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  1. I know, I've done it multiple times, but maybe it would be simpler to have the UI make the disk slots removable. You add the number you need, then if you fail out a drive, you add the new one in the same way. If you want to remove a drive from the array, you remove the slot, a prompt comes up, you type in "Yes, I know what I am doing" and then your root password (disable auto fill for this.) This is just one idea on how to do it, another would be to have a different section in the array where you have a 'Disk Remove' section under 'Tools', go in there, select the disk t
  2. I'm about to yank a drive out of my array tonight myself do to poor performance and the magic of tdarr/unmanic. I don't think you need to NOT have to rebuild parity, but I should be able to 1) stop array (2) unassign disk (3) start array. When you start the array it would be like coming back from an unclean shut down, parity would need to be rebuilt. This would allow me minimum reconfiguration time when I yank the drive.
  3. I'm looking at encrypting my array of about 12 disks, most of which are 8TB drives. As you can imagine, that is going to take a while. SO I would love to see a check bock to exclude a disk globally from the shares so that I can easily leverage the unbalance plugin with out have to go through my 20+ shares to set exclude a different drive ever couple of days. That being said, it would be great to see the unBalance plugin added to unraid with an additional setting to 'rebalance' the array.
  4. Does anyone know of a Docker for NTP that they run their unraid server? It would be redundant on my network, running alongside my second pi-hole. If not I'll install a vm to do it, but I thought I'd try.
  5. @JorgeB How do I know if it does full auto trim?
  6. It's between Unraid, Freenas or synology. I could do a baremetal windows system, but ew.
  7. I'm buying a new camper this week and it comes with a TV. So to make the best of the situation and give myself the most control, I want to install a NAS so that I have to be the one to start it up, unlock the boot process and allow the kiddos to watch movies. As such I'm leaning towards either SSD's or seagate 2.5" 4TB drives. I'm wondering if I can safely run SSD's in the array or if I would be safer off just running a large cache pool? You're advice is greatly appreciated. @limetech
  8. Really wishing there was a way to ignore all objects already in h.265 or what ever format so they don't have to get checked.
  9. @limetech No problem! Should I do a reboot after the uninstall?
  10. I already implemented two other pools, on for my dockers, one dedicated to downloads and a thirds for my video surveillance drive
  11. Hi, Went to turn on the TV for my kid this morning and no plex, go check my shares and they aren't there. Pulled Diagnositics and did a reboot through the button in the upper right hand corner (Dark Theme) and when the system came back up it whined about an unclean shutdown. Pulled a second set up diags. I had not touched the array since yesterday morning. This is not the first time share dropped out from under me on a version of 6.9, but other people had reported it, so I left it alone at the time. This occurred while I was out of town for the evening and unable
  12. I think it would be great to get a guide going for tips and tricks on a new set up. What tools, plugins and settings are good to adjust/install off the bench for new builders/users. That would be a great starting point. later you could higher it out to a tech writer to put into a guide or something
  13. I have that as the first plugin process. I know the files ARE videos, I can watch them on Plex.
  14. Hello, I've run into the following error on about 1,000 tv episodes. Error: File is not a video. Output for info on the file is attached Tdarr-error.txt
  15. OUter tracks. Your parity check slows as you move out from the center of the platter. The distance needed to travel for the inner sectors versus the sectors on the outer edge is much smaller. Think about it this way: If you watch a car race, do the cars hug the inside or the outside of the curve?