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  1. Uploaded a short video on setting up the basics on Home Assistant with unRaid. I did it from start to show people how to quickly setup unRaid so most of you here can skip that part.
  2. Update to the new stable version planned soon? https://nzbget.net/history-latest
  3. I can't take credit for the container itself just the template to get it into unRaid easily for folks. The only issue I had with it so far is the firmware upgrades had to be done manually. I saw someone raised an issue on the docker container github but I haven't tried it again to see if it was resolved.
  4. Thanks to this thread and container I'm hooked on HomeAssistant. I've been adding quite a few containers to my war chest of containers. After testing several for a while and getting the hang of making my own templates I've decided to share the work back to make is easy on the folks using things. I'll be adding the MQTT Smartthings one soon as I myself were looking for this one in the thread. I do have the TasmoAdmin and HA-Dockermon templates going up soon if not already.
  5. Like myself I know a few of you have been looking to run a UNMS container. I've been testing this one on unRaid for a bit. It should be up on the CA apps search soon.
  6. Do a search for unms in the CA apps, I've created a template for a unms container I've been running for a bit.
  7. With my dive into the Home Automation scene my appetite for additional containers to use on the unRaid server has grown. All of the templates point to a docker container that I was able to import from the dockerhub and adjust the settings for the unRaid environment. I thought I would share these with everyone to save you a bit of work installing these. The list will grow as I have several others to add, but instead of waiting here are the current list: https://github.com/digiblur/unraid-docker-templates digiblur's unRaid-Docker-Templates Template files for various Docker Containers for use with Lime Technology, Inc. unRaid Server The docker containers referenced in this repo point to Docker Containers maintained by other individuals. These templates were created to make it easy for the average unRaid user to quickly install the containers without researching the various container variables and requirements. UNMS - Ubiquiti Network Management System https://unms.com/ Docker container maintained at - https://github.com/oznu/docker-unms Speedtest - Self hosted HTML5 Speedtest site Docker container maintained at - https://github.com/adolfintel/speedtest/tree/docker No Flash, No Java, No Websocket, No BS. This is a very lightweight Speedtest implemented in Javascript, using XMLHttpRequest and Web Workers. Great for troubleshooting bandwidth, ping and jitter issues through a reverse proxy with unRaid. TasmoAdmin TasmoAdmin (previously SonWEB) is an administrative Website for Home Automation Devices flashed with Sonoff-Tasmota. Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJUhRyi3-BQ Docker container maintained at - https://github.com/reloxx13/TasmoAdmin HA-Dockermon - HomeAssistant Docker Container Monitor A simple Node service which checks the status of a Docker Container and returns a RESTful response. It can also be used to issue start, stop, and restart commands. The primary purpose of this service is to interface with Home Assistant. Build automations/notifications for all of your docker containers and much more! Docker container maintained at - https://github.com/philhawthorne/ha-dockermon Custom HomeAssistant component to automatically add all the container "switches" to HA - https://github.com/HalfDecent/HA-Custom_components/tree/master/hadockermon SmartThings MQTT Bridge System to share and control SmartThings device states in MQTT. Setup is geared towards HomeAssistant but you can use any system that supports MQTT Docker container maintained at - https://github.com/stjohnjohnson/smartthings-mqtt-bridge Additional setup walk-through - https://community.home-assistant.io/t/anyone-integrated-smartthings-into-hassio-yet/25324
  8. Is there a procedure for submitting some Docker container templates for inclusion into the CA plugin? There are a few containers I've pulled over from Dockerhub and had to add various paths and variables based on the docker hub documentation for the container. It would make it easier for other users looking to use the same containers to have most of the work done for them. Thanks! EDIT: A couple more clicks and I found it... nevermind!
  9. Yes, for some reason this container logs every single dns request to the container log and keeps it. Stop your entire docker service and turn on the log rotation and limits in the unRaid docker settings. It will keep the problem at bay.
  10. How did you do the nextcloud config in Duplicati? I have nextcloud setup already and it should work as the files are under the threshold size of nextcloud. I'd didn't see an option though in Duplicati to connect it or are you doing some sort of local backup and the Nextcloud app on the computer picks it up?
  11. Gotcha, I must have missed them. Glad people got it going. I haven't done mine outward facing yet so it's only viewable on my internal network for now, but I do plan on doing it via this link: https://docs.minio.io/docs/setup-nginx-proxy-with-minio But it should be pretty secure with those two decently long keys and possibly pointing fail2ban at the logs. Not to mention the project is on github for everyone to dig through and fix any security issues.
  12. I can post some screenshots of the options I added to the container screen after importing it from docker hub.
  13. You can just use the official docker container from minio and import it into unRaid. You'll have to manually set a few things here and there to get the container going but it isn't that hard if you read the Minio docker quick start guide to see what parms it wants. Let me know if you need a hand.
  14. Anyone seen br0 go missing inside the container? I bashed into the container and it is indeed gone, I saw eth0 was there so I flipped it from br0 to eth0 and PiHole kicked back in without any issues so far.
  15. I believe the video states to put this on another IP address so you won't have this port 80 conflict issue.