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  1. Either port is working. sits there and thinks Phone is working fine and can view camera says HTTP error: 404
  2. Just installed xeoma. Logs look like everything is a go. However unable to use the GUI in chrome. Any ideas?
  3. This is a furnace room so yes there is a CO detector.
  4. I just pulled plug for about 5 minutes. Did not pull till it powered off. I'll try that later
  5. negative. none. nothing. I believe i got the unraid update. I also believe i got other ones. but not the power one at all.
  6. I enabled still not working sadly. I can send test email but after wards it shows below..
  7. Can you compare your settings to mine? I really would love this to work!
  8. Shoot. I was hoping notification before shutdown and on battery
  9. I have it set to 50% of ups or 10 minutes left. These notifications only send when the server shuts down? the SMTP works fine and sends email. I double checked my internet and it stays home when unplugged.
  10. Trying to get notifications when UPS for unraid goes onto battery backup. The internet/router/switch ETC is all battery backup as well. i did a simulated test and internet stayed home and able to connect to server still. However no notifications but other notifications show up. It does show "On Battery in the UPS settings" Here is my UPS make/model http://www.sizemyups.com/specs/1011/90000659/BR/0/
  11. I only changed 1 thing from transcode to /transcode within plex app. So i should be good.
  12. Thank you for explaining that. I will change up some things.
  13. Do you know how to switch to ram?
  14. This is what I have now. Seems right.
  15. No idea, I kind of get how mappings work. But with using ram for transcoding in plex I have no idea