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  1. Did this ever get solved? Dealing with the same issue and am running into nothing but dead ends. I have the same crashing issue and timeouts…I also have 10Gbe nics in my server too…
  2. So I’ve got this all up and running and have purchased my pro license. Very happy so far. I’ve recently started messing with a couple VM’s and instantly realized 3 problems I need help solving. I’ve been reading for 3 evenings straight on GPU install in this server and I’m more confused now than ever. The 3 problems are my graphics look like garbage, not full screen even when remote accessed with proper software...mouse has tracers, icons look grainy. Problem 2, I have zero sound. 3rd, and possibly the most annoying, my mouse scroller doesn’t work in my VM’s. I don’t do any gaming or need any extreme performance, I just want my VM’s resolutions to look proper on a 27” monitor, nice and crispy and my sound and mouse roller to work. Can someone please help me cut through the trauma and point me towards a solution for these 3 problems? Please 😂 TIA
  3. Man, this restored write speeds to 130 MB/s consistently, thank you SO much! Saved my Unraid install...I was about to abort! Thanks @Vexorg
  4. Well the drive write cache is disabled by default. Found this thread thanks @Vexorg and it worked perfectly...back to 111 MB/s transfer speeds writing to Unraid. You my friend, saved my Unraid install...As for the severe delay on stopping the array, it seemed to resolve itself with a fresh install on another USB drive. Hope this helps someone else...
  5. Alright, here you go. Priority is obviously what's wrong with it taking so long to shutdown and stop the array, but figuring out why it goes from 111 MB/s down to 11 MB/s on the transfer sure would be a sweet bonus. Anything else would be much appreciated, seriously.
  6. Anything in particular from the diagnostics files I should upload or just the whole zip?
  7. Thanks @jpowell8672 I’m just wondering if it’s because this is my first time, or it’s a brand new setup, or what...but I can’t imagine this is normal behavior. Opened files plugin shows 1873 PID running with 4 files open but if I kill it, I have to do so in the terminal, the plugin button opens a blank window and does nothing...the terminal kills it, but it doesn’t seem to change anything. Still 45 minutes to stop the array and reboot. I’ve since rebooted and disabled parity so I can get the media transferred and then I’ll re-enable it. I would LOVE to get to the bottom of this and not give up ha!
  8. What type of information would you guys need from me to help me figure out why it takes 45 minutes to stop my array? I'm trying to transfer data and it works for 15-20 minutes at 1 Gbps then it drops abysmally slow down to 11 MB/s. I noticed it was when the fix common problems message pops up is when the speeds drag, so that's prompted me to do a couple stoppages of the array today and it literally takes 45 minutes to stop it and actually execute the powerdown -r command. I don't wanna give up on this, but something tells me you guys don't wait 45 minutes for your array to stop...TIA
  9. Now the web UI isn't accessible by firefox, but I can get it in, never ends
  10. Holy effing holy! Boy, sure would be cool if this was in the documentation...legacy mode works, UEFI is NOT compatible with this particular Dell server...4 years old.
  11. Negative, I am trying to run it on a machine that all the drive data has been wiped from. I just don't know anything about any of this so I'm just spitballing. I did just figure out a setting I missed so we are about to see if legacy mode was the answer this whole time...shortly
  12. Could it be because I have zero vitrual disks setup, only physical?
  13. Tried 3 different USB flash drives of multiple manufacturers and even different USB ports like the ones on the front and the back, not the problem. I'm thinking it has to have something to do with my servers config that I haven't figured out. I must have missed something in the settings. Hate to say it, but after 2 nights of this I'm about to throw in the towel...
  14. Awesome, glad you found the issue...I would have never figured out to look in iDrac.