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  1. I have drivers loaded coretemp lm92 nct6775 But no sensors detected? Is it any way to monitor temp for 7700k with Asus Z170 Deluxe Mobo?
  2. Hello binhex! Any idea when you planning to move to version 3?
  3. Hello, i assume i have issue. All my Hard Drives always in status active, even if i am not doing anything with them. (like accessing data on them) And because of this situation my unraid server is very noisy, is it any way to find out which process is not allowing drives to spun down. When i am pressing Spin Down disks this reducing noise significantly, and i guess drives should go to sleep while no one using them.
  4. Any idea why MiniDlna now showing files in folders? I assume mapping is correct
  5. What are you doing with 12 cores?)
  6. Thank you man, i was wondering why my CPU dies when my brother playing 4k movie on his monitor Any idea how to check GPU or IGPU used for transcode?
  7. So basically i need to do everything from scratch, or stay with bihex, i seen that you can use sonarr 3 as preview with linuxserver...
  8. Can Sonarr setings from one contrainer moved to another? I mean series which i added.
  9. Hello guys I managed somehow to setup Sonarr + Jacket + DelugeVpn. So my question is how Sonarr is moving files from Downloads to the the path for series in Sonarr settings? As i see now deluge done his job, and now my Series populated as PARTIAL file in my main Tv series path (different from the download folder), and size of this file slowly growing Why Sonarr just cannot work as CUT and paste to save time moving this file?
  10. I am actually stuck in choosing ssd for cache, my current board has 1 NVME or can be used 2 sata express ports (this board is temporary solution) Is it any benefit of using NVME for cache, i mean downloads (VM's i want to store on separate drive) At this moment i am using my old spare samsung 120 gb ssd as a cache drive and of course it's not enough Any benefits in data transfer from NVME ssd to the array or it will be enough with sata ssd speeds I am using syncthing and how i see that app is sensitive to drive iops
  11. Hello, but how i can backup libvirt image if i changed default location, or plugin checking this one in VM settings?
  12. Can this one be deleted, i restarted Krusader and everything start working again...
  13. Hello, i cannot move file to my unassigned drive via Krusader Cannot change path to that drive in VM manager, highlighting everything in red In Krusader system shows that i have only 1 mb free, WEBUI showing what i have 476 GB free I have done preclear to that drive, run permission fix from tools, checked filesystem of that drive - nothing changed Drive formated in XFS fortress-diagnostics-20200118-1004.zip
  14. Ok. First parity check was fine - Parity check finished (0 errors)
  15. Thanks, i will run this one now. Its parity check with Write corrections to parity ticked. right? I am just wondering can this be because one of drives has Reallocated_Sector_Ct 116 (HGST one, pulled from old NAS)