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  1. dockerPolice

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Unifi-Controller

    Since it's not explicitly mentioned, is it recommended for all users of the old app to now migrate to the new one? Is the old app now deprecated?
  2. dockerPolice

    no docker container working

    It sure would be nice if someday someone would actually look at why it doesn't work for certain users (not by any means ALL users) and let limetech know the circumstances.
  3. dockerPolice

    [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    Ok I see now that they are the same repo, just different tags will rectify
  4. dockerPolice

    [Support] Virt-Manager

    Seems to me that your container is the better choice. Especially considering the first item, and the fact that you were last on 5 minutes ago I try and look for abandoned projects, hence my suggestion to get in touch with Squid
  5. dockerPolice

    [Support] Virt-Manager

    Fair to say then that the existing container does not work with updated unRaid versions? Why not just PM @Squid and create a new repository for CA. Then we can deprecate fannigert's and replace it with yours.
  6. "atribe's Repository": { "atribe/apcupsd-influxdb-exporter": [ "Fatal: No valid Overview Or Description present - Application dropped from CA automatically - Possibly far too many formatting tags present", "No Icon specified within the application template" ],
  7. dockerPolice

    Pre-Sales Questions

    Reviewed by the community. BUT, all applications present within Apps are either Open Source (therefore reviewed by many users across the spectrum of OS systems) or are Closed Source but from trusted sources (ie: Crashplan, Plex, etc). No Closed source application that is not from a trusted source will be accepted for inclusion to Apps.
  8. dockerPolice

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - diskover

    Aren't you being rather hypocritical then because the docker compose file listed for diskover does have elasticsearch: container_name: elasticsearch image: docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch:5.6.9 volumes: - ${DOCKER_HOME}/elasticsearch/data:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data environment: - bootstrap.memory_lock=true - "ES_JAVA_OPTS=-Xms2048m -Xmx2048m" ulimits: memlock: soft: -1 hard: -1 redis: container_name: redis image: redis:alpine volumes: - ${HOME}/docker/redis:/data Shouldn't the references to elasticsearch and redis be removed from the yaml for the same reasoning you just gave for not having a template? Isn't fundamentally a yaml a template?
  9. dockerPolice

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - diskover

    So you published a template that has a prerequisite for which you don't have a template!?!
  10. dockerPolice

    [support] hurricane's Docker Repository

    If an update shows up on dockerHub for the container, then the installed app will show an update available. Whether or not that happens, I can't answer
  11. dockerPolice

    [SUPPORT] malvarez00 - MotionEye

    Yeah, its one thing that I hate seeing some template maintainers do 😡
  12. dockerPolice

    Invalid folder appdata contained within /mnt

    Debating what to do with the app itself. Hasn't been updated in a few years, no idea if the other mine apps are suitable replacements, and it is a rather large error. There is a PR on @hernandito's GitHub for the template.
  13. dockerPolice

    Release: Folding@Home Docker

    That's a shame. Probably best course of action though is to deprecate this application (it isn't even the 64 bit executable, so much slower than it should be) and hope to hell that @CHBMB et al feel generous one day and pop out a replacement over their morning coffee one day and help the world one day become a better place.
  14. dockerPolice

    [support] gfjardim's Docker Repository

    Probably not