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    Hotio v CA

    Welcome to my life... Fundamentally nothing (if anything) While slightly differing versions of the same app aren't a bad thing (backup versions etc), this is one of those apps where future versions being submitted to CA will probably be declined to avoid confusion and the same question. This is one of the apps where the moderators of CA *may* remove without warning one of the scrutiny apps present within CA... In this particular case IF one of the versions gets removed it would
  3. Am I correct in assuming then that linuxserver/pydio is now deprecated (since it is Pydio-8 which Pydio is recommending to migrate to pydio-cells)?
  4. They're all from prior to his joining lsio, and since DigiKam had no direct replacement in another active repository, it stayed within Apps. Now it's officially deprecated, (along with JDownloader2 - as there's other replacements for that one also)
  5. Along with the repository that it's pulling from. Not to mention that the original displays Seems to me that the template should be updated
  6. Certainly appears to be as of a week ago. ( I would expect that @aptalca will shortly adjust the Unraid template to reflect this change.
  7. While I usually do an annual / semi annual spanking of the template maintainers, a new check on all the templates is necessitating a whipping of the maintainers. There is obviously some confusion regarding the <WebUI> entry This entry can never directly reference a specific IP address. ( is not acceptable as an entry) While you shouldn't ever directly reference a specific port, *technically* it is ok if the container does not run in bridge mode. All references to [PORT:xx] reference the container port. It does NOT reference the ho
  8. Because They're now being removed from CA and a notice will go out via FCP
  9. Removed due to zero support, no updates in 3 years+, fundamentally very limited drivers included that would work on an ancient printer that isn't commonly available nowadays and far far better alternatives to what was available within CA by enabling Docker Hub Searches within CA and then searching for CUPS. IE: Not much point in keeping an app within CA that for the most part doesn't work as advertised. Review the last page or 2 of the linked content to see so
  10. And, unlike the other F@H app, it won't automatically join Team unRaid (quite understandable). The team # if you care is 227802
  11. For the next little while, the moderators of CA will try and keep those two applications on the main landing page of CA (New Apps) to gain some further exposure
  12. Both (Security as a category being added was listed as a separate entity). So far as the security enhancement was concerned, it was previously possible for a malicious template author (ie: an asshole) to craft a template for a docker container that would either Arbitrarily execute code directly on the server simply by loading the template or Completely hide a path mapping from the user even if template authoring mode was enabled in Settings - Docker This code change simply brought dockerMan up to speed with what Community Applications already does for tho
  13. There is no requirement that the support thread be hosted here and cannot be pointed at the app's own thread. Probably the majority of questions regarding any given app aren't actually applicable to the unRaid installation, but are rather application specific questions. On the face of it based upon the title of this thread (Slow Uploads), I'd call that app specific. But that is rather immaterial as it is semantics. Personally, I'd love for every single app to have a dedicated support thread per app. In practice, its not going to happen. Where and how t
  14. I think that I'm going to remove CUPS from CA. It's one of those abandoned applications. While it does somewhat work, it's not particularly populated with printer drivers that are more commonly used today, and there are many more choices for CUPS available @ dockerHub that are kept more up to date and have a better selection of drivers within them.
  15. My understanding is that the author(s) of organizr themselves have deprecated the original and it is now advised to switch to v2 of the application. Hence the linuxserver app of organizr is now deprecated. There is the official version of organizr-v2 available within the Apps Tab. And no, I have no idea about the procedure (if any) involved in switching over your existing data to the updated app. This does not mean that you HAVE to switch. Even if you don't switch, this app will still be available within the apps tab if you have previously installed it and need to reinstall it