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  1. Received "vfio: Unable to power on device, stuck in D3" without vbios, both NVIDIA usb devices ticked.
  2. Ah yes, 00.3 was unchecked. Now I'm getting a "Unknown PCI header type '127'" error. 😂
  3. Yeah, still getting this after ticking all IOMMU groups.
  4. Ahhh... mine are unticked. Will update mine later this evening. Appreciate the tip! Anything else I should look out for?
  5. Yep, I thought I had it edited correctly in the XML, but still running into the issue.
  6. Win10 VM was working fine prior to upgrade. Now, when I attempt to start the VM, my monitor goes into Power Save mode, and the VM pauses. Seeing this in the logs when attempting to start up VM: 2021-04-26T20:13:03.926942Z qemu-system-x86_64: vfio: Cannot reset device 0000:0e:00.1, depends on group 22 which is not owned. Group 22 IOMMU attached. PCIe ACS override set to "Multi-function". Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
  7. Noob question here. I'm trying to add an extension to my Postgres instance. How can I do this? Thank you!
  8. Does anyone have any tips on preventing a false trigger event when the camera goes from daytime to night vision?