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  1. Definitely something wrong, adding entries to securetty is only a quick fudge as the numbers increment. No issue with 0 byte/corrupted ssh keys either from what I can see.
  2. I would suggest trying two options which I used successfully: 1. See if you can pass through the motherboard sound device. I did this and used the optical output from my motherboard. 2. Pass through a usb soundcard at device level, not the controller. I use the Libvirt USB plugin for this as it makes it easy to switch between machines.
  3. Try using this https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=47240.0 plugin. Identifying and passing through identical devices in the XML is tough unless you can isolate USB controllers. This plugin lets you do it on the fly, I haven't tried identical devices yet but I use it to move things around VMs dynamically and it works great.
  4. Nice one, glad you got it working in the end, I know how frustrating these issues can be!
  5. Marking this thread as solved is pretty unhelpful, solved should only be used when a solution has been found and provided. FWIW I am running a Windows 10 VM with a Gigabyte G1 1070 and haven't had these issues. I am currently running driver 376.33 which is the latest, this has been updated using the Nvidia utility multiple times up to this version with no problems. If you could provide some further details you may get some more help (I am not an expert but happy to try). The use of the ROM file suggests that you are running a single GPU system? I am on X99 but have an additional b
  6. Try setting the USB controller to USB3/XHCI. If you can't do through the wizard I think the model in the XML would be nec-xhci instead of ich9-ehci / ich9-uhci. I think I have had similar issues with USB devices not being available at boot, either this helped me or it was the other way around and setting to USB2 which you already have.
  7. I vaguely remember coming across this and getting round it, unfortunately I didn't document it so it may have been another problem. Take a look at this thread, which I think covers it. It has details of some xml changes, but from the shell try: fs0: cd boot/efi bootx64.efi This question would probably get better support in the 'VM Engine (KVM)' part of the forums, but hopefully the thread helps!
  8. Thanks, was inclined to think that too, but was hoping there was a reason not to worry and save replacing it!
  9. Wondering what the consensus is here, I have 2 end-to-end errors showing on an out of warranty Seagate 4TB NAS drive. They occurred while I was copying data off to another disk, so I could convert from reiserfs to xfs. No errors were reported within the MC session during the copy The rest of the data (another 1.5TB) copied with no further errors to the drive An extended SMART test completed with no further errors I converted to xfs and ran a parity check with no further errors Just wondering if people would straight off replace the disk, or monitor it for further errors?
  10. Would still love to hear if anyone else has tried 'Thomas Was Alone' from a share? Bizarre that such a simple game struggles across a network share!
  11. I recently decided the same with 2 x N36Ls, that said you can definitely fit 6 drives in them. One of them had a 2 port adaptec SATA card and the other I just used the ODD and eSATA ports. With a cache drive plus 6 hard drives you will need an expansion card I think. Longer term I would go for something larger, but in the meantime something to consider!
  12. Just experienced the same with the beta and very little by way of a report after the 5 runs. Think I will stick with the regular script from Joe and screen without messing around with plugins.
  13. It is not completely clear what you are looking for. Do you have hardware you want to use for the purpose or are you looking at what you would need? I would say it is possible, although to be completely honest I haven't done what I call extensive testing yet. My long term goal is to have unRAID with two graphics cards at least, one for my primary gaming PC connected directly to monitors and also streaming. The second card would then be used for my girlfriend to stream when she wanted to play something. I am pretty convinced it will work, I got an HTC Vive up and running and th
  14. Honestly not as much as I would like. Most of the content is a bit too much like tech demos. That said i haven't noticed any control/input issues compared to metal. I need to get back into Elite and have a proper play session, but that obviously wouldn't use the motion controllers as input. It didn't work when passing through the USB devices individually in the GUI, of which there are about 10! But when passing the full controller all was good. With my motherboard (Gigabyte X99 SLI), I had to tweak bios settings to get separate controllers which resulted in them being USB 2 only.
  15. https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=48478.0 Vive works