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  1. Hi ! I'm having an issue with my Nextcloud 24 instance, I get a "something went wrong" in the background tasks, that is 7 days old. It runs on default setting "Cron", i tried to switch to Webcron, to test if it got better, but it switches back automatically to Cron a few minutes later. What can I do to solve this problem ?
  2. I'm surely missing something, how to switch from old and deprecated scrutiny to analogj image ? Just tried to install a fresh analogj, can't get in webui, template seems way different than the deprecated one ... refers to "influxdb" for example, don't know what it is.
  3. Thanks for the great work, and the guide in OP, manual update let me upgrade from 21.0.5 to 21.0.7, and then 22.2.3
  4. Same problem here, even when choosing script v0.3.4, nothing happens, test is blank with 0 Mb/s results.
  5. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction
  6. Thank you for your answer, I understand now why it can't work automatically, as it is a major postgres update. I will stick to the 13.4 version for the moment, as the database upgrade procedure seems a little bit complicated, but I will study it thoroughly and try it later
  7. Hi ! I'm using a Postgres container to get my Nextcloud Database running, I followed some tutorials here and there when I set it all up, all was working great. This morning, Postgres was not running, checked the logs : My container was using the postgres:latest tag, so I guess it auto-updated to the latest 14 version. Switched back to tag postgres:13.4 , all is working. Question is, what should I do ? Leave it as is and stay on the 13.4 version for a while (or forever ?), or seek a solution to update database to 14.0 so it could be compatible ? i'm a bit of a noob with this, maybe I didn't understand the problem correctly, but any reference site or procedure to follow could help me, and any advice is welcome Thanks for your help !!
  8. I completely deleted the container including appdata folder, rebuilt it, no problems now. Not being behind a large NAT by the way, just my personal home connection. Thanks for your help @TQ
  9. Hi everyone ! i'm getting this errors / warnings : Updating ClamAV scan DB ClamAV update process started at Sat Sep 4 08:52:39 2021 WARNING: FreshClam previously received error code 429 from the ClamAV Content Delivery Network (CDN). WARNING: You are still on cool-down until after: 2021-09-04 12:48:27 This means that you have been rate limited by the CDN. 1. Run FreshClam no more than once an hour to check for updates. FreshClam should check DNS first to see if an update is needed. 2. If you have more than 10 hosts on your network attempting to download, it is recommended that you set up a private mirror on your network using cvdupdate ( to save bandwidth on the CDN and your own network. 3. Please do not open a ticket asking for an exemption from the rate limit, it will not be granted. Freshclam updated the DB ClamAV 0.103.3/26217/Wed Jun 30 11:10:04 2021 Scanning /scan LibClamAV Warning: ************************************************** LibClamAV Warning: *** The virus database is older than 7 days! *** LibClamAV Warning: *** Please update it as soon as possible. *** LibClamAV Warning: ************************************************** Any idea what the problem could be ? I'm running ClamAV on a monthly basis, nothing more
  10. Thanks @JorgeB, I'm a real dummy ! 😀 I'm so used to my new rock solid unraid server (been using it for just 3 monthes), that I totally forgot such a simple thing as to reboot it !
  11. Hi ! I'm getting an error while trying to mount my backup usb drive : It was working fine last week using automount. Any idea ?
  12. Hi everyone ! I just recently decided to switch from synology to unraid, quite happy with as I managed to get almost all my usages covered, but I need help backing up my unraid server. On my synology nas, I used hyper backup to back everything up (apps/docker/shares, the whole package) to an external hard drive once a week, and to synology C2 daily (both with versioning). I can't figure out exactly how to get a similar result with unraid. It seems many use scripts to back up to ext hd using rclone or mc, even duplicati, with unassigned drives plugins. For the cloud part, I see many using backblaze b2 with cloudberry (not cheap) or duplicati, other using crashplanpro. I'm a bit lost ... What would you recommend in my case ? Any advice appreciated 😀
  13. Comment passer de mariadb à PostGres ?
  14. Merci pour ce tuto, moi qui n'y connais rien, ça me met le pied à l'étrier !