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  1. Thanx @Progeny42 you saved my docker image! 🙂
  2. I just had this problem for the first time. Changed a random smb setting and it's gone. Hope it will be fixed in unraid 6.8.4.
  3. I just started with the Duplicacy unraid container. This key is still default: --hostname=duplicacy-unraid Is this correct, or need i modify this?
  4. I was installing DSMR-Reader and Postgres. I'm fine now. Was not able to access smb share to accss /mnt/user/appdata/postgres. Was able to access it with krusader and Unraid terminal console. Had also problems to setup a postgres db, because i did it as root? some kind of error... after a while i found pgAdmin, created a db trough that GUI Is postgres 12, or 13? available?
  5. My Postgres11 container is just this, it works with DSMR reader, it works. But i can't access the folder /mnt/user/appdata/postgres, I am a noob, any help? 😄