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  1. So maybe it's not a bug, but this is really annoying. I think this shouldn't work like this. You need to turn off hard links or cache on share to prevent this errors. It's not solution for this problem because you have to broke one functionality to fix another.
  2. Because of stale file handles I switched to NFS. SMB have this issue too. The only way is to disable cache on that shares or disable hard links. I described it here:
  3. I think this is a problem for specific users if they don't have enough knowledge But custom options will be very useful. Now I need to change lib.php to mount my shares with needed params.
  4. Is there a way to run custom nfs mount command? Noac option is very slow in my case, I'd like to remove it. I think it's a quiet simple to add an option to specify custom params for NFS. In lib.php.
  5. Yes, RAID1 btrfs cache on all shares (10GbE network). If I turn off cache, there are no more stale file handle errors. But this is not an option for me.
  6. Thank you all for support. I turned off hard links and there are no more stale file handle errors. But this solution works only for NFS. My SMB shares still have that problem. Also turning off hard links affects important functionality (sonarr, radarr, lidarr, etc.). I think that turning off hard links is not a good solution for that problem because you fix one functionality and broke another. That errors is really annoying, servers just can't make backups to each other.
  7. Yeah. I have set this to -1. Also I tried to disable hard links when I'm using SMB, it doesn't help.
  8. Set this to -1. I will check if it works. If it doesn't I will post diagnostics.
  9. I switched to NFS but experiencing same error "Stale file handle".
  10. I have mounted NFS private shares but for some reason plugin don't ask me for password. How this can happen?
  11. Hello. I have 2 Unraid servers with 6.9.2. When I mount SMB share from one server to another I have that really annoying error "Stale file handle". So I simply can't mount my shares. Need support for this or fix.
  12. Same issue for me. Is there any solution of this? SMBv1, turning off hard links or turning off cache is not an option for me.
  13. /mnt/remotes is a good plan but it has a couple of disadvantages. I have a lot of my own rsync scripts which uses /mnt/disks shares, so I need to change paths in all of them and it's quite a long operation. Maybe you should add a option, so users can choose where they want to see their remote shares? Or just leave as it is. It's not a big deal in fact, /mnt/disks or /mnt/remotes, it's just a path, it does not introduce new functionality.
  14. Hello. I have APC CS 500 UPS, RBC17 battery, Unraid 6.8.3. I replaced old 7ah battery with new 9ah battery. Also I made a calibration in apctest utility. But now apcupsd reports incorrect timeleft value. Before replacement I have 6-7 mins under 200 watts load but now I have only 4 mins under the same load. Battery is larger, is newer but timeleft has become less. How this can happen?