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  1. Hmm, weird, thought I deleted that thread after getting it to work on my own :l guess it didn't go through somehow Anyway, for people looking here in the future, for me the solution was reinstalling the VM with all the cores I wanted to use from the start.
  2. I'm currently having issues when creating a VM that SpaceinvaderOne video have so far not help me resolved. First one that I'd need to get resolve: when starting a VM with more than 1 core/thread, it just loop the start up of the windows logo, quick google gave me other post on the forums but no solutions in them, anyone knows how to fix this/suggestion for how to fix it?
  3. I believe my key is enterprise which is why it's not letting me access the part of the website for download. Contacting support ATM, so hope it goes well. Edit: and predictably, did not get an iso, think I have another key I can try but otherwise guess I'll have to make do with 10, that or hunt usb key
  4. It ends up costing more in Canada. (which silly me I forgot to point out) Ended up having to go to a physical store for return, got to set a pick up order for another SX10, real wish this time it works.
  5. yup, still SX10 is cursed, the last order got cancelled because damaged packaging.
  6. I feared as much but thanks still gonna see if I can get Microsoft support to help, which I doubt
  7. Ended up going with a Netgear SX10 tho it's been... an ordeal to order. Still waiting on it but will keep in mind if that fails again. Thanks for the list.
  8. So long story short, I have misplaced my USB key with my copy of Windows 7... 5 years ago. Looking online I'm only really seeing Microsoft coming up as a legit source tho my old key does not allow me to access the relevant section. Where does one go for reliable Iso?
  9. How so? I'd figure the issue is more about moving the data than the actual process changing between 1gps/10gps hence changed security.
  10. So I'm just trying to see my options ATM but I'm no pro in networking or more so where to look. Just looking for 4-8 port total, to work with CAT6/CAT6a cable. Anyone has quick recommendation of stuff to get? Not looking for NIC ATM just switch/router but I'll add those to my wish list if provided. Thx
  11. Ah even better, thanks both. Now just curious on that stream from a remote VM.
  12. As to save some space on the cache, if I went with number 1, VM can use the array so say for Skyrim I could store mod in the array and not have too big an impact on the cache right?
  13. Something I'd like to confirm before ordering anything Mixing SATA and NVME SSD in a cache pool isn't worth it, but SATA SSD can be used to only contain a VM and/or put in an array and only have a VM share? same idea if I got a PCIe 3.0 and a PCIe 4.0 NVME SSD. Also yes, hail Spaceinvader one.
  14. Sorry, yes to how much drive? 2, 1 or 0? Or you meant the more the better
  15. Hello I will soon be assembling a server, with the idea of having it as a NAS primarly but also I want to try to setup some more fancy stuff over 3 weeks as a challenge for myself. I've got most of it figured out but I still have some tinkering left I'd want a second opinion on. I'm not really looking for in depth tutorial at this point, more a validation of concept but pointers are still appreciated. I'll be coming back when I hit a wall on a particular thing or report. The breakdown of the weeks are -Week 1, build, set up the storage, setup media streaming -Week 2