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  1. Seems to have taken a while to start working, it's coming up now.
  2. It would be wonderful to see a progress bar or counter showing the percentage left to move by the mover.
  3. I have the port forwarded from my server and I can see everything on that side checks out, how ever, when I go to the "My Servers" page on unraid.net, I am unable to gain access to my server remotely. I'm running a unifi Dream Machine Pro and I have the security settings for the firewall cranked way up. I'm assuming I'm blocking something, but does anyone have experience with this?
  4. Obviously the CBT feature would be a ways out ont he horizon for unraid after official release by the Linux Consortium, but I really wonder if there isn't a way to do this now? I'd like to get a couple of plex servers up and running in a cluster fashion on a set of unraid hosts, I just don't have the slightest idea on how to do that. That aside, I have a stack of hardware I'd like to play with using unraid, but without a clustering feature, like with esxi/xen or something else, it seems fairly pointless.
  5. I have an nvidia 1660 SUPER GPU, it works fine with plex. I cannot get tdarr to leverage it. I have it set to use the GPU only for both Health and Transcode tasks, it's not using the GPU for either. I'm looking for any and all advice you are willing to offer.
  6. Running TDARR, it looks like it's using the GPU, however, it's not showing as an 'active app.' It would be nice to see it as an 'active app' so I know what is beating up my GPU and how many streams are in use at a given time. Please see screen shots for reference.
  7. Went to set this up and I got a big fancy white page that says Forbidden
  8. It would be helpful if you could update the support links to the correct github page. thank you!
  9. People lose data all the time with the current method. I've seen it in the month I've been in the Unraid user group on facebook. The method I'm proposing at least removes the possibility of mistaking the cache drive for a data drive or vice versa. The second method I mention seems like the best of the two options, though more limiting.
  10. I know, I've done it multiple times, but maybe it would be simpler to have the UI make the disk slots removable. You add the number you need, then if you fail out a drive, you add the new one in the same way. If you want to remove a drive from the array, you remove the slot, a prompt comes up, you type in "Yes, I know what I am doing" and then your root password (disable auto fill for this.) This is just one idea on how to do it, another would be to have a different section in the array where you have a 'Disk Remove' section under 'Tools', go in there, select the disk t
  11. I'm about to yank a drive out of my array tonight myself do to poor performance and the magic of tdarr/unmanic. I don't think you need to NOT have to rebuild parity, but I should be able to 1) stop array (2) unassign disk (3) start array. When you start the array it would be like coming back from an unclean shut down, parity would need to be rebuilt. This would allow me minimum reconfiguration time when I yank the drive.
  12. I'm looking at encrypting my array of about 12 disks, most of which are 8TB drives. As you can imagine, that is going to take a while. SO I would love to see a check bock to exclude a disk globally from the shares so that I can easily leverage the unbalance plugin with out have to go through my 20+ shares to set exclude a different drive ever couple of days. That being said, it would be great to see the unBalance plugin added to unraid with an additional setting to 'rebalance' the array.
  13. Does anyone know of a Docker for NTP that they run their unraid server? It would be redundant on my network, running alongside my second pi-hole. If not I'll install a vm to do it, but I thought I'd try.
  14. @JorgeB How do I know if it does full auto trim?
  15. It's between Unraid, Freenas or synology. I could do a baremetal windows system, but ew.