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  1. Sorry for not being around for a while. Real life catches up sometimes. Unfortunately, I don't have the time required to fix additional issues that may come up with this app currently. For the most part, it should be working fine. The Statistics part has always kind of been a bit of an issue, since it interfaces with Tautulli, and I can't update the app anytime the Tautulli dev decides to change something about his that may break NowShowing. This app was originally written to be useful before other apps like Tautulli and Ombi integrated their own newsletter/email update systems. But
  2. To narrow it down, do you also get the error if you just do a TV library and not a movie one? Opposite as well, just movie and not TV? Did you happen to install a 3rd party agent like the HAMA Anime Agent? Did you get that same error after you filtered out the empty library or did it return a different one?
  3. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I wasn't able to help more for it, but glad you figured out the proxy config w/ Organizr
  4. I've been moving to a new state so haven't been around as much, sorry. I know this was posted last month, so hopefully you figured out the issue. That log error you pasted though is basically saying it cant connect to your plex server. So have to make sure that is reachable.
  5. Not sure too much else to try. when you checked the data in the XML response from Tautulli, did it match the row # as well? Like top user was from Data 7 and most streams from data 9 field. not different data #'s? Also, as mentioned before that the length of time is correct. Like in tautulli dashboard i think it defaults to the last 7 days for most streams. But then if no one streamed in 2 days, it would still show that in the dashboard, but when running a nowshowing report for only say the last 2 days, there wouldn't be any data actually there for that time range.
  6. Correct. I haven't supported the old v1 since releasing v2. Looks like Squid got around to marking the old version as deprecated in Community Applications. You can just keep using the old one, or you can install v2 as a fresh install and try it out along side the old one if needed. Just change the port and name of the new docker to something not currently being used.
  7. There are different reasons stats can fail. Hard to pinpoint sometimes. One common one for example, would be say you set 'Days to report on' to 2 days. And then no one watched anything in 2 days. The top user stat would fail as there was none. In the future for the logging, maybe I'll try and say 'no stat found' instead of fail if there was none found to differentiate. Here is something you can do though to test. Manually use the below URL to navigate to the failed stat from the Tautulli API and see if there is a stat listed there. Change the Ip to your Ip, your port, your bas
  8. Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad you like it.
  9. @gsd2012 and @enigmat3461 I'm going to need to see logs or something, as both of you say everything is correct, but it's still not working, so that's not much to go on. You can PM me them, or post them here. Below are the logs that may help me see what's going on. NOTE: Make sure to redact/delete private information like your email or password or plex token before posting logs. Go to tools > Log Viewer Grab the 'Now Showing' and 'Web Server' Logs. Copy/paste the code in the windows that open into a text doc and PM me them. Also,
  10. @gsd2012 So the 'you must go to admin' page still show's that because a web report was never generated. If you received a test announcement, but not a plex email report or web page, then that probably means the nowshowing access/connection to the plex instance is either not setup correctly or not working for some reason. If you look in the various logs (tools/logs in the web interface or the docker logs, or appdata nowshowing logs, you may see an error in there hat points you in the right direction. On The Plex tab did you generate a token from the button, or did you manu
  11. @Rookie @wgstarks Hey guys, sorry for being a bit absent. Real life catches up sometimes. I plan on starting up some development of this docker again in the near future and can look at what you suggested. To clarify, rather than it listing say 3 episodes like this: House Hunters S155E03 House Hunters S155E04 House Hunters S155E06 You would instead want it to just list: House Hunters ------------- ? I can look into trying to detect that and make it an option possibly. Wou
  12. Sorry, I should have clarified. Don’t run that from inside the docker. Run that from the unraid Server or even from another Linux/windows box that has telnet The idea is to try and verify if that port outgoing is blocked at your internet or local router level.
  13. Thanks for the logs. One possible reason may be a block on the 587 port by your ISP if this is running from your home or from a VPS provider. If you have telnet installed try using that to manually test the port. ‘telnet 587’ thay should connect and either return a blank screen or a message from their smtp server. If it throws an error about can’t connecting then it’s a port issue. Let me know the outcome of that. Thanks.
  14. Customizing who gets the emails is already possible. Uses a whitelist though, not a blacklist. Instead of selecting ‘yes’ to email Plex users, set that to no. Then in the field below it enter everyone’s email that you do want it to go to seperate by a comma and save. Thats what I do for mine.
  15. Glad you fixed it. Not sure exactly why it behaved like that. Almost seems like it still saw files from the old install even though I know you said you deleted the appdata. Let me know if you need help with anything else. Thanks.