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  1. For some reason, the new macinabox won't download Big Sur. Its only downloading Catalina. Big Sur is selected but it downloads macOS Product 061-86291 which is Catalina. I've wiped out the appdata location, the docker template and any other trace of macinabox. Restart from scratch and it again downloads Catalina. I'm using download method 2 right now but I am unsure if its doing anything. My download speed is about what it is when my server is idle. I let it sit for a good 10 minutes and nothing changed in the log. Small side note...don't try to upgrade Catalina to Big Sur. It uh, almost works. BIG side note. I was wrong. It does work. Upgrade was successful.
  2. Does anyone have any steps for adding jitsi with Nginx Proxy Manager? NEVERMIND, I figured it out. I'll do my best to write it below for what I did. I added two new CNAME records to my DNS entries on Godaddy, jitsi and xmpp. In nginx proxy manager, I added two proxy hosts. The first was for the URL I wanted to use to access the server. The IP is the LAN address of your unRAID server. Port 8000 because I wasn't using the default port from when we edited the .env file. The second proxy host was what I found my issue to be. Below is the entry for the second host and then why I made it and had to change one line in a config file. It is forwarding port 5280 with the reverse prodxy to the other docker container In portainer, I looked at the log of the meet.jitsi container and it was telling me I found meet.conf and changed the entry on line 35 to proxy_pass; I restared the jitsi containers and after that, everything worked as expected. IF, and I stress IF, this isn't the right way to do it, please help me and anyone else out with the proper way, but so far, all is good. Now to do more testing. I however now have issues with video working so its not a fix.
  3. I work in IT and I love that unRAID for the most part just works. These days I hate having to come home and keep troubleshooting stuff. I'd like to see the integration of actual raid 0 1 5 technology.
  4. Can you add a feature that will allow us to sort the list of containers we have by CPU load and memory load since those fields are now present on the 7.0rc1 and therefore future builds.
  5. So it seems this container was updated to PostgreSQL 11 but I started using it in version 10 so now it says my database is incompatible. Help?
  6. My new server only has a single 1gb nic. I got spoiled on my old server that had 4 built in. What are some reasonably priced (~$75) quad nic cards that are compatible with unRAID?
  7. I am unable to load the webpage terminal window in the GUI. In the log, I get this: Jun 15 20:00:30 Tower nginx: 2018/06/15 20:00:30 [error] 4805#4805: *1506 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET /webterminal/ HTTP/1.1", upstream: "http://unix:/var/run/ttyd.sock:/", host: "", referrer: "" Yesterday i moved my drives and flash drive to a new server and all loaded up fine and worked fine for an entire day. Now the software terminal won't load and my Duplicati container won't load either. I've since removed Duplicati and will worry about that later. I'd however love to get some clarification on maybe a solution to this issue. In the mean time I will be searching forums looking for a solution. I am running the current 6.5.3 OS version. The host it refers to is the correct IP and port for my server.
  8. Ok, so I put the flash drive in my new server and booted. It won't take an IP address. I think that may be related to the fact that my old server has 4 1gb nics but the new one is only a single 1gb nic. Unraid was set up as a bonded connection. I went back in the old server and turned off the bonded connection and set it to eth0. However at the bottom in the routing table, I have this: IPv4 br0 217 IPv4 default via br0 217 I tried to remove the entries and i immediately lost connection. Reboot and I tried to add a new entry under eth0 except it only gives me br0 eth1 eth2 eth3. I am unable to add eth0 if I type it in manually. HANG TIGHT, I'm a numbskull sometimes. Lemme check something...... Sorry, its really the little things that frustrate you the most. I forgot that when I initially set up the server I changed the GUI port to something other than 80 since I have a web server running. I forgot to type the port. Ok, it has an IP now and its only complaint are the missing drives which I will be adding in soon. Thanks for your replies guys and if I do run into any issue that I can't troubleshoot myself I'll post the diagnostic files. Again, many thanks!
  9. So my server is no longer keeping up with what I want it to do and I happened to get a fantastic deal on a xeon based server. Is it possible to take the USB drive AND the hard drives from my old server and put them in the new server and have everything still work?
  10. This helped me too. I changed my server port away from 80 a while ago so I just had to change the setting to true. So happy to have it working again. Many thanks!
  11. I figured that out. Its back up. Thanks. I didn't notice the repository change when I told it to use my settings.
  12. Oh nice. Only one is showing up. I'll have to look for the other one.
  13. I had to redo my docker img file. Something went wrong and it stopped loading. Anywho, I'm trying to get the Nextcloud docker installed and it won't install. It says Pulling image: lsiodev/nextcloud:latest TOTAL DATA PULLED: 0 B Error: Error: image lsiodev/nextcloud:latest not found Is there something wrong with the image? All other docker imaged I had to restore are working just fine.