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  1. I have tested and confirmed that that error is the result of an invalid Discord Bot Token. Make sure you have a valid Token in the template and try again. Go to https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/ Click on your Bot application or make a new one. On that application click the bot tab and copy the Token and use it in your template.
  2. Thanks, I updated the guide. That error means that you hit the Discord Server Role Limit which I had not accounted for until now. Go ahead and check for updates and you should have bot version 1.2.1. I adjusted the code to work around the limit so it should be functional but you will still have that error in your logs. By the way, !notifications preview is a new command that can be used in place of !notifications list when experimenting, I created it because the bot now tracks the most recent call of !notifications list and updates the emoji reactions on bot startup to reflect any changes while it was offline. If you run !notifications preview or !notifications list it will generate as many roles as it can until it hits the Discord limit and then stops generating new roles. You can then proceed to edit that list with !notifications exclude show to get rid of anything you don't like and recall !notifications preview or !notifications list to let it reprocess and add new shows. As an FYI, I also added a !delete command which deletes all Roles that have been generated by the Bot for easy cleanup if anyone decides to stop using the bot.
  3. Okay, so it looks like changing the webroot does have an effect. It looks like you changed the webroot to add the /tautulli then. I changed the code to allow webroot overrides by leaving the port field blank. Go ahead and check for docker updates or force apply and you should have bot version 1.1.6. What you need to do is leave the Tautulli port field in the template blank and instead put the full root path in the ip section. So in your case put as the ip and the port field empty. If you changed the webroot for Sonarr then do the same thing for that. I will go ahead and edit my OP to reflect this so others can see it easily if they also changed their webroot. Sorry for the issues, I was unaware I needed to account for webroot changes, but all should be good now.
  4. Also, does take you to your Tautulli home page? If it does, I imagine the base url change shouldn't have effected the api.
  5. For what its worth, I'm using the linuxserver version and its fine. My web interface settings look like this and its behind a nginx proxy but the bot accesses it locally so it has no problems. Did you change the HTTP Root section?
  6. First off, thanks for the log info and that screen capture. You clearly have the ip and port correct because of the "Powered by CherryPy 5.1.0" footer. If the api key was wrong it would still return a json saying invalid API key. Instead, its returning a html 404 error which is why the bot doesn't errors. I can reproduce the same 404 error page on my own Tautuill service by entering an invalid path. It's like your Tautulli api endpoint doesn't exist. This is very strange. The only thing I can suggest right now is to check if your Tautulli is up-to-date but I doubt that will make a difference. I am in communication with the Tautulli Discord support channel to see as to why your endpoint is not working. I will get back to you when someone offers a solution. Sorry if I could not be of more help at this current moment.
  7. After doing some more digging, I discovered that Tautulli's api can also return xml even though json is the default. Since it returned with < at position 0, I can only assume it returned xml. I made some changes to force it to return json and the container update is live, its bot version 1.1.5. Click on the advanced view in docker containers to force an update now or click check for updates at the bottom of the docker page and then apply update. If it's still returning this same error after the update let me know and I will enable some more debugging to see whats going on.
  8. That's strange, is there anything else in the logs? I imagine its referring to the tautulli.js file at line 104 but I'm not sure what could cause an error like this. After some searching it appears that a TLS encrypted tautulli could have caused this. Do you by chance normally access tautulli with https? If so, just add that to your ip, so for your case it would be in the ip section of the template.
  9. Okay, cool, glad to hear. That was a weird issue you were having and I may need to dig a little deeper if someone else has the same problem.
  10. You stated not here so I'm a little confused. Is everything working on the bridge adapter now?
  11. Hmm, I'm not sure why a different IP would be causing that issue. Mine is running on the same host IP and I have no issues. Is there anything else in the log other than that one line of EHOSTUNREAC? Is that request line in the format of:
  12. Interesting, I just pushed a new update so check your docker updates and apply. The command `!bot info` should now state the bot version so if you see 1.1.4 then you have the latest. Let me know if you have the same issue after this update.
  13. Sorry about the sonarr bug, I actually pushed an update that broke it without realizing it. It's fixed now, if you go to your container settings and force an update it should be fixed. I see in that screen capture that the Discord User wasn't linked to a Plex User. Did you type the command as: !link @DiscordUser PlexUserName
  14. I apologize for the sonarr bug, I actually pushed an update that broke it without realizing it. It's fixed now, if you go to your container and force an update it should be good.
