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  1. Thanks, that mostly might work except for the fact that I am running RAID10, so I won't be able to just "free 1 drive", I have to free all 15TB's of space before I can do anything. Virtualization Windows on unRAID might work. I just wish I could play with unRAID before making the leap.
  2. No my current RAID setup is a software RAID using Windows Storage Spaces. Copying the data over to a "network" would mean standing up another machine, which is what I am trying to avoid by doing VM.
  3. Right, and I thought had a solution with Proraid, but then I was told unRAID has problems with that. It seems there's no good, easy way to migrate to unRAID, how is this something that has been so easily overlooked? If you are building a platform you want folks to migrate to, there should be an easy, simple way to do that.
  4. The fact that it's 2019 and that's the best solution to unRAID's data migration problem, shows a very big, glaring problem for unRAID.
  5. Sorry, I meant 15 Terabytes. And if there really is no other way to do this without setting up a whole new rig I guess unRAID isn't for me. I am shocked there's not a better way to migrate data.
  6. Hi everyone, I've spent probably 30 minutes to an hour trying to find an answer to the best way to migrate. I currently have about 15 gigs of data in RAID10 using Windows Server 2019 storage spaces, and I am considering switching to unRAID. My original plan was to spin up an unRAID VM using Hyper-V, and then buying a Proraid bay and buying new 4 TB disks, and using unRAID with Proraid to transfer all my data over through the VM, and then flattening my Windows Server environment and running just unRAID once all the data is migrated. Now I realize that Hyper-V doesn't do USB flash drives for passthrough, and unRAID can only be used using a flashdrive. So should I look into using Virtual Box to accomplish what I am wanting, or would that not work either? Is there a better upgrade path? I assume unRAID won't be able to read the Windows Storage Spaces, but maybe I am wrong? Thanks for any help/guidance folks can provide!