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  1. Ahh ty I was trying to use docker inspect (container) this is great and I can make do with it tyvm
  2. Honestly I’ve just noticed haven’t needed an docker console in months I do know it used to work.
  3. I was in particular trying to get the console for this docker but it’s the same for all my-speedtest-tracker.xml
  5. Not sure what i borked but every time I try to access a specific dockers console it takes Me to my Unraid login page instead. Also the terminal icon in my sidebar brings me to a blank unusable terminal. Also can you guide on me on how to get to a specific dockers terminal from let’s an ssh session.
  6. im currently on Nvidia 6.8.3 and do not want to update to beta
  7. and that will handle the NVidia drivers for 6.9? that's awesome
  8. You make it sound So easy! Thanks.
  9. may i message you when im ready to manually apply drivers? im quite lost
  10. perfect ty i tend to stay away from the Betas
  11. TY I figured there was a write up on it after reading the Nvidia thread
  12. I just noticed the thread was retired has anyone else seen this when just browsing to the plugin
  13. Still have no clue where 16tb of movies went though
  14. Boom! You got it I mis-mapped downloads\ in Plex earlier