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  1. @binhex, thanks for all your help on everything! Is it possible to get the extractor add-in for this?
  2. @jonp when users are posting log after log, and no one is replying with any actual update, not even "We still don't see the problems in these logs...", it gets a little frustrating. This is a product that folks here paid for, and blaming people's hardware/setup with 0 evidence is a little hard to swallow when rolling back a build fixes it. Adding a cache drive also fixes it. Do you all still need more logs or not?
  3. Hey is it possible to get the Extractor add-in working for this? if so, how?
  4. Just used a Windows VM with Powershell to do what I needed
  5. I was able to remedy this by using a cache drive, try it out and see if it works for you! Mine was also corrupting before I could get a daily backup.
  6. I was just trying to do it on the OS itself. Is that wrong?
  7. I am trying to rename files using "rename", but I guess I want the "perl version" of rename that does regex. To do this, I was trying to use cpan to install it, however cpan throws a YAML error, and so based on what I was reading I will need to install "make" which I am told I need to install "build-essential". This is what's supposed to work for Ubunutu, but it's probably different for unRAID: sudo apt-get install build-essential Ideas?
  8. Ahh ok, so I think I know what's going on. Disks 4 and 5 are 4 TB, Disks 6 and up are 3 TB, so it waited until it used 1 TB and now I see it has written some stuff to at least one other disk now, so it doesn't go off percentage like I was thinking.
  9. So Media is the share, and then downloads, Movies, and TV Shows are underneath that. And under that would be Movies/[Movie Name]/Movie Name.mp4. The first 3 drives carry data from my old collection under Movies that were not in a movie, but everything that is "New" has been put in a sub directory under "Movies". Then TV Shows goes /Show Name/Season/Episode1.mkv
  10. Would logs help to prove this theory? Any ideas how to correct it?
  11. Hi everyone, unRAID is setup to use "most free" for my "Media" share, however it is not using more than 5 disks, what am i missing? I created the array with just 4 large drives first to copy data from my other server, and now that I have added in several other drives it has since expanded into 2 other drives, but not the others. MediaPublic--18.5 TB37.1 TB Disk 1:5.43 TB2.34 TB Disk 2:5.48 TB2.45 TB Disk 3:5.52 TB2.46 TB Disk 4:1.08 TB2.91 TB Disk 5:1.01 TB2.98 TB root@Dataserver2:/mnt/user/Media# ls Movies/ Music/ TV\ Shows/ downloads/ root@Dataserver2:/mnt/user/Media# cd "/mnt/" root@Dataserver2:/mnt# ls cache/ disk10/ disk12/ disk2/ disk4/ disk6/ disk8/ user/ disk1/ disk11/ disk13/ disk3/ disk5/ disk7/ disk9/ user0/ root@Dataserver2:/mnt# cd disk4 root@Dataserver2:/mnt/disk4# cd Media root@Dataserver2:/mnt/disk4/Media# ls Movies/ TV\ Shows/ downloads/ root@Dataserver2:/mnt/disk4/Media# cd "/mnt/disk5/Media" root@Dataserver2:/mnt/disk5/Media# ls Movies/ TV\ Shows/ downloads/ root@Dataserver2:/mnt/disk5/Media# cd "/mnt/disk6/Media" -bash: cd: /mnt/disk6/Media: No such file or directory root@Dataserver2:/mnt/disk5/Media# cd "/mnt/disk6/" root@Dataserver2:/mnt/disk6# ls root@Dataserver2:/mnt/disk6# Let me know if I need some logs ^^
  12. Ahh ok, that makes sense now that I think about it. Thanks for the prompt reply, trurl! Still trying to learn all the oddities of unRAID, and it's been about a decade since I've used Linux so I am just drinking from the fire hose right now..
  13. Ok so I deleted my binhex-plexpass and set everything (I think) to /mnt/cache/appdata however it looks like it created it back in mnt/user instead of mnt/cache... But it's also in the cache, is that normal?