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  1. Still getting flooded by those errorsunraid1-diagnostics-20220811-1506.zip
  2. My logs are being flooded by this message: Unraid1 kernel: program smartctl is using a deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert it to SG_IO I'm not sure how to fix this. Searching online has netted me nothing conclusive. unraid1-diagnostics-20220811-1115.zip
  3. First you need to get the name of you containers written down. Make sure they are named somethingsimple and easily identifiable as unique to avoid confusion. You'll need use use the script below, set it to run at "Array Startup" #!/bin/bash # Check if nvidia-smi daemon is running and start it if not. if [[ `ps ax | grep nvidia-smi | grep daemon` == "" ]]; then /usr/bin/nvidia-smi daemon fi TREX=`docker container ls -q --filter name=T-Rex` while true; do if [[ `/usr/bin/nvidia-smi | grep plexmediaserver` == "" ]]; then # If Plex is not transcoding, start the trex-miner container if it is not running. if [[ `docker ps | grep $TREX` == "" ]]; then echo "No Plex, starting Trex." docker start $TREX fi else # If Plex is transcoding, stop the trex-miner container if it is running. if [[ `docker ps | grep $TREX` != "" ]]; then echo "Plex running, stopping Trex." docker stop $TREX fi fi sleep 1 done You may need to change trex-miner to match what your container is named. plexmediaserver is the name of the process that appears in the nvidia-smi control panel. I had to make a guess as I couldn't see the whole thing and can't figure out the command to show it to me. I am running the Hotio container currently but have had this working with the Plex, inc, Linuxserver and binhex versions as well. I did not write this script, it is borrowed.
  4. Looks like version 3.8 works fine, but nothing else will crunch or start. I'll just stay on that I guess.
  5. My Trex miner keeps stopping immediately after starting it. Looking at the t-rex fold under appdata, there is nothing there but the json file. I'm not getting any logs. Any ideas what the issue might be?
  6. This is the third controller in 8 months. One was a chinese marvell based thing, then an LSI 9211 and now it's direct to the motherboard sata ports.
  7. I have a brand new Toshiba disk that is throwing errors: nel: program smartctl is using a deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert it to SG_IO and A mandatory SMART command failed:exiting. To continue, add one or more '-T permissive' options. How do I add the '-T permissive' option? also many of my previous errors turned out to be due to a bad motherboard. the CPU was seated and firmly clamped, but when I pulled the cooler off the CPU came with it. it appears to be a case of a failed clamp. I have replace the motherboard. Please ignore any major issues dating before June 26. unraid1-diagnostics-20220627-1232.zip
  8. This was a bad storage controller....hopefully I didn't corrupt anything.
  9. System was able to start in safe mode (no gui.)
  10. System is getting kernel panics, please advise. Working on getting up so I can get to logs.
  11. I just ran into this. Also, I'm having issues with Parity check. I have errors set to be corrected, but I've had 5 errors on my last 3 parity checks. I did have two hard shutdowns due to the shutdown process taking more than 30 minutes. unraid1-diagnostics-20220616-0946.zip
  12. Thats something worth mentioning in a major post, or did I miss it?
  13. It appears I'm unable to back down far enough to get to /tmp when navigating directories in the docker configuration settings. I'm having buffering issues and I'm wondering if my typed '/tmp' entry is having issues. I have a post of at the plex forums detailing the exact issue. https://forums.plex.tv/t/plex-media-server-stuttering-on-playback/796230