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  1. Is it possible to edit the wireguard config file in 6.8-rc1? My phone isn't connecting and I have no idea why.
  2. In 6.7.2 when powering on the system, I have the array set to auto start. It always took less than 30 seconds for the array to auto start, I had to wait for more than a minute after upgrading to 6.8-rc1 for everything to come online. It's not a HUGE issue per say, but I thought the change was worth noting. Let me know what trouble shooting steps you'd like to see.
  3. Just installed 6.8-rc1. Holy cow was the load tiem for the array slower than normal (diags attached.) Wireguard is super slick and was very easy to setup, however, I'm not sure it's routing properly as I cannot get to local assets within my primary subnet, such as pihole and my unraid box. I'm using the "Remote Access to LAN" setting. Will trouble shoot throughout the day as I get time. unraid1-diagnostics-20191013-1644.zip
  4. I'm moving my dad's Blue Iris system to an unraid box leveraging windows 10 pro and unassigned devices. I'd like to set up Storage Spaces on the two 1TB drives but I'm getting an error ( I didn't take a screen shot so I'll get it later and add it in.) Anyone gotten this to work?
  5. You should try installing the 'Disable Security Mitigations' plugin and disabling everything. Looking through https://preview.tinyurl.com/y2svcf3a that search, I found a few mentions where the SPECTRE mitigation caused corruption issues.
  6. I started using this about two weeks ago and its great! I eats the shit out of my CPU though. I'd love to see a utilization limiter or, better yet, a scheduler that auto pauses jobs outside the window. right now I run this during the week by turning the app on and off. I also have the app pinned to 4 of my 8 cores and that seems to work OK, but it would run much faster if I could let it use them all when everyone is asleep through a scheduler. Otherwise it's a really great tool! I'd also like to see it save the scan job from files to be converted so it doesn't have to scan the entire library every time I bring it online.
  7. You don't rebuild the database, plex will just have to redownload all the movie posters, music and what ever else. Shouldn't be a huge deal unless your on a capped connection. I would recommend you use CA Backup and that SSD for your apps/containers. Treat the docker containers as MOSTLY replaceable, yeah it's a pain in the butt to reconfigure sometimes, but I wouldn't worry too much about them. My question for you is what is causing the DB to corrupt? Old drives with errors occurring? Bad memory?
  8. I helped him over on reddit, ran into this issue with the Binhex Plex container myself. Joeshtroops23 had a corrupted database within plex and I had them delete and download the plex, inc made container. His pathing was also a level too high, so I got him squared away there as well.
  9. I imagine this wouldn't be terribly difficult, but may be low on the priority list. I would just like a way to record my config in the system where I can include most of the major parts. Right now it runs on and out of the viewing area, so if it could wrap around (maybe using comma seperation or something) that would be great, thanks!
  10. The second NIC was not available for editing and I've always hated the "start from scratch" default answer. I've seen no negative reprocussions from my manual edits after rebooting.
  11. I just edited the config file to remove eth1 and it's config. That should solve it after the reboot.
  12. OK, so at one point I had a tyan motherboard with two NIC's on it. I've moved to a different hardware set (AMD) and no longer have this. I can find instructions for removing this ghost NIC in Cent, but they don't seem to apply to unRAID. Please advise. Thank you
  13. First, I only have one NIC, second, I’m not sure how I would have done what you’re saying or how I would undo it...