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  1. I think it would be great to get a guide going for tips and tricks on a new set up. What tools, plugins and settings are good to adjust/install off the bench for new builders/users. That would be a great starting point. later you could higher it out to a tech writer to put into a guide or something
  2. I have that as the first plugin process. I know the files ARE videos, I can watch them on Plex.
  3. Hello, I've run into the following error on about 1,000 tv episodes. Error: File is not a video. Output for info on the file is attached Tdarr-error.txt
  4. OUter tracks. Your parity check slows as you move out from the center of the platter. The distance needed to travel for the inner sectors versus the sectors on the outer edge is much smaller. Think about it this way: If you watch a car race, do the cars hug the inside or the outside of the curve?
  5. Mine works, how ever I've noticed that it changes to CPU encoding at some point. I'm unsure of why, however, I'd love know why it keeps stopping using the GPU (Nvidia 1660 SUPER OC.) EDIT: It seems to be after the first video it wants to stop using the GPU.
  6. This is what I get for trouble shooting on no sleep. For a brief moment the dashbaord would connect. It would show approximately 15,500,000 queries. After dicking around wondering what the deal was it dawned on me that the SQlite database couldn't handle that many queries. Being that I was exhausted (new baby) and didn't want to pour through logs to figure it out, I re-installed the container from scratch and rebuilt the container, then I did a flush on my other pi-hole. Super annoying I couldn't flush the container though. It seems to be pretty universal wi
  7. I'm having trouble with this container. I cannot get DNS or FTL to stay online. It starts out OK, but quickly fails, along with the API connection on the dashboard. pihole_debug.log
  8. You'r right, I didn't even think about CA Backup, but oh well. I've had the COntainer ID change on me a few times, I don't recall why. I have new child brain right now, so I'm going to avoid doing anything that could be damaging.
  9. It's not documented, but if you pause a container and leave it for 24 hours, it will restart. I'm not sure why that it is. This behavior is consistent every time I do it on my own array. See the frustrating thing is the container name changes when ever you do an update. I don't' want to be constantly updating my container names in scripts.
  10. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here. It would also be fantastic if you could upload a file through that WebUI utility, but please focus on the browser too.
  11. Cool! Hopefully we can help spread these federated services around and stop the Orwellian march.
  12. If built in features REQUIRE CA to enable, it's time that CA came configured by default. Maybe you just have to check a box to use it or something.
  13. Just discovered when I go to the OS Update tool and I try to select 'Stable' branch, it fails to load and it reloads that I am on the current 'next' branch release (6.9-rc2) Tried a clean browser with no safety blocks and it did the same thing. Last reboot was 5.5 days ago.
  14. When I click the link to take me to the project page (www.photoshow-gallery.com) I get redirected to malicious ad sites that make a bunch of noise and claim I have a virus.
  15. Seems like no one is using this but the website link for photo show send you to a malicious site. In all, I think the project is dead. This likely needs to be pulled from the 'store' @limetech @Squid @linuxserver.io
  16. Does anyone know of a way to setup and run a Pixel Fed instance (pixelfed.org) on unraid? I'd like to start my own instance and I'm will to run additional servers to make that happen. Any recommendation is appreciated. https://docs.pixelfed.org/running-pixelfed/installation.html https://hub.docker.com/search?q=pixelfed&type=image https://github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed https://hub.docker.com/u/pixelfederation
  17. I would like to see a tool to auto start and stop specfic dockers and vm's when a parity check starts. I'm running unmanic, for example, and it really slows down a parity check, so I would like to be able to stop it during parity check. I'm sure other people have similar use cases for other containers and for virtual machines.
  18. Words can't describe how irritating this email notification was this morning
  19. I have 6 cores isolate to a windows vm, at the time of writing the vm is offline, but cpu 14 is seeing about 8-10% utilization. Pinned cores: 2,14 - 6,18 - 10,22 unraid1-diagnostics-20201206-2124.zip
  20. That would make sense if the issue occurred anywhere other than in and changed to Settings->Disk Settings-> Enable Auto Start -> No and Settings->Disk Settings-> Default Spin Down Delay -> Never I set them back manually, but the picture shows you where the settings are at.
  21. In the process of shrinking my array (thanks @Josh.5!) and after clearing some drives and running new config last night, I noticed that my drives weren't spinning down this morning. Go up to look and sure enough, spin down and auto start settings are back to stock. easy fix, but I don't recall the New Configuration tool resetting those values previously.
  22. Hello, I don't know if you take requests, but I'd love to have an instance of pihole with a vpn in it! Or one that can leverage a proxy server

  23. I would like to see an option in network settings to configure unraid to use a proxy server.
  24. Here is the answer under the VM Manger section in the Settings Tab
  25. So this is an interesting post regarding auto updates for docker with the new paid limits on Docker Pulls. What is doing to be done by both this app and UnRAID to address this?