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  1. I just tried to create folder with my windows machine, and it wont work.
  2. Getting the error exit code 52, nothing has changed, I assume something with PIA, I searched forum but did not find answer. After a few minutes it came up, but one of my isos are not going. PIA issue?
  3. Changed to port 6081 and no gui still, anyone know why?
  4. They got created long time ago so not sure, I think the VMbackup plugin
  5. Having issues logging into unraid from windows machine, Certain folders work great and others dont, I can try to change permissions via newperms command which works, but different folders or later on it appears permissions may get changed back. I did setup rootshare, I did follow SMB video by spaceinvaderone. Any help would be great. Not sure why i have 2 different users, scuba is new user and powerhorse is old but worked on old system. The folder giving me issues with ths windows 102 folder, win10dupe works fine.
  6. Wow, So Simple. Thanks Stpifier!!!!
  7. I moved rclone from one server to another, It appears the the scripts tab it is running fine, however if i go to terminal and run rclone edit it doesnt know the command. Any ideas?
  8. Normal for docker image to show full when someone is downloading or uploading to nextcloud? I show it jumping around a lot!
  9. Can I use this program to remove like first 10 seconds and last 5 seconds of each video? @dee31797 Thoughts?
  10. Trying to pass my GPU to my VM, right now I can pass to a docker. However when i select GPU it does not show up as option. I have igpu 9700k and 950 gtx installed. Do i need to boot using the IGPU?
  11. Trying to pass device /dev/nvme0n1 to grafana, but i cant see it in grafana, I get the error below when I just it -q -d -F /dev/*