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  1. Yes, it's working well. I did have to add extra fans, IIRC. Otherwise it was too hot.
  2. I typically download 50GB + files and don't have that much RAM, so write the RARs to an SSD that's only used for this purpose. It's a 120GB drive I bought for cheap, so I don't care if it dies. Then I unrar to the array. My article cache is 2GB to hold 2x 1GB RARs before writing to the SSD.
  3. 4 connections is way low. What's your NSP? I need about 30 to 45 connections to max out my 320mbit line from the UK to my U.S. NSP. I download to SSD, extract to magnetic drives.
  4. I know. It didn't work! It has given me a prompt to tidy up my shares, so I've done that and am exporting my SMB disk shares as hidden and secure. In theory, ransomware could find the disk shares, but I think they're reasonably protected?
  5. No, I know what I'm doing and have used disk shares since 2009.
  6. How do I restore SMB permissions? The plugin didn't do it when I "OK"'d the ransom activation, My server is kinda borked now. :-)
  7. I do export disk shares over the LAN as I like to have all my (for example) Radio files on disk1. When triggering this, it has also made all the disk shares read only, including the cache share. That can't be right? How do I make at least the cache share writeable?
  8. Thanks for writing this. If I delete a bait file from a disk share (not user share), this doesn't trigger. Should it?
  9. Thanks for trying to track this down. I switched the button to tide. Pressing the button = a line in the log. Typing ./ works correctly and echoes, but the button doesn't echo. Does this shed any light?
  10. Thanks for the help. I hadn't really connected to a Docker in this way, so it's all new to me. Are the permissions wrong here, and if so, how do I fix? Thanks!
  11. Excellent, thanks! Got it all working. So I wrote a shell script "" to turn on a light. That works on its own and DashBtn's log shows the correct button ("Right_Guard") is being pressed, but the script isn't being executed. Any ideas? rawSocket = socket.socket(socket.AF_PACKET, socket.SOCK_RAW, socket.htons(0x0003)) buttons={"14bb6e0684af_192.168.0.1":["Right_Guard",0,["/config/"]], "entermacaddyhere_192.168.0.1":["TV - Tide",0,["/config/"]], "entermacaddyhere_192.168.0.1":["Mickey Mouse - Glad",0,["/config/"]]}
  12. No, the air exits out the back. I haven't finished the build yet, so that far side is not closed off. When it is, airflow should improve. I changed the rear fan to a more powerful one to aid the airflow. With 10 drives, some get a bit hot during a parity check (45 degrees for the 7200rpm drive), but that will improve once I'm finished. With 3 drives spun up, they're currently at 28 degrees.