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  1. Hello, I'm trying to get 2 instances of the Szurubooru dockers to run at the same time. This docker is in 3 part essentially: the Postgres database, the Szurubooru API and the Szurubooru client. API connects to the database and Client connects to the API. I have manage to run the API dockers fine at the same time since their host number can be adjusted, however this is not the case for the Client docker, it expect the port number to be 6666 for the API. The Client docker's setting has a field to set the IP of the API docker, it doesn't have a field for the port number of that IP. I've tried giving an IP to the dockers that wasn't the Unraid server's IP address with Network Type > custom: br0, however probably because I missed a step this just resulted in everything loosing track of everything else. I'm looking for a solution where I can essentially either hide each set of API+Client or what who be the proper way to assign an IP to a docker. The first one would be the better solution IMO due to not spamming the network with a bunch of IP addresses for a single service per docker. The use case is that both Szurubooru are for different type of content, images vs music, I like the layout that Szurubooru will give me for both but want to keep each data set apart. Thanks for any help, left a message in FoxxMD's support thread a couple weeks with this issue back but haven't heard back yet.
  2. Hello again, trying to get 2 instances of the dockers running at the same time. In short the goal is to have both sets of data separated, one for images the other videos, and while I could use Jellyfin for the second I'd rather be able to use tags for searching the content. Setting up the second API and the database is strait forward but since the API port to be used in the client isn't one of the default 6666 I'm not sure how to go about changing it in the best way?
  3. Hello, trying to get imgbrd-grabber by Bionus to work with the dockers, having some issue with setting it up. What would be the settings I want to input in the application so I can use my PC to have it add pictures on the Unraid server's szurubooru? The documentation is a bit bellow what it needs to be for my level so just want to remove possibility. The logs from Grabber seems to indicate I'm sending the proper node request but the logs from the dockers (Postgres/szurubooru-api and client) don't seem to indicated they have received anything. Currently the settings in tools>options>commands>database are as follow -Driver: QSLITE -Host: unraid's IP, no port -User: username of the szurubooru admin account -Password: password of the szurubooru admin account -Database: prosgres -Image: node szurubooru.js "YOUR_USERNAME" "YOUR_TOKEN" "%all:includenamespace,unsafe%" "%rating%" "%source:unsafe%" "%path%" Thanks for the help and the dockers, let me know if you need anymore detail. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edit: will leave here so it might help others, you want to follow https://bionus.github.io/imgbrd-grabber/docs/commands/szurubooru.html , not touch the Database tab however modify the szurubooru.js with axios.defaults.baseURL = "http://[SERVER_IP]:6666" Also make sure that spaces are replaced by underscore in options>save>filename Grabber is still failing for me but at least what it's trying to do is working with CMD so issue is due to me/my setup at this point, will edit again if I figure it out Edit2: fixed now, issue was due to where the script file was copied I think but not sure, having the .js in two spot is what fixed it but that's a bit weird as a result but oh well, hopefully this helps someone else in the future.
  4. I'd have to check in the future, but with the lack of them on ebay I'd assume global shortage for a while and since a while back.
  5. I did actually went with that case in the end, had to rush a bit in case some of my parts needed to be returned, but from research seems that was really the best none rack case I could fine. Good thing I rushed it because the coolers I had needed to be returned and I had received them early. One thing that does seem to not exist anymore tho are the extra drive mounting items, only got to see less then 30 total on Ebay so words of warning for people looking at this case for a storage build with hard drive. For anyone stumbling upon this, LGA-2011 v3, there's a square ILM and a narrow ILM, make sure the cooler match the right one.
