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  1. So Linux Tech Tips just released this video about server grade USB 2.0 storage which should be excellent for unRAID OS. What are the community thoughts on this?
  2. Hi there, I've just started using this. It's working great, thanks for your efforts.
  3. Perhaps the better question is whether Limetech are aware they are actively being probed to find a way in. It happened to Solarwinds, it can happen here. It's just way too easy to do this stuff and is asymmetric warfare. We get one chance to detect the breach whilst the attacker has unlimited time to perfect it by finding even the remotest weakness and using that as the beachhead.
  4. As someone whose full time job is InfoSec for a multinational, I need to reply here. Saying not to expose stuff to the Internet is obvious but it doesn't remove the problem. The biggest concern I have with unRAID is a supply chain attack, and unRAID is popular enough now that e-Crime actors will already be looking at targeting the platform. The question is this: who validates all the plugins etc to make sure they don't have malicious code in them or the ability to subsequently download malicious payloads? Never mind Docker or VMs, those are the responsibility of the end user - period. The risk is going to come from the commonly used plugins that everyone uses: Unassigned Devices Nvidia Fix Common Problems Nerd Tools Preclear disks etc So, what's Limetech's response? Better to get ahead of this before it actually happens. if the risk lies with the end user for 3rd party plugins the link to this in customer agreements need to be pointed out.
  5. My server using an Intel dual-port 10Gb XFP NIC is routinely removing the driver with the following syslog message which removes all network connectivity. Mar 17 08:18:19 MU-TH-UR kernel: ixgbe 0000:03:00.0: Adapter removed Mar 17 08:18:19 MU-TH-UR kernel: ixgbe 0000:03:00.0: Warning firmware error detected FWSM: 0xFFFFFFFF I have serial console and local access so I am at least able to bounce the server to bring it back. Diagnostics file attached. Not sure what to do here as I cannot find any references to firmware error 0xFFFFFFFF and can only find references to error 0x0118801B and 0x00000000. I note the driver used in 6.9.1 is Intel version 5.10.21 and there is a 5.11.3 available which mentions "bug fixes" (no details provided). mu-th-ur-diagnostics-20210317-0927.zip
  6. If @ich777 is responsible for this part of unRAID I'd say they'll be working on a fix ASAP. They already provided a permanent fix for Nvidia drivers.
  7. That's what the "modprobe i915" does - it loads the module.
  8. @ich777 I can confirm this update fixes the issue for me. For anyone who's rebooting their server remotely, you can tell if the permanent fix (the update to the nvidia plugin) worked just by running "nvidia-smi" at a terminal prompt. If it's working you will see Xorg running as a process on the GPU:
  9. @ich777 I have confirmed this works. Thanks, I'll happily wait for the fix.
  10. Removing nvidia-plugin made mine work. Reinstalling it however just brought back the issue.
  11. Small amount of progress here. I removed the nvidia plugin and rebooted and was greeted with a Local GUI. Re-installed the Nvidia plugin and rebooted, only to lose the local GUI again.
  12. I tried using "nomodeset" with the append command at boot, it had no effect. For what it's worth I'm running an Nvidia Quadro P400 on a system with no on board video. (EVGA X99 Micro2 and Xeon E5-2630L). Also updated to 6.9.1, no effect.
  13. That's great but how do we find out which plugin? I mean, I was running 6.9.0-rc2 for months without issue and suddenly 6.9.0 has a problem. It's not like I've added some wacky plugin that behaves badly. I'm used to being able to diagnosing stuff in Linux log files. I've searched syslog and can't find anything, and I'm not sure where else I can look.
  14. No. I use IOMMU groups and pass through devices to VMs so I use legacy boot.
  15. OK I've now also tried rolling back to an earlier nvidia driver, and disabling driver patching for multiple streams. No effect, still no local GUI.