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  1. I have also started to get this issue, I am on the latest version. I did have a stale tab open on computer so closed it now and rebooted, lets see what happens.
  2. Yes looks like you are right, I just rebooted again and have the same issue. Samba comes up as I can access shares but not able to get to Web GUI again. Edit: 5-10 mins wait and gui is accessible now, probably more normal right?
  3. Updated to 6.9.0 with success. At first I thought it went horribly wrong as the Web Gui would not load... spent an hour troubleshooting.. got fed up left it. Come back 45 mins later and nothing was wrong, I guess there was a delay before web GUI was live.. impatient most likely. Just in case anyone else panics, give it some time after the update to try access Web GUI.
  4. Anyone have any ideas? I have had to turn my server off as the flood of messages was insane but I'm stuck where to look.
  5. Yeah I never tested sorry as I started to use WatchGuard instead.
  6. Last night my phone was going crazy with notifications from my server, IPMI System Firmware Progress and multiple notifications see attached screenshot. I can't seem to work out why it is suddenly just happening, I did replace the CPU but that was nearly a month back now. Also attached diagnostics if anyone has any ideas? Thanks unraid-diagnostics-20200610-1417.zip
  7. As easy as that.. :). Working fine now after a reboot, guess I can just keep it static anyways. Thanks to Squid and Johnnie for the help here. Has this been reported as a bug at all? Cheers
  8. Replaced Flash disk just in case. Boots fine after I deleted network.cfg, rebooted and it stays. IP assigned from DHCP then I turn off Bonding and it drops I can no longer contact server. I restart Network service via IPMI, can get back on box. What I have noticed now is both my eth0 and eth1 have the same MAC Address? See below, last image is what my MAC should be for IPMI nic.
  9. Ah I actually used the same flash drive, was late when I read your reply. Still think its worth me trying a new flash disk?
  10. Yeah sets an IP fine. Don't tell me I have to do a new config just for a CPU swap please
  11. Same again.. Damn man what's going on
  12. Getting stuck at /bzimage Edit: OK I restarted again its moving now.. will do same process as above. I do get that stuck at bzimage every so often after reboots. Is my flash drive on the way out?
  13. So I upgraded my CPU and after first boot I see my server has no IPv4 address. Looked at some old threads and deleted my network.cfg, it reboots I get an IP all fine. If I then reboot the system it once again is unable to set an IP. I have attached my diags if anyone can assist? Never had this issue before can't see why upgrading the CPU would cause this issue, I did notice my BIOS time was 1 hour behind updated that yet issue still occurs. Thanks unraid-diagnostics-20200422-1428.zip