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  1. Is `<Privileged>true</Privileged>` necessary for most installs? Definitely not a good security practice IMHO.
  2. Side note...others might want to check but I saw something weird. I was helping someone and saw there was no /media/frigate mapping in the default container and it was dropping the database file in the container. Not a good thing so definitely check yours.
  3. Were you able to figure this out in the latest 6.9 stable releases?
  4. Thanks! Hopefully others can chime in on the cache target as I noticed nothing was going in the folder until I fixed it. I also noticed the privileged flag was set to true which I do not recommend unless absolutely necessary.
  5. I noticed some issues with the container especially the tmp mapping. It appeared to be causing excessive writes and not set to the right target in the container. I did a PR but haven't heard from the maintainer. Has it been abandoned?
  6. You don't need to pass in the device to the container. It really is as simple as loading the plugin to get the drivers going and then telling Frigate to use it. detectors: coral_pci: type: edgetpu device: pci
  7. Works great! Thanks for your awesome dedication! I wasn't in a rush as I could have rolled back if it was a massive issue. I usually wait a week or so typically on upgrades.
  8. Upgraded to 6.9.0 stable and I noticed the TPU drivers weren't loaded, I'm guessing an update is needed? I tried the reinstall.. plugin: installing: https://github.com/ich777/unraid-coral-driver/raw/master/coral-driver.plg plugin: downloading https://github.com/ich777/unraid-coral-driver/raw/master/coral-driver.plg plugin: downloading: https://github.com/ich777/unraid-coral-driver/raw/master/coral-driver.plg ... done ----Download is empty please contact the developer of this plugin if the----- ----------plugin has been already built against that Kernel version---------- plugin: run failed: /bin/bash retval: 1 Thanks!
  9. Massive thanks to @ich777 for all the hard work and getting it done quickly! I've tested it on a PCIE based Coral TPU and it works great. Stupid simple to install. While you are installing the plugin, mash the donate button on his profile and throw him a beer/coffee or two
  10. Question for the hardware pros... how do we know if the dual coral TPU board is working? I'm only seeing one in the device lists on unRaid. Maybe my mobo doesn't support the dual lanes on that adapter port? ASRrock X570 Pro4 mobo with Ryzen 5 3600
  11. I have one installed in my server but I haven't done the install process yet, I'd be happy to test.
  12. Is there a way to snag the anonymized version through the terminal login since I'd probably want to pull the logs when it is broken not with the USB ethernet attached.
  13. Running unRaid 6.7.2 stable build here. When I moved things over and fired up my machine on the ASRock X570 Pro4 mobo that has the Intel i211AT ethernet chipset I noticed I had no IP address. I checked the BIOS and couldn't find anything about ethernet, which I did find was odd. I even upgraded the BIOS and defaulted the BIOS. Same thing no ethernet found by unRaid. I threw a new copy of unRaid on another USB stick just to make sure it wasn't a software thing, still no IP address. I can see the link and activity lights on the port working though. I happened to have a little Anker USB 3.0 ethernet adapter with an RTL chipset so I plugged that into unRaid with the same cable to get me going for now. Any ideas of seeing why this ethernet chip won't show up?
  14. Same thing here... have several containers showing updates but there really isn't. Seems to be containers that had updates in the past few days or so.
  15. Tried this as well and worked. Updated the template and push the commit.