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  1. Worked great for a year but suddenly get these messages on top of my gallery pages: Deprecated: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated in /config/www/gallery/include/ on line 72 Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /config/www/gallery/include/ on line 140 Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /config/www/gallery/include/ on line 141 UPDATE : To remove the depreciation message (that prev
  2. I have it finaly working after also almost guving up. Build a latest 6.9.0 rc2 kernel with the latest gnif/vendor-reset patch and now zero issues anymore with Macos or Windows VM and passthru. Can restart the VM at will , even force kill. check this thread
  3. Yeah i installed RC2 2 days ago and since then zero spindowns ( i am monitoring it with splunk so was an easy spot). All SATA btw. Apparently fixed in RC3 so we wil wait.
  4. I am so sorry buddy i did not react sooner, but had a bit of a bad personal time so was off the radar for a while. And again , thanks for all the help in the past.
  5. its the but i just include it via the kernel helper docker.
  6. Looking at the git repo it seems that branch was merged with master 16 days ago, so probably i could have used the master. edit: building it now....
  7. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Unbelievable, but finally success. I had given up on having a working AMD gpu reset bug patch on my main system in my OSX Mojave VM with 5700XT passed. Tried every patch on the planet , which either crashed my whole system , or just did not work and required reboots on every VM restart, incl more recently using builds from / with the help of the great ich777 and giganode, but even their help could not beat my stubborn system where others had success using the same builds. So i forgot about i
  8. Fingers crossed as also getting realy tired when i have to reboot my whole server if i have a small change on my OSX VM with an 5700xt in an otherwise perfect unraid system.
  9. The world is full with people who make mistakes. Every day 24x7 and it will never stop. True progress and understanding comes from those who honestly and without holding back in public appologise for their f-up and i can only applaud. And its is never ever too late to appologise as long as its honest and fully from the hart. Hope the damage done is not too big and we can move on as one big happy hacking family. I so love unraid and all its amazing company and community developers who put time , blood and sweat in making this product great (again) for us humble end users. T
  10. Hi@ghost82, Sorry for the late reply. But bussy lately including finishing a new 14 core skylake x build that replaced one of my main workstations. Indeed i have multiple networks .. 1 x1GB and 1x10GB both passed through cards. But you opencore device config trick worked like a charm . The xml only method not and likely as you suggested because of multiple networks. Although i remember having it working in the past when one of the 2 was a virtual network and the other a passes though card. But the virtual was never stable enough so moved to real metal Tnx again.
  11. glennv

    Lifetime of UPS.

    You should not have to replace your UPS but just the battery . Typicaly the ups indicates when its time to do so. And then they are as good as new again.
  12. Nevermind. Found it myself. Its the default port for RPC service which aparently is 8088 I uncommented this in the config file and am good now. Tnx # Bind address to use for the RPC service for backup and restore. bind-address = ""
  13. Hi @testdasi, Playng with your Grafana Unraid Stack, but i am hitting a problem where is seems to use a port that is not advertised as beeing used. Its 8088 and used by influxdb next to the configured 8086. Now that 8088 i need as in use on my host. Where is that configured so i can change that ? I looked in influxdb config but dont see it there. ┌─[14:32:24]─[root@TACH-UNRAID]:[/mnt/disks/virtuals/appdata/Grafana-Unraid-Stack/influxdb] └─[!139]─:)─> lsof -i :8088 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME influxd 47186 root 3u IPv4
  14. @ghost82 Stole some downtime as wanted to test it fast. Worked like a charm . You rock dude !!. Now this %^%$ piece of software finally also runs fine after my en0 is seen as internal. (actually the software is amazing, but its apples crap again) Damn apple. But they are not unique. In the past i have seen even on enterprice level software licenses been tied to an internal ethernet card. Then you replaced the card and license broke.