  6. So long story short, got part for rebuilding the Unraid machine including a Supermicro Motherboard, went to install it and realized that half the standoff are not where they need to be and as I don't want to start drilling new standoff spot I'm gonna need a new case sadly. Looking online ATM but the ones I know seems to just be discontinued, so will continue to look but would appreciate the help of others with recommendations. I'm looking preferably first for a tower, I don't wanna get a server rack just yet if I can avoid it. I already got the coolers for the dual CPUs, Noctua NH-U12S redux (Height 158 mm) and I currently have 6 drives. I'm in Canada for what I can get shipped. I got extension for 24 and 8pins so tower height not too much a concern. I'd also need space for a 5''25 inch bay for a BluRay drive but at this point I can move that if I need to. Thanks for any help that can be provided. I'm really wishing CaseLabs still existed right about now.
  7. Decided to upgrade my server and reuse most of the current part to make a gaming system, not having much luck with hardware passthrough and wanted to put in a HBA. Currently looking into it but as a new user to server component, I thought I would check online for validation. Couple questions/worries I just want to clear Does Unraid play nice with dual CPU motherboards in general? What's the impact of only having 2 DIMMs in Quad Channel? Thinking of getting only 2x16GB DIMM to start with for each CPU. If I recall correctly speed will be impacted but that's it. Do I need to match RAM quantity for both CPUs? Are the passive cooler for socket R good enough with a normal airflow or would active cooling be recommended? Any recommendation on NVME controler for 2-4 drive that should play nice with Unraid? I'm looking at getting either the Supermicro MBD-X10DRI or the MBD-X10DRI-T wich has 2 10Gbps port instead of 1Gbps, dual/quad 10Gbps NIC recommendation would also be welcome to see if the price difference with the MBD-X10DRI-T is worth it. Thanks for any help and feedback, if you need more info from me feel free to ask. The machine is currently used for File storage Plex (Jellyfin really) Ingesting media (DvDs/BluRays) Things I'm looking to do in the near future VMs for hosting Foundry (Virtual Tabletop for RPGs) PFSense Cloud hosting/streaming Steam Cache Current Unraid Server, Parts kept Corsair 750D GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER ASUS BW-16D1HT 2x8TB + 4x4TB HDDs 1 500GB PCIe 3.0 NVME LSI 9207-4i4e SAS HBA 750W PSU from Corsair New Parts Plan CPU: 2 Xeon e5-2660v3, these seems to have good enough performance at ~100$ CAD each MB: Supermicro MBD-X10DRI or the MBD-X10DRI-T if I can find one for not that much more RAM: 1 kit of 4x16GB ECC DDR4 split 2 for each CPU NVME Controller: looking Dual/Quad 10Gbps NIC: looking
  8. Ya I don't blame you, the optimal thing to do would really be to get a platform with more PCIe lane. I'm looking for either software suite or OS to turn the old gaming rig into something that will let me: Rip/ingest BluRay and DVDs from the old rig unto my server automaticly Act as a disk shelf for the server Preferably I'd want something that I don't manage and can just be managed from the same GUI as my Unraid server, at least after setting it up properly. I know I could use Unraid on both machine but that would let the main Unraid instance access the second Unraid instance shares but not add the storage space into the main pool. ei it would make two NAS instead of one NAS linked to a DAS. By the time I was installing stuff I'd heard about how Plex started free to use but that changed, Emby started as a fork but did the same and Jellyfin is the current project saying it'll stay free. So I did not try the other two. I followed Spaceinvader1's tutorials for it and so far it's working good, streaming to my phone and a couple computer stream at the same time in 1080p/720p mix worked for me. Think in total I did 5 stream which is 4 more than I really ever need. I did sometime have stutter when watching that went away by dropping the stream rate, haven't had issue since and I can't really tell the difference between 60 and 20 Mbps. I do it a bit more manual then it needs to be but I rip disk with MakeMKV to an ingest share, rename to season/episode sxxeyy in folder, move to movie or tvshow share, use sonarr/radarr to rename the file, by that time Jellyfin has picked everything up but I go in dashboard and do a library scan if I've imported a lot of stuff. The only thing that I've not had great luck sometime is the show being identified correctly but that's it. (and probably because the shows are anime when that happens) For the GPU usage I did a slight error writing originally, the goal isn't to use the same GPU concurrently for transcodding and VMing, from what I know you're right a GPU can either do work for dockers (any amount) or be used in a VM. I'm searching for now, but I think to manage it I'd have to manually make sure to close the VM if I was opening Plex and vice versa, what I want would be for Jellyfin to recognize if GPU available do GPU transcode else do CPU transcode. I think that if the GPU disappear Jellyfin will need a reboot which isn't optimal and since my main rig is Linux I kinda want a Windows VM for game that aren't native/do not work in Proton.
