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  1. Hello, when i am trying to open this container all the time i am getting unauthorized message What can be done about this, can you please advice?
  2. I don’t know if update from r3 to rc4 corrupted system, but so far server running fine around 72 hours
  3. Yesterday i got this issue. I identified that server actually boots, but i don't have access to WEB UI, even IP is correct Today i restored flash through my backup and will see how stable system will stay
  4. Yes I tried to boot in safe mode, tomorrow I will try to rebuild my flash Отправлено с моего iPhone используя Tapatalk
  5. Found old thread about IGPU issue, i will try to disable also IGPU...
  6. I disconnected ups, changed all Ram, after 1.5 day of running server hang and now is happening parity check can anybody please to check syslog or at least direct me somewhere, I don’t have a clue what is happening
  7. I reverted to RC3, again couple of crashes, and can't see nothing in syslog on flash. I will try to disconnect UPS syslog
  8. I need to try to setup this notifications, but i am pretty sure that this not related with power cuts, as no one in house noticed any power drops. I am just trying all possible solutions to fix this problem, this is really annoying. I want to transfer files to bigger disks, but i can't risk due to this daily crashes...
  9. Again crashed, memtest didn't find any issues Went back to RC3
  10. I just calculated by uptime from Unraid dashboard and seems like it’s correct. But still can’t get what happened why was that restart Отправлено с моего iPhone используя Tapatalk
  11. I wasn’t at home, I just noticed that parity checked started, this is why I am curious what happened. I have ups, so I believe so shouldn’t be issues with power Отправлено с моего iPhone используя Tapatalk
  12. To be honest can't remember, not bothering me. I think i messed up something, after i figure this out didn't change it back I found syslog, can i add it here? Can't get why my server crashed/restarted on 08:38 syslog
  13. Still trying to figure out what happening with server