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  1. Do you solve that issue? I'm also have 3.5Gbps speeds instead of 10Gbps.
  2. Hello. I have installed a couple of NVMe drives for my cache, but I can't get stable 10Gbps network speeds. I'm using AQC107 network cards in my server and my PC, cat7 ethernet cable. Seems that issue is my Windows 10 instance. If I'm loading from ubuntu live cd on my PC, I'm getting 9.9Gbps. Under windows 10 I'm getting 3.5-4Gbps. What can I do to solve this? Clean install of Windows 10 is not an option right now unfortunately.
  3. Hello @pish180, do you solved that issue? I have similar problem, only 3.5Gbps under windows 10. If I load from Ubuntu live CD, I got 9.9Gbps. Clean install of windows 10 is not an option right now.
  4. Cache disabled and I don't have cache at all.
  5. Have this issue with Unraid 6.8.3. I have 2 servers: J3455Unraid and R7Unraid. I have mounted on J3455Unraid share from R7Unraid. Sometimes I got this error "stale file handle" so I need manully unmount and mount this share. How can I fix that? SMB1 is not an option. Also I tried disable hard links in Global Share Settings.
  6. Hello. A few days ago I ran into problem - can't stop Nextcloud (linuxserver) docker container. So I tried to reboot the whole system - fail again, Unraid is stuck, it's can't reboot. Next I tried "powerdown -r" command, on the second time it worked and system rebooted (after boot parity check started). A few hours later this bug appeared again. Nextcloud container stuck as well as the system. I tried "diagnostics" command - failed, endless waiting. This bug appears after trying to update content in the Nextcloud android app. Bug occurred 4 times now, always after refreshing mobile app. Also I tried "docker kill nextcloud" - command don't work, endless waiting. Next I tried to stop the whole docker from GUI. "Enable Docker - no", but Docker status is running. After reboot I nuked docker.img, set up all dockers again and Nextcloud worked well until today - same problem happened. I nuked docker.img again, it helps. But it's not a solution nuking docker.img every 3-4 days... I found out that docker-proxy process related to nextcloud is <defunct>. It looks like the problem is with network. Syslog and nextcloud logs, docker-proxy stuck process: syslog: https://pastebin.com/Uc5yuYx5 (after problem appeared) nextcloud logs: https://pastebin.com/hBm9uE8b (after problem appeared) stuck docker-proxy process: My hardware: Ryzen 2700, 16 Gb ECC, ASUS TUF B450M-PRO PLUS. Dockers installed on Samsung NVMe drive (unassigned device, not cache). I ask for help in solving this problem
  7. Only this: VENDOR=nvidia I fixed that. For some reason plugin don't detect my GPU. I just pressed "Default" button and all works. Config after that: VENDOR="nvidia" GPUID="0" TEMPFORMAT="C"
  8. Quadro P400, empty after latest update
  9. What about server uptime? How long - days, weeks, months?
  10. Is Ryzen stable now? Any random reboots? What about C-states is it still necessary to disable it? I want to buy 2600 but I can't found an answer about stability.
  11. Thank you for reply! What about any issues especially C-states? Did you disable it? In my region I don't have that shop (I'm not from the North America or European Union) and 2700X costs a lot more than 2600. In fact I don't need 8 cores and X-version, it had 105 Watt TDP which a lot for me. One of primary objectives of my future build is power saving, I can't afford a huge bills for electricity. I don't plan any gaming so I don't need overclock, powerful VRM or high memory frequencys. I want a server for storing files, sometimes transcode in Plex and application server. The main task is reliability and power saving.
  12. Thank you for reply! What about power consumption?
  13. Hello! I'm looking for hardware for my future unRAID build, I want the same CPU. Do you have any issues with 2600? You still have to disable C-states?
  14. Hi there! Now I'm looking for an upgrade for my home server. I really like new AMD Ryzen CPUs, especially Ryzen 5 2600, it provides a lot of power for a low price. But I've seen some stability issues on these CPUs but that was a while ago. As for now all of these stability issues are solved? I need a stable build that can provide long server uptime. Random reboots are unexceptable. Also I don't want disabling C-states or something another enegry saving technology because I don't need a huge electricity bills. I chose this hardware: - Ryzen 2600 - ASRock B450M Pro4-F - 8 Gb DDR4 2666 MHz or so (I'm planning to add 8 Gb later, total capacity 16 Gb). I'm not sure about ECC because there are no compatibility list from the manufacturer - Fractal Design Node 804 (great cooling, 8x3.5") - LSI 9200-8i IT mode from eBay - Some kind of simple cooler for the CPU or the BOX cooler Also I already have 4xWD Red that I will use in my next unRAID build. Budget of this build around $450 maybe $500. Feel free to provide any suggestions!