  9. Current Config Unraid Server -AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core -Gigabyte X570 AORUS PRO WIFI -2*16GB RAM -GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER -Radeon RX 570 -ASUS NIC XG-C100C -ASUS BW-16D1HT -1*8TB+4*4TB HDDs -1 500GB PCIe 3.0 NVME (Main cache) -1 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVME (VM cache) Old Rig -Intel i5-2500k -Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 -2*8GB RAM (DDR3-1600) -GeForce GTX 570 -A DVD writer from ASUS -2*1TB+1*500GB+1*~250GB HDDs Extra part -LSI 9207-4i4e SAS HBA -1 8TB HDD
  10. Due to slight error, I'm ending up with 4 PCIe device in a server that can accommodate 3. I wanted to add an HBA card but I forgot to account for the 10Gbps NIC I have installed. I'll be looking into how I could use a single video card non-concurrently for transcoding in Jellyfin and used in VMs but in the mean time, an option I was thinking about was to use my old gaming rig I decommissioned last year to rip BluRays/DVDs and free a SATA port on the MB of my Unraid machine. However sometime that would also be interesting would be to use it as a disk shelf/DAS. My old rig uses an i5-2500k (old old rig) so if the idea is doable I might upgrade the MB/CPU/RAM eventually but since I'll have the HBA I was thinking of using the case to hold HDDs. I have 4 in that rig which health probably aren't amazing but were still working fine. Ideally I would want everything to be controlled by the Unraid server but that's not imperative. The easiest way to do this would be to install another version of Unraid on the old rig and set up a SMB share from what I know/have researched, but I wanted to check with others if there was other options I could look into/pursue. The goal isn't necessarily to be optimal but reuse old hardware and have fun with it. Thank you plenty
  11. @Vr2Io thanks for taking the time to respond, I've gone with a LSI 9207-4i4e. One last question if you don't mind, is there an issue with moving hard drives from being plugged on the MB to the SAS card or will Unraid detect them fine without reassigning them in the UI?
  12. So having some trouble trying to find an HBA card. I have a Gigabyte X570 AORUS PRO WIFI with the bottom PCIe slot empty, 4.0 physical 16x but wired for 4x. I'm planing on getting 2 or 3 more drive in the near future which would go over the 6 MB SATA available, ergo HBA card time. While I see there's already list of recommendation something I'm not sure is if: A) Does it matter if I'm putting an 8x/16x sized HBA in a 4x slot or do they generally play nice? B) Is there a card that would have 8+ internal port but also external ports in PCIe 4.0? If I can futureproof and have a disk shelf as an option without changing the HBA that would be nice. C) Also something I'm not sure about, is it best practice to keep the parity disk directly plugged to the MB or is it not really a thing to worry about? Big thanks for any help
  13. Hmm, weird, thought I deleted that thread after getting it to work on my own :l guess it didn't go through somehow Anyway, for people looking here in the future, for me the solution was reinstalling the VM with all the cores I wanted to use from the start.
  14. I'm currently having issues when creating a VM that SpaceinvaderOne video have so far not help me resolved. First one that I'd need to get resolve: when starting a VM with more than 1 core/thread, it just loop the start up of the windows logo, quick google gave me other post on the forums but no solutions in them, anyone knows how to fix this/suggestion for how to fix it?
  15. I believe my key is enterprise which is why it's not letting me access the part of the website for download. Contacting support ATM, so hope it goes well. Edit: and predictably, did not get an iso, think I have another key I can try but otherwise guess I'll have to make do with 10, that or hunt usb key