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  1. for all you wondering what I did, I have two pihole servers, I generally only want the pihole servers getting out via port 53, so I blocked all but those two servers from getting out via port 53. So I had to add the pihole servers (using DOH/DOT), add a dedicated IP to the SAB container, and the add the SAB container to whitelist.
  2. Never mind, it was DNS. The container couldn't resolve the vpn domain. I have it now, thanks.
  3. I would like to stand up container and have it accessible on the local vlan and then have it route out via a vpn container on a different subnet with no gateway. In fact, if I fail to define the gateway, then the system is only addressable on the local subnet, which would be ideal. Being not routable is far better than complicated iptables rules. That aside, this would be a handy feature regardless.
  4. @binhex The container won't respond to anything when I enable the vpn. my container inputs are: 7878,8989,8686 for radarr, sonarr, lidarr I did a output for sabnzbd thinking that would help and no dice (port 8080.)
  5. This has been working fine for over a year since I stood it up. I moved houses in April this year and it's been fine since then as well. I went to go add a movie in Radaar and couldn't get to my sources (IMDB) and went to look at SAB and I can't connect to the webUI. I cannot figure out what the deal is, as far as I can tell I made no changes, it just stopped working. sabnzbd.error.log Please help. something with the proxy is broken, I can't get to the sab ui as long as the VPN is enabled. This is all internal, flat network.
  6. @limetech and @Squid Maybe this would be something to look into for a plugin or the next major release?
  7. Docker Cluster/Fail over Manager for unRaid I want to build a set of unraid servers where my VM's and dockers have an HA host to fail back to. I need something to start and start VM's on Unraid2 if Unraid1 goes down. I also need it to keep Unraid1 from starting applications and VM's that are running on unraid2. Currently I have a qnap box that I got from work that I am thinking about turning into my repo for shared storage for this purpose. It's not perfect and I might load Ubuntu over the top of it because the QNAP software is crap. It's a TS-932x with the Annapurna chip in it and 10Gbe out the back. Is there a tool that already exists that can do what I want? I understand I'd need a 3rd server (UnraidCM) to act as HA Manager for this to function. This could be a 3rd party tool, a first party app or part of the unraid OS.
  8. Updated to 6.10, ripped and replaced my cache drive. All my shares are gone. This is a test box/lone DNS host, so NBD. unraid2-diagnostics-20211006-0830.zip
  9. @ich777 I've been there, reddit and the linuxserver.io forums. I can't get anyone to help me.
  10. @ich777 and @dajo77 Any thoughts on why my system isn't working?
  11. @ich777 and @dajo77 Forgot to attach the site confs, my bad. default jellyfin
  12. @ich777 I;ve followed every guide, posted to here, reddit and the linuxserver forums multiple times. I've posted copies of my configs many times. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong but I cannot get this to work. Yes I've watched the SpaceInvaderOne video, no it did not help. I've attached configs and logs. The errors you see are related to my nextcloud instance, which has it's own set of weird issues that are application specific. error.log.2.tar jellyfin.subdomain.conf network.xml nginx.conf access.log error.log
  13. I'm writing to solicit paid support on getting my JF instance working with swag. Please PM me if you have paypal and would like to earn some money.
  14. So I can see that I'm actively mining in nanopool, but I'm not getting any statistics.
  15. I have a server that is running just a couple of dockers, right now it's my secondary pihole/adguard box. Eventually I'll move the USB to a different array and run the system on a more advanced hardware set. For now I have two array drives for backup and parity. I have one cache drive. After about 15 or so minutes the gui on my pihole stops working. The drive won't run a SMART test so I'm wondering if this is due to the drive or something else. tower-diagnostics-20210922-0831.zip
  16. The flash backup and restore function is nice, but I can't get the USB creator to work on my windows desktop. It won't recognize any USB stick I plug in to my machine. I'll add, that it doesn't seem to be compliant with apple very much these days either. @limetech moving to an img or iso file and telling people to use rufus would probably be less work to maintain.
  17. As a feature request, I would like to see a chart showing how much space has been saved through the use of the plugin. I know it's clawed bay more than 30TB for me personally, but it would be nice to see a real chart.
  18. This is ridiculous that this hasn't been addressed. @limetech please either update the allowed usb devices and the flash creator, open source the flash creator to allow others to update it, or remove it. I've been using a USB 3.0 Cruzer Fit in my main unit for years and an Ultra fit in my newer host for several months.
  19. I'm trying to run t-rex miner on my server, sharing the gpu with unmanic and plex. I can't get the container to stay running (terminates immediately.) I can't fin any logs on why it won't stay running. Does this need dedicated access to my gpu?
  20. I swapped out my jellyfin.subdomain.conf file for yours, minus the organizr configuration. I'm not running a custom network, I have everything going over IP, as I want to split some of these services out to other systems later on. I want to be able to scale to more servers as time goes on. I may have to go to the lsio discord at this point. You've been more helpful than most, but there has to be something that we all are missing.
  21. other than automatic port mapping and the proxy address, my config matched yours for Jellyfin. Jellyfin logs report no issue. swag logs report no issue. Jellyfin is still not forwarding traffic to swag.
  22. I have nextcloud working. I have the domain. I have cloudflare working. I have DDNS working. I have internal DNS working. I have all of this working. The issue is that Jellyfin isn't directing traffic THROUGH swag. I'm not getting TO the Proxy server, I'm not even worried about getting out of it, yet.
  23. My issue is jellyfin isn’t forwarding to swag. I can still get to the jellyfin webserver internal. i have nextcloud up and working, so i was able to get the done once, but I’m unsure on why it’s not forwarding all traffic to the nginx proxy server.
  24. grow your docker image. That should solve the issue.
  25. For the life of me, I cannot get Jellyfin to forward to SWAG. I'm not using a dedicated bridge, instead I'm using dedicated IP addresses. My config files are attached below. Please help. Thanks network.xml is for the Jellyfin container Subdomain is my sudomain config jellyfin is my server config my Jelly fin container is IP'd with ports 80 and 443 my swag ip is jellyfin.subdomain.conf jellyfin network.xml