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  1. I would like to see a tool to auto start and stop specfic dockers and vm's when a parity check starts. I'm running unmanic, for example, and it really slows down a parity check, so I would like to be able to stop it during parity check. I'm sure other people have similar use cases for other containers and for virtual machines.
  2. Words can't describe how irritating this email notification was this morning
  3. I have 6 cores isolate to a windows vm, at the time of writing the vm is offline, but cpu 14 is seeing about 8-10% utilization. Pinned cores: 2,14 - 6,18 - 10,22 unraid1-diagnostics-20201206-2124.zip
  4. That would make sense if the issue occurred anywhere other than in and changed to Settings->Disk Settings-> Enable Auto Start -> No and Settings->Disk Settings-> Default Spin Down Delay -> Never I set them back manually, but the picture shows you where the settings are at.
  5. In the process of shrinking my array (thanks @Josh.5!) and after clearing some drives and running new config last night, I noticed that my drives weren't spinning down this morning. Go up to look and sure enough, spin down and auto start settings are back to stock. easy fix, but I don't recall the New Configuration tool resetting those values previously.
  6. Hello, I don't know if you take requests, but I'd love to have an instance of pihole with a vpn in it! Or one that can leverage a proxy server

  7. I would like to see an option in network settings to configure unraid to use a proxy server.
  8. Here is the answer under the VM Manger section in the Settings Tab
  9. So this is an interesting post regarding auto updates for docker with the new paid limits on Docker Pulls. What is doing to be done by both this app and UnRAID to address this?
  10. OK, so I enabled debugging, deleted the database and started over. I've attached the logs after a number of failed conversions. Edit: Attached a second log with some successes and many failures. unmanic.log unmanic.log
  11. This is what I ended up doing on 4 SSD's in a RAID 10 as my cache originally. It was super fast. Currently I have a 1.6TB NVMe SSD I'm using that fills that role, though I don't think it's as fast as those 4 SATA SSD's....
  12. A long time ago I had issues with transcoding in /tmp as I didn't have enough RAM for larger files and I don't run ECC RAM in my server so Plex would sometimes crap out on me in the middle of transcoding a movie. I have a Datacenter grade Intel x8 PCIe 3.0 NVMe card I use as my cache, which is where I have my transcode directory, it's at /mnt/cache/transcode. My app data location is under a user share at /mnt/user/appdata. unmanic.log
  13. Well, I'm no longer picking up anything within either my movies or TV directory and even if I do, rarely, transcoding fails 100% of the time. I'm not sure what happened, but this thing has totally stopped working for me....
  14. What happened to the /config data? I have no idea how, but on my system it's entirely empty. Did you accidentally move the config data to the /library folder? There used to be a settings file and an unmanic.db file, both of which are entirely gone on my system.
  15. Actually it does, your default template it's 'clean' of the mount points you use to store your test data on your systems. The /library location in the container goes to /mnt/user/Media/TV and /mnt/user/Media/Movies locations, which I can only assume is how you have your test boxes mapped.