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  1. This issue still haunts me. Does anyone know where I can look to fix this? Basically rebooting unRAID has become pain.
  2. Seems like since the initial post you are now staying for the ride :-).. Honestly I used Freenas for years and as soon as I moved to unRAID I never looked back.
  3. Any other ideas at all Squid?
  4. Yep same issue after rebooting. I did what you said changed template, reverted and Applied to all my dockers then rebooted.
  5. Well I went to 6.7.1 a few weeks back. This issue has haunted me since being able to create custom networks in the GUI. Previously I was using macvlan solution in console and it worked fine. Of course I wiped out the old network and created a new one. I restarted docker and noticed my custom network br0 come back available to set again. Most of the dockers had their custom IP which saved me working them all out again, a couple had lost the setting. So I'm back up and running again but I suspect if I reboot now it will probably happen again. I did notice some bits in the logs but I don't completely understand what I am looking for. Its more of an annoyance but I have left it for a long time I wouldn't mind resolving it.
  6. Well strangely I hav br0 set as network type but when I edit one of the dockers with this network type it does not show. I just edited one of them left network type as None and I am still unable to choose custom network, it does not appear in drop-down. All of my custom network settings for my dockers have been lost, this is worse than it normally is.
  7. I seem to get this issue after I shutdown unRAID. Seen some fixes for it before like re-creating docker image but it fixes it until I shutdown again. Can anyone shine some light on this? Seems to be different message for some of the dockers. unraid-diagnostics-20190717-1729.zip
  8. Same issue with the unpacking problem here. I will pull all log files I can when it happens again to see if we can investigate further and more than happy to be a tester for any 'test' images. Really annoying problem more to the fact that it hangs the 1 core I have pinned to 100% usage. Keeps my CPU toasty for a long time until I notice the noise coming from my server. As everyone else restarting NZBget fixes the issue but so does cancelling Post Processing of the stuck download and simply telling NZBget to Post Process the same files again. Either option seems to temporarily fix the issue until after a while it comes back again.
  9. I need some help to understand what are optimal settings for me to set in the IPMI Tool I'm a bit bemused. I have a SilverStone SST-SG11B which has 1 x 120mm fan blowing air into the case passing through the HDD's. 2 x 80mm fans at back top section of case both blowing air out of the case. With my Asrock Mobo I am able to change settings for all 3 case fans + CPU fan. As I understand Auto is fine for CPU fan but I have no idea what to set for my case fans. Ideally I want the 120mm HDD fan to keep my harddrives cool and the 2 x 80mm fans to assist exhausting hot air out of the case. Highest I have seen for CPU temp is around 60c on full load which really isn't too bad. Thats using the board auto fan control. If I can get better cooling using custom settings I would really be interested if anyone can assist with settings. I don't full understand them and if I need to manually amend a config or just using the dropdown menus is good enough. Thanks in advance
  10. So I have read before the general rule of thumb is ~2000 passmark points per 1080p stream. This all depends on the below (quote) - The video file on disk uses the h.264 video codec - Has around 8 mbps - No subtitles are “burned in” during the transcode If you are streaming Bluray rips you need at least double. Xeon E-2146G has 15000 Passmark so pretty good for the amount of streams you require with some leg room. i3-8100 not so much the Xeon's generally outperform most i series CPU's. The Xeon has slightly higher TDP so will have generally more power consumption but tbh that i3 has a pretty high TDP. ASUS P10S-I. I like the look of this board and it has all of the features I would look for in a NAS board, I wonder why I never see this board when I was looking for a new build a short while back. Price of the mini-sas to SATA cables are a little expensive £50 or so but overall this board looks good. iKVM + 2 Intel NIC's, can't go wrong really! Pair this with your Xeon and your good to go. Can you use the same ECC RAM in this new build? You didn't specify the spec but I would assume so. p.s. Pics of build or it didn't happen
  11. Yeah you really do not want Plex transcoding into the Docker image, had the same issue before and it cripples your other dockers when full.
  12. Ahhh OK so I worked it out from another thread. Make change to disk size in unRAID GUI to increase or decrease disk size. Reboot VM.. NOT shutdown and it works. Seems it loads Virtio disk and allows me to see the unallocated space now 🙂
  13. Yes I noticed this on another thread and still nothing appears.. really strange.
  14. My original disk size for VM was 30GB. I have amended vdisk size in unRAID GUI but when trying to extend the disk inside the VM I do not see any unallocated space. Downloaded a 3rd party tool EaseUS Partition Manager and I am still unable to see the unallocated space. Any ideas?
  15. What do the log files contain it might give you an idea? Was it 1 60GB file or multiple files? Need some more info.