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  1. Same here, been using powertop for a month, all good in tunables, I think I checked all possible options in bios, but I still get 0% in every Pkg(Hw) values.
  2. I don't know if it's really the solution, but I switched my cache pool (two NVMe SSDs) from ZFS to btrfs, and it's been rock solid for a week, and going on !
  3. Ok, that's a start, it will be long and painful, but at least I could pinpoint the problem, thanks for your help !
  4. Switched to ipvlan for a few hours, froze again. Last syslog entries : Jul 11 15:25:02 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdc Jul 11 15:27:23 Tower kernel: mdcmd (47): set md_write_method 1 Jul 11 15:27:23 Tower kernel: Jul 11 15:40:12 Tower emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdc Jul 11 15:42:23 Tower kernel: mdcmd (48): set md_write_method 0 Jul 11 15:42:23 Tower kernel:
  5. Ok ! I don't know the difference between macvlan and ipvlan, but I will try this, that's something ! Thanks for your insight
  6. Is it this one, mirrored to flash drive ? syslog
  7. Hi ! My unraid server freezes about every two days (randomly), I can't access web interface, shares or dockers. It won't power down then when I press the physical power button, so I have to shut the power down to power it again. I recently changed motherboard/cpu/ram/ssds, memtest runs all night without error. I mirrored syslog to flash, last time it froze, latest entry was an array spin down (2 HDDs). This morning it seems last entry was dynamix cache dirs plugin execution (I disabled it now). Any help appreciated. Thanks !!
  8. Same kind of errors here on unraid 6.12.1 : root@Tower:~# powertop --quiet --auto-tune powertop: /lib64/ no version information available (required by powertop) powertop: /lib64/ no version information available (required by powertop) Cannot load from file /var/cache/powertop/saved_parameters.powertop File will be loaded after taking minimum number of measurement(s) with battery only Cannot load from file /var/cache/powertop/saved_parameters.powertop File will be loaded after taking minimum number of measurement(s) with battery only root@Tower:~# What's wrong ? Every (many) lines that are reported as "bad" in tunables, turn to "good" when using autotune command, but if I check later, all is back to their original "bad" status.
  9. Hi ! I updated to nextcloud 25.0.3, and I have some new warnings (I already had some for monthes, about security-headers and policies, and also reverse proxy, but don't have the skills yet to fix them) regarding the apps folder permissions, it says that the owner is different from the web server user. I think it could be fixed with a little bit of chmod, but what is the default web server username ? in nextcloud docs, it is often "www-data", is that the case here ?
  10. My database is indeed named "nextclouddb". What command should I use then?
  11. Hi ! I have a big file in the root folder of duplicati, about 7 Gb, what is it ? Is it safe to delete ?
  12. @jj9987 Thanks ! I'm not very confident with command lines, sorry if I make beginner mistakes So I tried this : / # pg_dump -U nextcloud -s > /var/lib/postgresql/data/bak.sql pg_dump: error: connection to database "nextcloud" failed: FATAL: database "nextcloud" does not exist I don't know how the command arguments work, but it seems I'm not using it correctly ! "-U" is for username (nextcloud) but the command seems to understand "nextcloud" database, and skips the username part ?
  13. @CryPt00n Thanks for the detailed answer ! First, I was referring to adminer not to use it to backup/migrate, but to point out that database and credentials are valid, as it can be accessed by adminer. I tried your method, but when trying to backup database in source container, i get this error : / # pg_dumpall -U nextcloud -s > /var/lib/postgresql/data/bak.sql pg_dumpall: error: query failed: ERROR: permission denied for table pg_authid pg_dumpall: error: query was: SELECT oid, rolname, rolsuper, rolinherit, rolcreaterole, rolcreatedb, rolcanlogin, rolconnlimit, rolpassword, rolvaliduntil, rolreplication, rolbypassrls, pg_catalog.shobj_description(oid, 'pg_authid') as rolcomment, rolname = current_user AS is_current_user FROM pg_authid WHERE rolname !~ '^pg_' ORDER BY 2 Nextcloud db user is really "nextcloud", no error on that, like I said, database is accessed by the same user by adminer with no problem, and I can see all entries. I don't know what I did wrong in my setup to end up with this result
  14. Currently running PostgresQL 13.9 for nextcloud database, I would like to upgrade to PostgresQL 15.1, but I'm struggling with theses commands, what is the exact syntax to use ? (I'm running command in PostgresQL container console) My database is named "nextclouddb", I can access it using adminer.
  15. Thanks, I know, I messed up my code paste, I only use the standard command