  15. This is a Discord bot that synchronizes with Tautulli and Sonarr to deliver tailored notifications. Important Note about Template Configuration If you have changed your webroot of Sonarr or Tautulli, leave the sonarr_port and or tautulli_port fields blank. Specify the entire base URL in the ip section instead. So for example, if you normally access Tautulli at instead of the default, enter as the tautulli_ip and leave the tautulli_port field blank. Also, if you access Sonarr or Tautulli with TLS encryption, specify https:// in the beginning of the ip field. Pre-Installation Steps 1. Make sure you have Tautulli and Sonarr setup, they are required to use this bot. 2. Get a Discord Bot Token. To do that go here: https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me 1. Log in or create an account 2. Click **New App** 3. Fill in App Name and anything else you'd like to include 4. Click **Create App** 5. Click **Create Bot User** * This will provide you with your Bot Token which you will need to place in the docker template 3. Once you have created your bot, you'll need to authorize your bot on a server you have administrative access to. For documentation, you can read: https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/topics/oauth2#bots. The steps are as follows: 1. Go to `https://discordapp.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=[CLIENT_ID]&scope=bot&permissions=1` where [CLIENT_ID] is the Discord App Client ID 2. Select **Add a bot to a server** and select the server to add it to 3. Click **Authorize** 4. You should now see your bot in your server listed as *Offline* Usage This bot allows a mentionable Role to be set as a watching role for users. It gets auto-assigned during playback and removed when playback ends. This is useful for other notifications, like if you need to reboot the Plex server you can ping @watching so they know it's not a problem on their end. To use this feature, the Discord account must be linked to the Plex username with `!link @DiscordUser PlexUsername`. The second usage for this bot is getting relevant recently added notifications. All recently added movies and TV shows are filtered through the bot to add their respective @mentions and then sent in the specified channel. A user chooses their respective notification settings by clicking on emojis and receiving a react-role from the bot. A library can be excluded with the `!notifications library` command, like with a 4K library that most or all of the other users don't have access to. Getting Started After all cofiguration settings have been applied, the bot has been invited to the server, and the bot is online with no errors in the console; you are ready to configure its discord settings. First off, if you want to change the prefix, do it with `!bot prefix newprefix` where newprefix is the actual new prefix. In some sort of Admin only channel, do all the following stuff until the last step. We want to run `!link @DiscordUser PlexUsername` for every user in the server, you can verify the settings with `!linklist` and use `!unlink @DiscordUser` to unlink someone. If you don't know the exact spelling of someone's plex username, the command `!users` will pull a list for you. Now create a Watching Role in Discord and make sure the Mentionable box is ticked. Run this command with the Role you just created `!role @WatchingRole`. If you want to see if its working, run `!bot logchannel #channel` to get a log of the auto-assigning of the role. Run `!bot logchannel off` to disable logging. Run the `!notifications edit` command to setup some notification preferences now. If you have any custom Discord Roles you would like to be React-Roles (so users can opt in and out of them) use the `!notifications custom add @mentionedRole Optional Description` command. Run `!notifications library` to exclude any Plex libraries from recently added notifications. Test the Sonarr connection and generate the database with `!notifications preview`. A database with all shows on Sonarr was just created but only continuing (airing) shows automatically received a discord Role. Now you can edit this list with `!notifications exclude show` or `!notifications include show`. You can even group or ungroup common shows with `!notifications group New Group Name for Shows [show1] [show2] [etc.]` and `!notifications ungroup [show1] [show2] [etc.]`. You can re-call `!notifications preview` to see your changes and once you are satisfied with this list you can continue onto the final step. Finally, you should setup a `#notifications` channel and a `#notifications_settings` channel in Discord. In the channel permissions, non-Admin users should be able to read these messages but not be able to send anything. Also, default server notification settings should be set to @mentions only so people are not spammed by `#notifications` but rather only get notifications on things they want. Use `!notifications channel #notifications` to set the bots recently added notifications to go to the newly created channel and head over to `#notification_settings` and type `!notifications list` to generate all the React-Role embeds. You are now done, and people can receive show specific notifications in your Discord Server! Discord Bot Commands - `!help` : Lists information about commands. - `!help [command name]` : Lists information about a specific command. - `!showlist` : Lists all the shows on Sonarr that are still marked as continuing. - `!bot [subcommand]` : Various bot commands - `!bot info` : Lists current info like logging channel, recently added channel, etc. - `!bot prefix newprefix` : Allows you to change the bot prefix - `!bot logchannel #channel` : Allows you top set the logchannel or turn off logging with `!bot logchannel off` - `!link @DiscordUser PlexUsername` : Links a Discord User Tag with their respective Plex username - `!unlink @DiscordUser PlexUsername` : Unlinks a Discord User Tag with a Plex username - `!linklist` : Shows a list of all linked Plex-Discord Users - `!users` : Lists all Plex usernames that have shared access to the Server, to be used to easily call the `!link @DiscordUser PlexUsername` command. - `!notifications [subcommand]` : - `!notifications edit` : Allows you to edit the page 1 react role options. - `!notifications custom add @mentionedRole Optional Description` : Allows you to add up to 6 custom React-Roles that can be used on page 1 of the `!notifications list` - `!notifications custom remove` : Allows you to remove a custom React-Role - `!notifications library` : Allows you to include or exclude a library from sending recently added notifications. Ex. To exclude a 4k Movie Library from pinging in the `!notifications channel` - `!notifications exclude show` : Excludes a show from getting it's own Role - `!notifications include show` : Includes a show in getting it's own Role - `!notifications group New Group Name for Shows [show1] [show2] [etc.]` : Groups shows as one React-Role - `!notifications ungroup [show1] [show2] [etc.]` : Ungroups previously grouped shows. - `!notifications list` : Lists the react-role embeds to be used for role specified notifications. Should be called in its own channel that others can view but not send in. For now, it needs to be recalled to reflect new changes. - `!notifications preview` : Same as `!notifications list` but does not store embeds in database for emoji recheck on start. Should be used when experimenting in a different channel than the primary #notification_settings. - `!notifications channel #channel` : Sets the channel that recently added shows are notified in. - `!role @WatchingRole` : Assigns the Watching Role that the bot assigns to Users when they are watching Plex. *NOTE: The Bot's Role needs to be higher than the Watching Role* - `!delete` : Deletes all Discord Roles managed by this bot, to be used prior to removing the bot from Server for easy cleanup.