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  1. So I have read before the general rule of thumb is ~2000 passmark points per 1080p stream. This all depends on the below (quote) - The video file on disk uses the h.264 video codec - Has around 8 mbps - No subtitles are “burned in” during the transcode If you are streaming Bluray rips you need at least double. Xeon E-2146G has 15000 Passmark so pretty good for the amount of streams you require with some leg room. i3-8100 not so much the Xeon's generally outperform most i series CPU's. The Xeon has slightly higher TDP so will have generally more power consumption but tbh that i3 has a pretty high TDP. ASUS P10S-I. I like the look of this board and it has all of the features I would look for in a NAS board, I wonder why I never see this board when I was looking for a new build a short while back. Price of the mini-sas to SATA cables are a little expensive £50 or so but overall this board looks good. iKVM + 2 Intel NIC's, can't go wrong really! Pair this with your Xeon and your good to go. Can you use the same ECC RAM in this new build? You didn't specify the spec but I would assume so. p.s. Pics of build or it didn't happen
  2. Yeah you really do not want Plex transcoding into the Docker image, had the same issue before and it cripples your other dockers when full.
  3. Ahhh OK so I worked it out from another thread. Make change to disk size in unRAID GUI to increase or decrease disk size. Reboot VM.. NOT shutdown and it works. Seems it loads Virtio disk and allows me to see the unallocated space now 🙂
  4. Yes I noticed this on another thread and still nothing appears.. really strange.
  5. My original disk size for VM was 30GB. I have amended vdisk size in unRAID GUI but when trying to extend the disk inside the VM I do not see any unallocated space. Downloaded a 3rd party tool EaseUS Partition Manager and I am still unable to see the unallocated space. Any ideas?
  6. What do the log files contain it might give you an idea? Was it 1 60GB file or multiple files? Need some more info.
  7. I will have a try of this later
  8. HTPC = Home Theatre PC
  9. Throw linux on there and run everything as dockers, it seems to me this is not a HTPC so if its just for hosting Plex and your dockers linux would be fine. No need to run VM's on top of windows then.
  10. Your NUC is really not best suited to run unRAID if you ask me you would need another case + hardware to run unRAID as its designed to be run IMO. Pretty limited with that hardware setup.
  11. Avoid USB storage if you can I have used it before and wish I never bothered it asks for problems. Always use robust connections SATA; SAS etc.
  12. Thanks johnnie I was awaiting your reply, least it helps with me scanning these log files.
  13. Just reading back over your post I noticed you already recreated docker.img so possibly what I just posted is useless..
  14. I know this is a known issue but I have attempted a solution to the problem of accessing dockers over VPN using OpenVPN-as as a docker. I follow these instructions: Here is my network settings: Docker settings: OpenVPN-as network settings: What looks wrong here? I have the secondary NIC to support this as per bonienl instructions but still I am unable to access my docker IP's over VPN. unRAID GUI is fine just no dockers. Thanks