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  1. Thank you. I guess it will be very complicated with my knowledge
  2. Guys, what about Mac OS performance with GPU passthrough ? Because i have hackintosh on same hardware which working perfectly, and on same hardware i want to run unraid. Can i combine this in Unraid? Or i will get performance penalty with passthrough ? If i will get, approximately how big?)
  3. Hello guys, i am wondering about 1 thing. If you will create MAC OS VM you will get any performance penalty comparing for example with hackintosh build with same hardware? i am most worried about gpu (rx580), this one thing only stops me to fully move to Unraid I am aware that i will lose few cores to keep Unraid operating.
  4. Anyway, i seen all of this. Error recovery can be useful everywhere, and unraid is some sort of next level raid But no one clearly told what i don't need drive with TLER. So its good to know and have answer for a future, because this is actual question for some people who buying and shucking WD enclosure drives.
  5. Hello, i am a bit confused. I have white labeled drive from WD My Book - WDC WD80EZAZ-11TDBA0 After googling i see what this drive hasn't TLER enabled by default, in Unraid you can do by running some script on startup. Here in forum i seen that i don't really need TLER as Unraid don't have benefits from this feature I just want to some confirmation from LimeTech to understand, do we really need TLER on Unraid or NO Thanks
  6. I guess this plugin won't be updated very often, but its very important to have it for normal download speeds. Or it was my mistake, but after restarting Deluge i need to re-apply this plugin and settings. I spend few days to figure out how to speed up this VPN and been swearing on PIA support. no, i mean whole vpn. I am noob in networks and their protection. I am not sure that this settings change will change VPN security (like ip leak, dns leak and etc)
  7. Hey guys:) I actually have question about this itConfig plugin @binhex Can you add this plugin to your container by default please? And another thing. I was getting terrible speeds with PIA, but after looking on internet i found solution for Deluge to install this itConfig plugin and: - check Apply settings on startup - check enable_incoming_utp and remove the checkmark from the Setting column - check enable_outgoing_utp and remove the checkmark from the Setting column Now i am getting nice speeds, but question is how secure is this?) Thank you
  8. Are you willing to offer paid unraid setup through remote control?) My unraid skills are low, and there is a lot off people who not moved to unraid yet because of lack of knowledge and information. Or Unraid will be only system for geeks?
  9. Hello guys, can someone who understand this SMART reports look on mine and give me some advice This is refurbished WD Green, i bought for temporary storage. Was working fine under windows until i decided to copy there a lot of data. But after i got issue to copy data from drive. I done clear and erase on disk Before i got errors in SMART, after doing this no smart errors overall, but in report this things flagged making me worry. Do i need to throw this drive into bin, or there is some way to extend this drive operation WDC_WD40EZRX-00SPEB0_WD-WCC4E3LXU4C3-20190922-1745.txt
  10. yes, i am sure. I tried few of them with no success when you have 350mbps speed and getting like 15 in docker even ubuntu iso download take time
  11. Hello everyone I have a question, especially for this docker i bought PIA VPN, currently i have also torguard, and no chance for me get more that 1.5 mbps download speed. What i am doing wrong? I even made config on PIA website, same story. With Torguard i can get same speed without any port forwarding Please help me:(
  12. Here no one helps new starters. Unraid is for experienced users
  13. I dont which magic you doing with VM - for me VM's are unstoppable headaches, once i make one working. Creating second one with another GPU and use - and in result both are not working. I want to kill myself
  14. What do you mean exactly with this one? I don't think what they can help with this question. But i managed to remove this error. It was some strange mining setting for my pci-e slot. But now its a question how to give to VM permision to use GPU and dont give it to unraid, as i have single one
  15. 1)Error appears when i add to WM my GTX 970 as first, or second graphics doesnt matter. If Nvidia is there - WM won't launch 2) I will do this in 1 sec:) But really, no one point me on my mistake. fortress-diagnostics-20190516-1558.zip