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  1. Hello, Any idea what need to be changed in new sonarr conf ? So far i am getting 502 bad gateway error nginx/1.20.1 for my sonarr subdomain I managed to make bitwarden working, now trying to make sonarr alive
  2. Ok, i give up Still not working Can i somehow get old release? like 2 days ago for example? Ok, i set VPN enabled to NO and webui come back. Probably everything was fine with the new container, but something wrong with PIA servers. I use Netherlands
  3. yes, same looks for me:( but can't access webui by some reason ( i deleted old rc )
  4. don't have external setup, but also can't access webui, i got error in log - 2021-02-12 15:19:38,787 DEBG 'start-script' stderr output: parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 4, column 0 Unlucky update, container was rock solid past half year for me rtorrent.rc
  5. I don't know what was wrong, but at the moment it's start working without vpn. I haven't done any changes at all, and file was left default like in spaceinvader guide
  6. as i said above, by some strange reasons it's working on my IOS devices only when i have vpn turned on, even Adguard vpn which is not changing my IP
  7. Ok apparently it was issue with ultimate dashboard, after i disabled all that dockers disk going to idle without any issues
  8. In my understanding cache only should be working as you said, but not really. And also mover settings are not so flexible, in my opinion there should be some more flexibility to use it, but again, i am not that experienced user, so i can be wrong. Appdata is cache only, nothing on the array My spin down delay set to 15 min, but once drives start they never stop. I know few of them not in use, but still they spinning fortress-diagnostics-20210122-1316.zip
  9. Hello, i was thinking to make my server silent as possible, mainly it's used for Plex By by some reason few of my drives (where is my media files are located) don't spin down. I used file File activity plugin, but it's not showing much information. Mostly it show me what all my media got accessed, probably by Plex. Which is the best practice to keep drives spinned down using SSD drives? I have 2 tb cache raid0 for downloads. How i can store recent media files on cache until it's close to be full to make my drives idling until i don't need data from them? Is it any hidden mover settings, like move when cache pool is almost full?
  10. yes, sonnar is working fine under same domain. i dont need any vpn, nothing
  11. it the app i just pointed to the domain name. And plus webpage is not opening also
  12. yes, as i said i don't need to be in my local network, any vpn connection on iphone/ipad solves issue, so i am wondering what can be wrong. Why i need to have any vpn turned on to make it working
  13. Yes. It's working, but only when any vpn is turned on. Even which one is changing some dns if i am right
  14. Hello, i have very weird issue with Bitwarden via my subdomain When i try to access my bitwarden via my phone lte - can't connect. Once i am turning any vpn, even addblocking like adguard - everything works. What can be wrong?
  15. So how this story ended up ? have you sorted your disk spin ups ?
  16. Ok in radarr certificate check for local addresses need to be disabled
  17. Basically i have to change certificate validation for local ip's. Is it have if i want to access radarr via reverse proxy?
  18. Hello, can you please advice what can be wrong? I've made copy of this container for Radarr, but when i tried to install rtorrent like download client i can't connect. I radarr logs saying that Certificate validation for https://xxxxxxxxx/RPC2 failed. RemoteCertificateNameMismatch, RemoteCertificateChainErrors
  19. Hello guys, i can't add rutorrentvpn as my downloader, put everything right as i have in Sonarr but still unable to connect
  20. Big Sur, I3 10400, RX580 and Z490 Vision D motherboard. + Fenvi card. Currently i use that PC just as hackintosh, but i want to move my entire server on this hardware and use MacOs VM
  21. Anyone can explain how to fix apple services? I checked out dortania guide, but something i was doing wrong and just messed up my VM And also, if i have baremetal hackintosh EFI for exactly same hardware, can i amend current EFI which comes with installer or this is not beneficial at all?
  22. Anyone please Can you use your own opencore EFI file from baremetal hackintosh or you need to use pre-configured? I have my own hackintosh, but i wish to use that PC as Unraid and move hackintosh to VM
  23. Biggest question is - can i my EFI from MAC build on same hardware as this server?
  24. I got Catalina downloaded instead of Big Sur but all files named as Big Sur