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  1. Fingers crossed as also getting realy tired when i have to reboot my whole server if i have a small change on my OSX VM with an 5700xt in an otherwise perfect unraid system.
  2. The world is full with people who make mistakes. Every day 24x7 and it will never stop. True progress and understanding comes from those who honestly and without holding back in public appologise for their f-up and i can only applaud. And its is never ever too late to appologise as long as its honest and fully from the hart. Hope the damage done is not too big and we can move on as one big happy hacking family. I so love unraid and all its amazing company and community developers who put time , blood and sweat in making this product great (again) for us humble end users. Thank you all and please throw this whole ffing year in /dev/null where it belongs and lete make it an amazing 2021 to compensate. And if we compare what happend here to the world wide pandemic and all its pain and suffering we should be able to step over this comparitively little thing right ?
  3. Hi@ghost82, Sorry for the late reply. But bussy lately including finishing a new 14 core skylake x build that replaced one of my main workstations. Indeed i have multiple networks .. 1 x1GB and 1x10GB both passed through cards. But you opencore device config trick worked like a charm . The xml only method not and likely as you suggested because of multiple networks. Although i remember having it working in the past when one of the 2 was a virtual network and the other a passes though card. But the virtual was never stable enough so moved to real metal Tnx again.
  4. glennv

    Lifetime of UPS.

    You should not have to replace your UPS but just the battery . Typicaly the ups indicates when its time to do so. And then they are as good as new again.
  5. Nevermind. Found it myself. Its the default port for RPC service which aparently is 8088 I uncommented this in the config file and am good now. Tnx # Bind address to use for the RPC service for backup and restore. bind-address = ""
  6. Hi @testdasi, Playng with your Grafana Unraid Stack, but i am hitting a problem where is seems to use a port that is not advertised as beeing used. Its 8088 and used by influxdb next to the configured 8086. Now that 8088 i need as in use on my host. Where is that configured so i can change that ? I looked in influxdb config but dont see it there. ┌─[14:32:24]─[root@TACH-UNRAID]:[/mnt/disks/virtuals/appdata/Grafana-Unraid-Stack/influxdb] └─[!139]─:)─> lsof -i :8088 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME influxd 47186 root 3u IPv4 2960037 0t0 TCP TACH-UNRAID:8088 (LISTEN) ┌─[14:45:54]─[root@TACH-UNRAID]:[/mnt/disks/virtuals/appdata/Grafana-Unraid-Stack/influxdb] └─[!140]─:)─> lsof -i :8086 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME influxd 47186 root 16u IPv6 2964767 0t0 TCP *:8086 (LISTEN) influxd 47186 root 33u IPv6 3108085 0t0 TCP TACH-UNRAID:8086->TACH-UNRAID:36474 (ESTABLISHED) influxd 47186 root 34u IPv6 3090408 0t0 TCP TACH-UNRAID:8086->TACH-UNRAID:36476 (ESTABLISHED) grafana-s 47408 root 19u IPv4 3101218 0t0 TCP TACH-UNRAID:36474->TACH-UNRAID:8086 (ESTABLISHED) grafana-s 47408 root 20u IPv4 3092129 0t0 TCP TACH-UNRAID:36476->TACH-UNRAID:8086 (ESTABLISHED) Tnx
  7. @ghost82 Stole some downtime as wanted to test it fast. Worked like a charm . You rock dude !!. Now this %^%$ piece of software finally also runs fine after my en0 is seen as internal. (actually the software is amazing, but its apples crap again) Damn apple. But they are not unique. In the past i have seen even on enterprice level software licenses been tied to an internal ethernet card. Then you replaced the card and license broke.
  8. Tnx but this i already have and is aparently in some cases not enough. Will try ghost82 method , which looks promising.
  9. Tnx buddy , will test it this weekend (as have to reboot whole server to make changes to the VM , as 5700xt passed thru, tnx amd...), but by the looks of it seems a solid solution. I saw the missing "internal" status also in the about this mac system report on a proper mac so that was what triggered me to look in his direction.
  10. How do i get my passthru Nic (intel with smalltree driver) recognised as internal ? I saw in the OP that you need to make sure it is defined in the xml on bus 0, and in the OS as en0 which it both is, but still not recognised as internal. And it gives me some issue with one or 2 apps downloaded from the app store while other app store apps and icould stuff all works fine, these 2 apps keep telling me they are broken (logs complain about certificates) so i feel this is related. Everything else works fine .
  11. Crap i seem the have the same issue today but with a brand new 5700xt passed to a OSX VM First time ever in years i have my Unraid server lockup with this exact error in the logs.. Did you even find the cause / solution ?
  12. !!!!!! FANTASTIC !!!!!! And of course , after changing just the SMBIOS and dropping it in, it boots without a problem . Grrrr . Steam out of my ears and headdesking now why i could not find it myself hahaha. But as your typical IT nurd its hard to give up and ask for help. Tnx bro, super appreciated. When i get some time next weekend i will try and figure out what i missed. Surely its one stupid seemingly unimportant flag as it always is hahahaha.
  13. Hi Ghost82, Would you happen to have and are able to share a full working efi with latest opencore debug (0.6.2) , of course all the secrets removed. I am running a dual 2697v2 supermicro board and the latest stable unraid (in case it matters) I have been trying now for days without luck to upgrade my working 0.5.6 based working efi's to 0.6.2 but whatever i do i keep getting stuck on tianocore (with vnc , not passing anything just to exclude as much as i could.) There is something i am missing there and want to compare with a fully working one and after move anything specific over. Once i have that i want to start playing with BigSur again , but forst want my current catalina vm's to just work/boot with the latest opencore.