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  1. It's down for everyone I think.
  2. I've also got 4 x 2tb Seagate drives and no issues. With 6.9.1. Just updated to 6.9.2 a few mins ago.
  3. @twisteddemon I think a lot of us are down too.
  4. @Boyturtle an update just rolled out. Give that shot. Resolved it for me so far.
  5. Not that I can see and cmd+F search doesn't find anything.
  6. @Squid Yes just the Main tab. Drives are not encrypted.
  7. @Squid @tcburn just checking if this happens to you on Chrome or if it's just me. Only when under the Main tab only (others are fine) - the search bar thinks it's a form and auto fills. Testing Safari and Edge also, both seem to be ok.
  8. It's known and they're working on it. I looked into the same thing earlier.
  9. { "amdgpu-pci-0a00":{ "Adapter": "PCI adapter", "vddgfx":{ }, "vddnb":{ }, "edge":{ "temp1_input": 72.000 } } }
  10. { "amdgpu-pci-0a00":{ "Adapter": "PCI adapter", "vddgfx":{ ERROR: Can't get value of subfeature in0_input: Can't read }, "vddnb":{ ERROR: Can't get value of subfeature in1_input: Can't read }, "edge":{ "temp1_input": 72.000 } } }
  11. I’m here to help - tell me what you need me to do.