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  1. I'm trying again now and I'm just going to let it run and then when done I'll reboot the server if I get the same files deleted in hopes that the incremental backups then just don't touch it.
  2. I am not sure about that. I'm asking myself the same thing. The only thing I did was setup the Time Machine back to use my Backups share which I have several devices backing up to and now it's doing this when my M1 backup runs.
  3. So that didn't last. Still an issue.
  4. I guess you're right I think it's solved though by making a new share and running a new back up. It's finished and no issues.
  5. Looking to see if anyone can shed some light on this. This could be completely unrelated but this is the story here... I got a new MacBook Air and upon the first day logging into unraid after I restored from a Time Machine backup I had on my shares in unraid I get the 2 messages below when hitting the GUI. All browsers give the same message. SSH works so I ended up rebooting and the problem went away yesterday. Today my scheduled back up kicked off and then all of a sudden the same messages. Thought it might have been a fluke so rebooted again and then I could log in again. Now I started the backup again and around 50 of 80GB I'm back to this again. The login file is in that directory when I look at it after SSH'ing in. Anyone know what is happening?
  6. It's down for everyone I think.
  7. I've also got 4 x 2tb Seagate drives and no issues. With 6.9.1. Just updated to 6.9.2 a few mins ago.
  8. @twisteddemon I think a lot of us are down too.
  9. @Boyturtle an update just rolled out. Give that shot. Resolved it for me so far.
  10. Not that I can see and cmd+F search doesn't find anything.
  11. @Squid Yes just the Main tab. Drives are not encrypted.
  12. @Squid @tcburn just checking if this happens to you on Chrome or if it's just me. Only when under the Main tab only (others are fine) - the search bar thinks it's a form and auto fills. Testing Safari and Edge also, both seem to be ok.