems after migrating to 6.9.2, maybe someone can help me with this.


1.- As soon as I migrated I noticed some weirdness on the Main tab, where the webpage didn't load completely to let me type my hdd luks password; this was at the bottom of the page.



After I click start array, then the webpage was able to load completely to let me type the password.

The message above didn't stop, even after rebooting the server it keeps appearing, so I decided to uninstall the parity tunning plugin.


2.- System Temp plugin

For some reason, after the upgrade, I'm finally able to detect the temps on my motherboard, but the issue is that if I click several times on the Rescan, unraid completely breaks and it requires a hard reset to make it work again.

After testing this 3 times, I decided to uninstall the Dynamix System Temps plugin. 😞


Everything was running perfectly on 6.8.3, but for some reason that happened to me.

My hardware is:
- Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wifi
- AMD Ryzen 9 3950X


On 6.8.3 I wasn't able to see my cpu and motherboard temps, so I was happy to move to the 6.9.2 for that, and also to be able to use the multi pools on my shares.


Right now I could go back, but then I would have to manual configure docker by docker to point them to the unassigned device where they were running on 6.8.3; after moving to 6.9.2 I moved that unassigned device to be a 2nd cache and I had to point the dockers to that new location.


Hoping to hear your stories if you have similar hardware.


Thank you!

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