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  1. I also had this problem, and removing the move tuner worked for me. Not sure why that would stop it working, maybe I had missconfigured it somehow.
  2. I'm also having this issue. Everything worked fine in 6.8 but since upgrading, drives will not spin down automatically (if the spin down button is pressed they do spin down okay). From reading the above, I have dynamix autofan installed but (like make others) disabling this is not an option with the set up as it is. Do we have any ideas when/if this is something that can be fixed?
  3. This is the problem I am currently having also. I had it only on the cache for a while, but a) it just filled it up far too quickly, and b) nothing was protected (I'm running a single cache drive). I've switched it to the array but as you say, it just keeps things spinning all the time, which is something that I want to avoid. Did you find a solution?
  4. I implemented the changes as outlined by "ICDeadPpl" (thank you) and it worked to remove the "carddav/caldav" errors, but the "/.well-known/webfinger" error is still present. I've tried adding "location = /.well-known/webfinger { return 301 /public.php?service=webfinger; }" but that didn't work at all Any ideas?
  5. You guys are geniuses, that's fixed it straight away! I though it was enough to just turn off the dockers, I never though about turning off the services before running the mover, but thinking about it now, of course that makes perfect sense! All disks spun down now and happily running off of the Cache. Thank you
  6. Hi all, I'm new to UnRaid having only recently built my first UnRaid server. Disk1 won't stay spun down for some reason (which is keeping my parity disk up as well). Everything should be running off of the Cache drive, I've used the "Active Streams", "File Activity" and "Open Files" plugins to try and diagnose the issue, but no luck. I've disabled all dockers bar pihole and no VM's currently running, yet it's still spinning up. I've looked around the forums and reddit and tried some of the suggestions (disable dockers run mover, plugins etc) but can't work it out at all, any help would be